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Pacifica Foundation,
Regular KPFT LSB Meeting, on Oct.08, 2014 TX, Minutes Approved on
February11, 2015
Call to Order: Chair DeWayne Lark called the meeting to order at 7:35
Roll Call: Secretary Melinda
Iley-Dohn/ Quorum

Legend for Attendance: P=Present A=Absent X Excused
P -Ex-Officio Member- P- Duane

| |Listener Members |Listener Members |Staff Members |
|Listener Members | | | |
|P-Teresa Allen | P- Alán Alán Apurim|P- Robert Mark | A-Jessica Apolinar |
|P- Jim Boyd | P- Melinda Iley-Dohn|P- Colleen O'Brien | P -Tony Cox |
| | | | |
|P- Adriana |X-Joseph Kaye |X- Susie Moreno |X- Vinisha Patel |
|Casenave | | | |
|X- Maria Elena | P- Jim Krafka | X-Darrelle Robbins|X -Liana Lopez |
|Castellanos | | | |
|X-Phil Collins |P-Hank Lamb |A- Richard Uzzell |P- Joseph Davis |
| X-Doc Dougherty |P-DeWayne Lark |P- Nancy |X- George Reiter |
| | |Saibara-Naritomi | |

Quorum Met- 7:35- Teresa Allen made the motion to accept the agenda. Adriana
Casenave made the motion to request a personnel matter in executive session.
She asked to have this item presented after the General Manager's report in the
order of business in the agenda. Teresa Allen asked why this was to be done in
executive session. Robert Mark suggested that the motion have a specified
period of time on the agenda. Adriana stated that thirty minutes had been
requested. The Chair asked to have Item the executive session which was listed
as 11a moved to item 5A. There were no objections to have the executive session
placed on the agenda as requested. Robert Mark requested to add to the agenda
adjournment as item 14. Robert Mark made the motion to accept the proposed
agenda as accepted. Motion passed

7:47- Minutes approval-
Modifications requested to the Minutes. Adriana Casenave requested that a
separate set of minutes be done as a means of recording the Delegate's meeting
in Sept.

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Pacifica Foundation, KPFT FM
90.1 LSB
Regular KPFT LSB Meeting, on Oct.08, 2014 TX, Minutes Approved on
February 11, 2015

Jim Krafka stated that he wanted to know if he would be credited an additional
absence with the creation of Delegate Minutes for the Sept. Meeting. Chairman
Lark noted that the Agenda was approved without this item listed and he noted
that that it would not most likely be addressed in the meeting. With Hank
requested to have the minutes returned for corrections. Corrections to be made-
Jim Boyd requested to have Adriana Casenave's name removed and Maria Elena
Castellanos listed in his motion. Adriana requested to additional Delegate's
minutes done for Sept.

7:57- Nominations of the next Vice-Chair. Teresa nominated Jim Krafka and Alan
Alan Apurim was nominated by Joseph Davis. Hank Lamb asked to give 2 minutes to
each candidate for Vice Chair to make a statement. Adriana made the motion to
not use STV method for the position because the Bylaws says to use IRV method
(Article V). The motions passed without Objections.

8PM Public Comment- Found at

8:19 PM-Election of the Vice Chair- Krafka stated that if Adriana would resend
her request to remove her complaint based on his absences that he would not run
for Vice Chair.
Hank Lamb/Teresa Allen made a motion to give Jim Krafka two (2) retroactive
Excused Absences for the two (2) meetings of September 10, 2014.

The Chair ruled Mr. Lamb motion out of order.

Lamb/Allen challenged the ruling of the Chair.

The ruling of the Chair was upheld by a vote of 10 yes 1 no.

Chair Mr. Lark announced the results of the election of Vice Chair: Alan Alan
Apurim 10 votes, Mr. Krafka 3 votes. Alan Alan Apurim was elected Vice-Chair.

9:01- Recognitions-Melinda Iley-Dohn noted that the chair did a good job with
the meeting and management of time with the meeting. Chair DeWayne Lark thanked
Alma and Bob Gardner for their work counting votes for Vice Chair.
9:05- No consent items

9:06- PNB Report given.
Found at

9:18- General Manager's Report-
Found at

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Pacifica Foundation, KPFT FM
90.1 LSB
Regular KPFT LSB Meeting, on Oct.08, 2014 TX, Minutes Approved on
February 11, 2015

9:30- Orders of the Day- Motion by Adriana Casenave-to have an executive
session hearing of
a highly important personnel matter. An objection to executive session was made
by Robert Mark.
Mr. Krafka called the question that passed without Objections.

Casenave/Krafka motion to go to Executive Session passed by a vote of 9 yes 1
no. Motion carries for the LSB to convene into Executive Session. The Chair
asked the Public to leave the room.

9:37- Executive Session called to order in consideration of a KPFT Personnel
10:19- Executive Session concluded, no actions taken. KPFT LSB Regular Open
Meeting Resumed.

10:19 PM- Meeting Adjourned

Minutes prepared by KPFT LSB Secretary- Melinda Iley-Dohn