Pacifica Foundation, KPFT FM 90.1 LS
Special Delegates' Assembly, on Sept 10, 2014 TX
Minutes Approved by the LSB on February 11, 2015
Call to Order/Vice Chair DeWayne Lark called the meeting to order at
7:35 pm
Roll Call: Secretary Melinda Iley-Dohn/ Quorum

Legend for Attendance: P=Present A=Absent X Excused Absence

-Ex-Officio Member- P- Duane

|Listener Members |Listener Members|Listener Members |Staff Members |
|P-Teresa Allen | P - Alán Alán |P- Robert Mark | X-Jessica Apolinar |
| |Apurim | | |
|P- Jim Boyd |P- Melinda |P- Colleen O'Brien | P-Tony Cox |
| |Iley-Dohn | | |
|P- Adriana Casenave |P-Joseph Kaye |P- Susie Moreno | Vinisha Patel |
|X- Maria Elena |A - Jim Krafka |X Darrelle Robbins | X-Liana Lopez |
|Castellanos | | | |
|P-Phil Collins |P-Hank Lamb |P- Richard Uzzell |P- Joseph Davis |
|A- Charles Doc Dougherty |P-DeWayne Lark |P- Nancy |A- George Reiter |
| | |Saibara-Naritomi | |

7:42- Special Delegates' Assembly to approve the Bylaw Amendment.

Article Seventeen, Amendment of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Section
1: Proposing Amendments

(1) "Unless the Board by a 2/3 vote decides otherwise, there shall be a maximum
of two ballots per calendar year related to the amendment of the Foundation's
Bylaws, which annual voting period shall be determined by the Board. All
properly proposed Bylaw amendments shall be held until that date which is 45
days before the earliest of the voting dates of the Board and of the Delegates,
as determined by the Board (the "Notice Date"). On the Notice Date, the
proposed amendment(s) to the Bylaws shall be posted on the Foundation's website
and the Foundation's radio stations shall broadcast an announcement three times
a day - twice between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM and once between 11:00 PM and 6:00
AM for a period of 45 days (the "Notice Period") regarding the existence of the
proposed amendment(s) on the Foundation's website for review and the upcoming
vote by the Board and Delegates regarding said amendment(s). The results of
said voting by the Board and the Delegates on the proposed amendment(s) shall
be reported within 15 days of the Board and Delegates meetings to vote on these

7:47- The Bylaws Amendment Passed by a vote of 13yes 1no.

7:50 Adjournment of Special Delegates' Assembly to Regular KPFT LSB Meeting.