Times not firm; listed as guidance, except bold.

1. a. Call to Order and
Opening Business 7:00 pm
DeWayne Lark, LSB Chair 05m
b. Roll Call /
Establish Quorum/ Excused absence request 05m
Joseph Davis, Secretary

Listener Delegates
Staff Delegates
Teresa Allen Darelle Robbins Jessica Apolinar
Boyd Mike Lewis Susie Moreno Tony Cox
Adriana Casenave Jim Krafka
DeWayne Lark Joseph Davis
MariaElena Castellanos Hank Lamb Richard Uzzell Liana Lopez

Phil Collins Robert L. Mark Joseph Kaye George Reiter
Vacant Susan Radwan Alán Alán
Apurim Vinisha Patel
Nancy Saibara-Naratomi
Duane Bradley, GM (Ex Officio)

Agenda 10m

d. Minutes 15m

2. KPFT Recognitions 05m

3. Consent
Items: 05m
a. New Member Nominated to KPFT Community Advisory Board
b. Governance Committee
c. Town Hall Meeting Plan

4. General Manager’s Report 30m

5. Chair’s Report

6. Pacifica National Board Report 10m

7. Standing Committee Reports

a. Development 5m
b. Budget and Finance:
c. Facilities Management and Planning (written report posted) 1m
d. Governance
e. Outreach 5m
f. Technology 5m
g. Management Selection and Review:

8. Public Commentary [Time affixed at 8:00 pm]

9. Special Committee Reports
a. Community Advisory Board (CAB) 5m
b. Committee of Inclusion
(COI) 2m
c. Ad Hoc Committee on Program Council 10m
Planning Task Force 2m
e. Ad Hoc Committee on 2012 alleged Election irregularities

10. Unfinished Business 10m
Jim Boyd: MOVE that KPFT Local Station board Members Nancy
Saibara-Naritomi and Maria Elena Castellanos be censored and reprimanded for conduct adverse to the interests of
Pacifica Foundation and KPFT by emails dated April 26, 2014 accusing General Manager Duane Bradley of intent to shred
KPFT business and financial documents

11. New Business
a. Nancy Saibara-Naritome: Motion to require the
KPFT General Manager to develop a timeline for obtaining a new transmitter 10m
b. Motion to have station manager
submit a detailed plan on transmitter
replacement 10m
c. Discussion on when and how to go into
executive session 10m
d. N. Saibara-Naritome: Motion for KPFT LSB Voting Reform 2015: 10m
1) Voting or vetting
of election poll volunteers before who have no known or obvious conflict of interests.
2) Early voting not allowed,
or allowed by majority vote.
3) If a different number of ballots are returned, a revote is in order.
4) Use of a
camcorder video recording of tabulation if available.
5) Use of 2 clear boxes with narrow slits to
collect ballots one by one and each added to the 2nd clear box one by one.
6) All candidates sign each ballot
All tabulation in the presence of the full board with only authorized poll volunteers touching the ballots.

XI. 12. Order of Preference

XII. 13. Next Meeting
• Regular LSB: June 10, 2015, 7:00 P.M.,
Montrose Center, 401 Branard

14. Adjournment 10:00 PM