Date of meeting: February 9, 2015

Convened at 8:50pm EST by Tony Norman

Norman requested someone call the roll and take minutes

Janet Kobren reluctantly agreed

Call to Order

Present: Adriana Casenave, Lawrence Reyes, Tony Norman, Raul Salvador, Cerene
Roberts, Janet Kobren, Benito Diaz

Not present: Carolyn Birden, Kim Kaufman, Margy Wilkinson


Diaz: Moved to adopt agenda (HNO)

Minutes Approval 5 min

No minutes available to approve
Chair Norman summarized the committee's purview being that as described
in the bylaws, i.e. "Coordinating Committee, which shall coordinate Board
activities between meetings."

In- Person PNB Meeting

1. CFO report 20 min

Salvador sent a spreadsheet with a cost estimate of an in-person meeting
Discussion included concerns and questions about the money owed for the
audits, lawsuits, WBAI situation
Salvador : We probably could afford $20K to $30K for an in-person meeting
in the next 60 days if we get 100% Central Services from the KPFA and KPFK

Kobren: 1) Locals usually do not stay at the hotel, 2) flight from Puerto
Rico would probably cost more than $450, 3) end of March unrealistic

Casenave: re 3 meals/day, usually hotels provide breakfast so it would
only require 2 meals/day for 26 people; some could stay in local's houses; she
volunteers to pay for her own ticket as a donation

Salvador: Talked to Lydia who said there are a couple of hotels close to
a conference room we could utilize, and no transportation and so it could go
down to $20K which is very doable. He thinks we should prepare for the expense.

Reyes: Some at KPFK are preparing to cater some of the meals

Kobren: I move that we move ahead and plan for an in-person meeting to
occur as soon as is feasibly possible based on the report the CFO gave (HNO)

2. Discussion and dates 20 min

Kobren: Recommends we consult with the LA folks and understands the last
weekend in April would work

Roberts: Suggests we poll the PNB membership for April 24-27, May 24-27
and May 8-11 and we ask the KPFK folks to get back to us about availability

Diaz: Concerns about the election

Salvador: The PNO is paying the NES and the stations should have budgeted
for the LSB elections

Roberts: Wants to revise her dates to May 15, May 22, May 29

Salvador: The main fund drive we won't get the bulk of the money until
end of May or June; when I talk about the stations paying their Central
Services I meant for February and March, $30K from A and $40K from K

Kobren: Include April 24-27 in the polling

Casenave: We should push it even closer; believes we can and must do it
as soon as possible and wants to push it to March if we can

Reyes: I will be in NY at the end of May

Norman: We will poll the PNB for the end of March, end of April, and end
of May.

Diaz: Move we poll the LA folks for dates that are feasible for end of
March, end of April, and end of May. Then we will circulate to the PNB (HNO)

3. Orientation Package 10 min

Roberts: Have a revision of last year's orientation package

Kobren: Recommends we include a confidentiality agreement

Diaz: Wants the following to be incorporated: 1) A copy of the indexed
bylaws, 2) a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, 3) some part of Robert's
Rules; we need to have some training for decision-making

Roberts: Made scribbles about what we want to include and we can include
links; confidentiality agreements have been contentious in the past

Kobren: At least have a discussion about confidentiality

Next Meeting

February 17 (HNO)

Adjourned at 9:50pm EST

Respectfully submitted by Janet Kobren

Approved: 2/17/15