2014-10-14 KPFT Development Cmte. Minutes

Draft Agenda

I. Call to Order & Roll Call

II. Agenda

III. Approval of 2014-09-16 Minutes

IV. Development Director's Report: R Lewis

V. Fall
Pledge Drive: Ideas (including Community Allies) T Allen

VI. Reports:

A. Vehicle donation
program- R Lewis

B. Sustainers Program: R Lewis

C. Tennis tournament: T

D. Capital Campaign: R Lewis

E. Ray Hill Roast- T Allen

New Business

IX. Adjourn Meeting

2014-10-14 KPFT Development Cmte. Minutes

Draft Agenda

Meeting called to order at 7:39pmEST. Present: Teresa Allen, Bill Crosier, DeWayne Lark, Nancy Saibara-Naritomi, Robin

II. Agenda approved without objection.

III. Approval of 2014-09-16 Minutes; T Allen moved to delay
approval of minutes until next month. Passed without objection.

IV. Development Director's Report: R Lewis

Mario Martinez Fundraiser: Nov. 11th (Tuesday) at Fondren Hall at St. Paul’s Methodist Church. *T Allen
volunteers to call major donors to Meet and Greet. Event. *T Allen will call Science of Mind Church, Walter Bahn &
other meditation professionals. *R Lewis will check into using Meet-Up groups (T Allen will investigate this
possibility also). *R Lewis will send invite to LSB Chair Lark to send to LSB members (to send to associates that they
think may be interested. *B Crosier can send invite to HPJC group. $20/per person. R Lewis is working on Meet and
Greet ticket price.

Mid-Main First Thursday event still bringing in money. We solicited volunteers through
“Sign-Up Genius.” (free)

Monthly Development Report to General Manager – 10/07/14 (FY14 report)

Listener Support Revenue Goals:

Membership count on 10/07/14 = 7,227 (5% of estimated listening
audience of 155,000/week (December 2013 weekly cumulative Arbitron number)
Renewal Rate = 45% in FY13; 43% in
Average annual gift = $178.50 in FY13; $197.09 in FY14

for FY14(as of 10/07/14): $1,144,467 of income has been collected in FY14, 86% of the listener-support revenue goal for
FY14 of $1,324,935. This sum is about 14% below projections. FY15 began October 1, 2014. October revenue collected so
far is $4,929.

Pledge Drives:

The Fall 2013 membership drive ran October 3, 2013 thru October 23
and raised $271,997 in pledges, 85% of the $320,000 monetary goal. The fulfillment rate for this drive is currently

The Winter Quiet Campaign, ran through December up to the January 15, 2014, raising $46,016 in
pledges was collected during the quiet campaign with a current fulfillment rate of 90%.

The Winter On-Air Fund
Drive ran from January 16 thru February 1, 2014. The monetary goal for this drive was $300,000; the drive resulted in
$220,754 in pledges, 74% of the goal. This drive currently has an 87% fulfillment rate.

KPFT’s Spring
2014 Fund Drive ran from April 30 through May 18 with a monetary goal of $280,000. $236,425 was pledged by listeners,
84% of the goal. Fulfillment rate for this drive is currently 79%.

KPFT experimented with a 2 day fund
drive on June 18 and 19 featuring the Juneteenth 1984 festival recordings. This drive brought in $11,310 in pledges.
Fulfillment rate for this drive is currently 74%.

The Summer Sizzle membership Drive ran from July 27
through August 9, with a monetary goal of $180,000. The drive brought in $234,825 in pledges, 130% of goal. The drive
currently has a 78% fulfillment rate.

The Fall 2015 membership drive is scheduled to run from October 12
through November 1, 2014, and the monetary goal is $320,000.

Capital Campaign for New Transmitter:
$52,254 has been raised towards antenna repairs and transmitter replacement, mainly from on-line donations and from
pledges at the event with Amy Goodman in March and the Kemah Crawfish Festival.

Direct mail and

o FY14 renewal mail has brought in $53,148 and 485 returning members.

o FY14 lapsed
member mail has brought in $2,695 and 32 lapsed members

o FY13 tax letters have brought in $16,915 in
donations since they were mailed on February 11.

Community Relations/Events:

The Irish Aires show conducted a fundraiser for KPFT at Birraporetti’s restaurant in downtown Houston on September 13
and brought in $2,404 in net revenue

· KPFT will be participating in Discovery Green’s
Thursday concerts in the fall beginning September 25 through October 12

· KPFT will be the
beneficiary of donations from Mid-Main First Thursday on October 2. Proceeds are still being tallied for this

· The 1st Annual KPFT Tennis Fun Fest (and fundraiser) will be held in MacGregor Park
on October 11

· KPFT will have a tent and karaoke booth set up at Discovery Green during
Scream on the Green on Friday October 31.

· A fundraiser for KPFT featuring Mario Martinez
of “The Mind Body Code” will be held on Tuesday, November 11 at St. Paul’s Methodist Church’s Fondren Hall

A roast of Ray Hill (and fundraiser) is being organized for January 31, 2015. A venue is still being
worked on

Web Presence:

o The following statistics are for the period September 6 – October 6.
Visits are up 4% over the previous month period:

1. 38,079 page views

2. 10,675 unique

3. Average time on KPFT’s site: 2:04 minutes

4. 43% of visitors are new to the

KPFT’s Facebook page has 13,200 likes, up 2%, and a total weekly reach of 14,400, up 47% compared to
last month’s report.
KPFT’s Twitter account has 2,977 followers, down 5% over the previous month.

V. Fall
Pledge Drive: Ideas (including Community Allies) T Allen; *R Lewis working with Texas Coalition for the Environment, R
Lewis working with Legacy Healthcare—for the next Pledge Drive; T Allen will again attempt to secure Food & Water Watch
as a Community Ally; it was noted that Houston Meals on Wheels gets lots of coverage on KUHF.

R Lewis will
provide materials to the LSB—a packet about KPFT which could be used for fundraising. D Lark will consider presentation
by R Lewis to the LSB at a convenient time; N Saibara-Naritomi recommends Oliver Stone DVD set for $175 donation which
was given on KPFK. Also recommends Ralph Nader premium and a Ralph Nader show that KPFK airs.

*LSB Chair D Lark
will send email to LSB asking for them to promote donations to a favorite program for this pledge drive; will ask each
to bring a group of 3 to work the pledge drive. *R Lewis will give up-to-date membership figures on LSB members
LSB Chair D. Lark. N Saibara-Naritomi moved that we allow groups to speak for themselves if they work the phones.
It was agreed by the Cmte. that we will ask groups working the pledge phones to provide a script or more extensive info.
about their org. to be used by the host at Pledge Central in acknowledging the Groups. R Lewis will make sure that
group information is put back on our website.

VI. Reports:

A. Vehicle donation program- R
Lewis will deliver a special “Halloween” push.

B. Sustainers Program: R Lewis – no projects at this

C. Tennis tournament: R Lewis says the Tennis Tournament has netted $4700 so far; lots of high
schools were involved. Rain caused us to schedule continuation in Dec. and more people can enter at that time Lots of
food was left over. The subcommittee meets to go over what they learned from this event.

D. Capital
Campaign: R Lewis will meet with John Proffitt this week and discuss plans for moving forward with LSB Chair D

E. Ray Hill Roast Subcomittee- T Allen R Lewis will concentrate on sustainer push; Subcmte.
will work on costs for certain tables. N Saibara-Naritomi said invite City Council, State Reps & other elected
officials. D Lark will work w/ R Lewis on letters to City Council, State Reps and other elected officials and
personally follow-up. J Valinski, T Allen, B Crosier, R Lewis, D Lark, N Saibara-Naritomi will participate on this Ray
Hill Roast Subcmte. which will meet by conference call on 10-23-14 at 6:30pm.

VII. New Business: N
Saibara-Natitomi asks about Outreach; Chair D Lark will ask Vice-Chair to revive the Outreach Cmte. Chair D Lark wishes
to discuss Capital Campaign with GM Bradley. Some discussion of the concept of “Friends of KPFT” followed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:04pm EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen, 2014-10-15;Approved 2014-11-18