Approved on
Audit Committee October 28. 2014
Minutes by Kim Kaufman, secretary

Convened 5:45

Fred Blair, Chair
Marie Elena Castellanos
Jose Luis Fuentes
Jane Gatewood
William Heerwagon
Kim Kaufman, Secretary
Hank Lamb
Robert Mark
Brenda Medina
Lawrence Reyes

Not present
Carolyn Birden
Donald Goldmacher
Frank LeFever
Richard Uzzell

Roll call
Approve agenda
Approve minutes
Notice Next Meeting, November 25
Chair election - best way to proceed
Report on FY2013 audit
Choose auditor for FY2014 audit

Gatewood moves to approve agenda
No objection

Gatewood moves to approve minutes
No objection

Kaufman moves to have the N.O. send out new ballot with everyone on one email
with the attachment

Heerwagon moves that the Goldmacher and LeFever ballots,if any, received for
second balloting be added to first ballots. The thusly combined ballots for
Chair be tallied to determine a possible winner if there is not a tie. (Member
Goldmacher could not open first ballot attachment and member LeFever did not
see request for first ballot.)

Gatewood amendment - allow two weeks from ballot going out.

Heerwagon move to resend to Goldmacher and LeFever and combine with first

Mark recommends that "Third Round" be placed on ballot to prevent double-

Heerwagon's substitute

Yes: Castellanos, Fuentes, Heerwagon, Medina, Reyes
No: Blair, Gatewood, Kaufman, Lamb, Mark
5-5- FAILS

Gatewood amendment
No objection

Kaufman motion
No objection

Full motion:
LaSchele, at the N.O., shall send out new a ballot marked Third Ballot in one
email with everyone's address on it and the attachment. There will be two weeks
from the date sent out to be returned to the N.O.

Lamb - Stipulate: no previous ballots will be counted

Full amendment
Passes with No objections

Kaufman moves to research other accountant firms and bring it to the committee
for consideration for FY2014 audit.

Lamb substitute: to recommend Armanino for theFY2014 audit.

Yes: Gatewood, Heerwagon, Lamb, Mark, Medina, Reyes
No: Castellanos, Kaufman
Abstain: Blair
6-2-1 Passes

Main Motion -
Yes: Gatewood, Heerwagon, Lamb, Mark, Medina, Reyes
No: Castellanos, Kaufman
Abstain: Blair
6-2-1 Passes

Reyes moves to expedite Armanino motion to PNB.