Montrose Community Center; Houston, TX

19:20 Chair DeWayne Lark called meeting to order.

Roll Call, P=Present, A=Absent, X=eXcused Absence
|Listener Delegates |Staff Delegates |
|P Adriana Casenave |P Robert Mark |P Teresa Allen |P George Reiter |
|P DeWayne Lark |A Maria Elena |P Nancy |A Jessica Apolinar |
| |Castellanos |Saibara-Naritomi | |
|P Alan Alan Apurim |P Jim Boyd |P Phil Collins |P Joseph Davis |
|P Susan Radwan |P Jim Krafka |X Richard Uzzell |X Liana Lopez |
|A Darrelle Robbins |X Joseph Kaye |P Susie Moreno |X Tony Cox |
|OPEN SEAT |P Mike Lewis |P Hank Lamb |X Vinisha Patel |
|A Duane Bradley/Ex-Officio |

14 present, quorum at 12, majority at 8, 2/3 at 10.

Mark/Krafka: Move to approve agenda, approved w/o objection.

Mark/Krafka: Move to excuse absences from April 25, 2015 LSB meeting requested
for Krafka, Patel, Reiter, Lamb, Kaye, Cox, Lewis, Uzzell and Allen., passed
w/o objection.

Krafka/Lamb: move to approve Stuart Snow CAB membership.

Krafka/Lamb call the question on Snow motion, 9 for, passed.

Vote on Snow motion, 11 for, 1 against, passed.

Consent motion from Governance on Excusing absences presented.

Reiter/Krafka motion to change "absences" to "unexcused absences", vote 4 for 7
against, fails.
Apurim/Mark motion to add punctuation, passed w/o objection.
Mark/Lamb motion to add text detailing non-retroactivity, vote 11 for, 4
opposed, passed.
Final motion vote, 9 for 4 against, passed.

Motion passed to be non-retroactive beginning date May 13, 2015.

Add to KPFT Special Rules: "No LSB member or committee member shall be granted
an excused absence if they have three (3) or more absences in the immediately
preceding twelve (12) months, not to be counted for any month retroactive to
passage of this rule, May 13, 2015. To qualify for an excused absence, the
request must be emailed to at least three (3) hours in advance of
that scheduled meeting time."

Town Hall Meeting team volunteers: Moreno, Siabara-Naritomi, Allen, Casenave,
Lamb and Lark.

Governance report, consent item, resolution regarding announcements to fill LSB
vacant seat.

"The KPFT Governance Committee instructs the General Manager to play the PSAs
produced by Chair Lark and Vice-Chair Patel unedited for the election to fill
the vacancy on the board."

Resolution vote, 10 for, 1 against, passed.

Susan Radwan appointed convener of Outreach committee, initial members Lamb,
Moreno, Saibara-Naritomi, Apurim.

Jim Krafka appointed convener of Local Programming committee, initial members
Lamb, Saibara-Naritomi, Lewis, Moreno, Wesley Bethune.

Mark/Krafka move to adjourn, passed w/o objection.

Meeting adjourned 2200.

Audio of LSB meeting
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