Date Approved: May 5, 2014

Regular In-Person Meeting
February 7-10, 2014
The Beacon Hotel
Washington, D.C.

Monday, February 10, 2014: PNB OPEN SESSION. 12:50 pm (ET)

I. A. Call to Order/ Opening Business. Chair Margy Wilkinson opened the
afternoon session on Monday, February 10, 2014, at 12:50 pm, at the Beacon
Hotel, Washington, D.C. Directors present following executive session:
KPFA: Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Jose Luis Fuentes, Janet Kobren, Margy
KPFK: Rodrigo Argueta, Lydia Brazon, Kim Kaufman, Lawrence Reyes
KPFT: Adriana Casenave, Hank Lamb, George Reiter, Richard Uzzell
WBAI: Carolyn Birden, Janet Coleman, Cerene Roberts, Manijeh Saba
(present, not voting)
WPFW: Jim Brown, Benito Diaz, Luzette King, Tony Norman
AFFIL.: Heather Gray

AFFIL.: Janis Lane-Ewart


Roberts moved to restore a Programming Committee to the PNB; that
committee shall consist of up to 2 Directors from each station and 2
delegates from each station area.

Point of order from Edwards-Tiekert that the motion is unnecessary since
the Programming Committee is specified in the Bylaws, the Chair can rule
that the Programming Committee is as specified in the bylaws.

Chair ruled that the Programming Committee is as specified in the bylaws.

Kaufman challenged ruling of the Chair.
Chair upheld 10 Yes, 2 N 1 Abs 2 present, not voting.

Secretary announces Committee Assignment (sign-up) list is going around.
Results will be sent by e-mail and any elections that need to be held will
be started.

Audit Committee Motion presented by Lawrence Reyes:
Motion to retain audit services of Armanino, LLP for (fiscal year ended
September 30) 2013. Passed without objection.

Secretary lists committees that require elections, and adds that ballots
will be emailed and can be returned by email or snail mail:
Personnel (2 seats, 3 candidates ) - WBAI: Birden, Coleman, Roberts.
Governance (2 seats, 3 candidates ) - WPFW: Diaz, King, Norman. King
Programming (2 seats, 3 candidates ) - WPFW: Brown, Diaz, King. King
indicates it was not her intention to sign up for that committee; sheet
adjusted. No election necessary.
Finance (1 seat, 2 candidates ) - KPFK: Brazon, Kaufman

Edwards-Tiekert moves that the meeting scheduled for February 13 be
cancelled and the next special meeting be Thursday, February 20, 2014 at
8:30 pm (EDT). No objection.

Chair adjourns meeting without objection at 1:18 pm.

Audio recordings of the entire meeting and those of special interest listed
below are in PNB meeting archive:

Public Comment can be heard:
- Friday 2/7/14 at Hour 3
- Saturday 2/8/14 at Hour 6 with LMA Q&A until 25 minutes into Hr. 7
- Sunday 2/9/14 at Hour 5 and until 27 minutes into Hr. 6, followed by
responses from PNB

WPFW iGM and LSB Chair reports and Q&A can be heard:
- at Hour 5 (reports) and Hour 8 (q&a) on Saturday 2/8/14

Discussion of the Pacifica Radio Archives can be heard:
- at Hour 9 on Saturday 2/8/14

Discussion of the Affiliate Program Underwriting Project can be heard:
- at Hour 10 on Saturday 2/8/14

LMA Discussions can be heard:
- at Hour 7 (for about 25 minutes) on Saturday 2/8/14
- at 21 minutes into Hour 2 through Hour 3 on Sunday 2/9/14