Audit Committee November 25. 2014
Minutes by Kim Kaufman, secretary

Convened 5:45

Fred Blair, Chair
Marie Elena Castellanos
Jose Luis Fuentes
Jane Gatewood
Donald Goldmacher
William Heerwagon
Kim Kaufman, Secretary
Hank Lamb
Robert Mark
Brenda Medina
Lawrence Reyes

Not present
Carolyn Birden
Frank LeFever
Richard Uzzell

Raul Salvador, present

Agenda approved without objection

Approval of minutes for October meeting.

Heerwagon moves to add his motion about balloting to the minutes. Accepted by

Brenda moves to postpone approval of minutes until next month.
No objection

Raul reports:

Halted audit in beginning of November because don't have all
schedules from N.O. Gathering rest of the information from radio
stations - WBAI and WPFW because they do not have full time business
managers. 50% of the schedules still outstanding. A couple of copies
of checks from KPFK; KPFA one schedule outstanding re accrued
expenses. Expect will be re-started in one week or two.

Will jump into 2014 audit when 2013 is done - not earlier than March
31. If they get schedules by middle of December and it is finished
then for Armanino to turn it around by March 31. Maybe will find
additional people to work on this.

Raul believes we are 100% compliant on meeting notices.

Goldmacher moves Members of the audit comm. should request meetings with their
management to discuss the failure to provide materials that would allow
Pacifica to complete the 2013 and 2014 audits in a manner timely.=

Kaufman makes substitute motion: have a closed session meeting as soon as
possible after seven days to discuss the personnel issues involved.

Kaufman substitute:
Yes: Fuentes, Kaufman, Mark, Reyes, Blair
No: Gatewood, Heerwagon, Lamb,
A: Medina

Medina moves to have the meeting at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Lamb moves to have it December 3.

Lamb motion approved

Audio recording ends here so we cannot confirm who voted

Meeting adjourned.