A Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting was held at KPFK's studios in No.
Hollywood on Saturday September 21st. from 10:30am to 12:30 PM.

Approximately 22 people signed the attendance roster sheet including the CAB
Facilitator Dave Johnson. Several other listeners were in attendance but failed
to sign in. Meeting agendas and CAB member application forms were available to

The meeting began with a brief description of the CAB, and a discussion of
proposed meeting rules of conduct, which were unanimously agreed upon by a show
of hands.

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) purpose and function was discussed including
the taking of community needs assessments. The independence of the CAB from
the LSB and station management was discussed.

Staff member, Jessica Wood, the KPFK Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator was
invited to speak with the meeting's attendees. Jessica described her role at
the station, KPFK's outreach programs and the need for volunteers.

The majority of the meeting discussion time was spent on three subject areas;
on air programming, fundraising/pledge drives and miscellaneous topics.

Comments on Programming:

Request for substantial JFK programming, exploring all issues for the 50th
anniversary of the president's assassination in Nov.
One attendee requested programing dedicated to atheist and socialist issues.
The car show the 1960s 'Wizard Show' is missed - please bring them back
Continue the 'Middle East in Focus' program with a new host
Several attendees mentioned the strip programs as being their favorites, such
as 'Background Briefing' and 'Democracy Now' while a minority would prefer
fewer of them in order to increase programming diversity.
Several attendees requested more programs that would appeal to college age and
other young people. "Please increase the numbers of new younger listeners."
Event coverage, music or other programs of interest to a younger audiences were
Please increase anti war issue and activists coverage
Several listeners mentioned that they particularly enjoyed the 'Roy of
Hollywood' overnight show, and they indicated that they would like Roy to
continue to vary the rotation of featured artists and subjects during his
A couple persons felt that there was a little too much Thom Hartman on the air.
Please bring back some Gary Null programming
Please discuss the effects of large corporations whose policies are destroying
our social networks, worker self esteem and have negative effects on family and
Would like an evening UFO and paranormal issues program similar to the vintage
Art Bell 'Coast to Coast' program.
Please cover the restoration of the Los Angeles River issues and news

Comments on Programming cont.

Coverage of labor and worker issues are welcomed
Food topics - GMO foods and other issues would be welcome
Want to know what's the basis for programs being added or dropped. Would also
like better notification of program changes. What are the guidelines or
methodology for program changes? How is the scheduled designed? Are changes at
the whim of the program director?
Is there a relationship between air time and a programs ability to fund raise?
Is there a program committee? If not why not?
Increase community news
Spanish programming needs to be bilingual and content expanded; appeal to all
Request for a program dedicated to senior citizens including meet-up events for
people to connect

Comments on Fund Raising and Fund Drives

Pleas add phone text donations ($10.00) like what KPCC has started doing
Would like more information about KPFK and Pacifica finances. Is KPFK sound?
Do our fund raising dollars go to the other Pacifica stations?
On air fund drives are too long and too frequent
Objections raised about controversial fund drive products promoted by people
that appear to have 'questionable' credentials. Concern about "commercial
Use posted U-Tube videos raise funds.
Make donation requests more dominant on the web site.
Add more events with local groups for fund raising and membership development
Attend open mic nights in Hollywood to draw in listeners/donors
Develop closer relationships with Hollywood and music celebrities. Offer
recorded interviews as CD premiums
Please develop/implement new, small and large fund raisin strategies
Would a program that could raise money be give a schedule time slot?

Other Misc. Topics/Subjects

Would it be possible to volunteer enough hours to qualify for the Film Club?
Print new KPFK flyers, decals and new bumper stickers for interested KPFK
members to give out to people to promote the station.
Please develop strategies and materials that could be given to volunteers to
hand out to prospective listeners. Develop a "street team" to hand out
materials around town
Place 'KPFK.org' as well as '90.7 FM' on all station promotion materials
Attract new listeners with bench or rapid transit advertisements
Concern about KPFK's financial condition and requested additional transparency

Improve on what we have at KPFK - "stay the coarse"
Please keep the CAB independent of station management and the LSB

Misc. Topics. cont.

Need to bridge the gap between listeners, current movements and the station to
increase the numbers of activist/listeners and serve their communities
Difficult getting announcements on the air
Wish the station offered audio and video training programs - Use the
Timebank.org for volunteers with unique talents or SYNDICATE.INFO and

Misc. Topics cont.

Need to build listener movements inside and outside the station to increase
station membership. Link up with other organizations; networking

Web Site issues

Add video clips from KPFK event and in studio guest interviews
Offer better info. with on air advertising for links to Facebook & Twitter,
social media sites
The web site is hard to search for notices for LSB, CAB and other KPFK meetings

The KPFK and the Pacifica audio archives cannot be searched by topic - not user

Future CAB Meetings

The scheduling of future CAB meetings in local communities is encouraged.
Any listener that can help facilitate a future meeting is requested to contact
Dave Johnson at the CAB email link on the web site or call Jennifer Kiser at
the station to leave a message. Meeting sites are needed to be donated to the