KPFT Building Committee workday minutes
Saturday July 19, 2014.
09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Work Crew:
Callie Bourgeois
Mike Bourgeois
Duane Bradley
Betty Kaechler
Debbie Smith
Sam Smith
Sam Weeke

Projects done:
Flat roof areas cleaned.
Lawn mowed.
Vegetation trimmed away from backyard stage.
Alley checked for trash.
Cigg butts cleaned from smoke poles.
Generator cycled and gas and oil level checked.
KPFT banners attached to stage.
Back yard arranged for Prison Show event
Back yard walkway border adjusted.
AC filters changed.
Lath strips reattached to studio wall.
Downstairs RR fan cleaned.
KPFT awards attached to lobby wall.

Great workday, thanks everyone!
The next workday is scheduled Saturday August 16, 9-3.