Note that the meeting starts at 7:00 pm Central time.

2/25/14 KPFT Outreach Committee

1.) Call
to Order/ Roll Call

2.) Approve Agenda

3.) Approve minutes of prior meeting

4) Reports/ Old

a) Chinese Festival
b) Amy Goodman
c) Miscellaneous

5.) Upcoming Events

Kemah Saturday 3/1/14. Who is going, do we need more volunteers?

b) Saturday 3/15/14. St. Patrick's Day
parade. Who is going? Need someone to march, hand out flyers, programs

c) Sunday 3/16 KPFT Birthday Bash,
Mucky Duck firm up volunteers

d) Pin Oak Charity Horse Show, 3/19 through 3/23/14. KPFT is sponsoring, do we
need volunteers?

e) Cesar Chavez Parade Saturday 3/19/14. Who will be there? Do we need more

f) Has
anyone learned when we are to receive the new KPFT tent?

g) Has anyone heard back from the programmers if they
will be having a fund raising/outreach event?

6.) New business/ upcoming events