Approval of past minutes
Discussion of governance role in elections-Castellanos
Report of workgroup on bylaws
Motion on Communication with FCC lawyer
In order to facilitate the free flow of information to the
board, the board directs the ED(iED) to forward without delay any communications from our () lawyer concerning offers
with regard to the sale or modification of the licenses at any of the five network stations; any changes in CPB
regulations; any specific communications from the CPB regarding the five stations. For inquiries from directors
requesting specific information, the ED(iED) will forward to the board, within 3 days, a time certain for the
information to be forwarded, which will, in any case, be forwarded within the ten day period required by California law-

Consideration of confidentiality policy and statements-Bernstein

Discussion of secessionist
tendencies at KPFT

RESOLVE that meeting dates (including recurring meetings on the Pacifica Board Meeting
Calendar) which have been established by a majority vote of a committee, and properly noticed, shall not be cancelled
except by a majority vote at a properly noticed meeting at which quorum is achieved or by the written (email) consent of
a majority of committee members. Written (email) consent shall be sent to the entire
Adjourn-10:30PM ET