Date Approved: May 5, 2014

Regular In-Person Meeting
February 7-10, 2014
The Beacon Hotel
Washington, D.C.

Saturday, February 8, 2014: PNB OPEN SESSION. 9:12 am (ET)

I. A. Call to Order/ Opening Business. Pro tem Chair Margy Wilkinson
called meeting to order on Saturday, February 8, 2014, at 9:12 am, at the
Beacon Hotel, Washington, D.C.

King moved that:
Consistent with the call from WPFW listeners, I move that this PNB
reconsider its position to seat Tony Norman on this PNB which
violates Art. 4, Sec. 2A, which prohibits the seating of an elected
public official, which Tony Norman is. He serves in the District of
Columbia as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in ANC 1.

B. Roll Call/ Establish Quorum. Pro tem Secretary Cerene Roberts called
the roll. Quorum achieved.

Box Legend Attendance: X Present; Ab Absent; Exc Excused Absence; AL
Arrived Late.
KPFA - Berkeley, CA KPFK - L.A., CA: KPFT - Houston, TX:
X Brian Edwards-Tiekert X Rodrigo Argueta X Adriana Casenave
X Carolyn Birden
X Janet Kobren X Lydia Brazon X Hank Lamb
X Janet Coleman
X Jose Luis Fuentes-Roman X Kim Kaufman X George Reiter X
Cerene Roberts
X Margy Wilkinson X Lawrence Reyes X Richard Uzzell
X Manijeh Saba

X Jim Brown X Heather Gray
X Benito Diaz X Janis Lane-Ewart
X Luzette King
X Tony Norman

Norman raised as a Point of Order that (King's) motion was out of order:
Point of Order from Tony Norman that the Motion is out of order as
it is an agenda amendment, he was seated on the PNB on January 30
without objection, it was not raised at the LSB upon his election to
the PNB in January where the moving member was present and where he
received more votes than any other member, and that the PNB has
previously spent a day in open and closed session on this issue and
ruled that the position was advisory.

Chair rules that Norman's point of order was well-taken and King's motion
was out of order.

Uzzell challenges ruling of chair and requests roll-call vote.

Ruling of chair upheld: 11Y, 4N, 7 Abstentions
Yes: Edwards-Tiekert, Fuentes; Argueta, Brazon; Casenave, Lamb, Reiter;
Roberts; Brown, Diaz, Norman
No: Kobren; Uzzell; Coleman; Gray
Abstain: Kaufman, Reyes; Birden, Saba; King; Lane-Ewart; Wilkinson

II. Orientation / Training
An orientation was conducted.

III. Election of 2014 PNB Officers

King nominated Reiter.
Reyes nominated Wilkinson.

Uzzell moved that each Director be allowed to ask the candidates one
question before the vote.

Lamb amended Uzzell motion that no comment and no preface go with the
Amendment passed 18Y

Motion as amended passed 15Y, 4N

Secretary pro tem Roberts chaired election process starting with
statements from candidates for Chair followed by questions from Directors
to candidates.

Acting Chair Roberts gave the following balloting instructions
(transcribed verbatim):
"There are two names on the ballot. You may choose as many or as few as
you wish. Your ballots are being distributed. They have numbers on the
back. We don't know what the numbers are. You're picking your own number,
you're picking your own sheet, so that if at some future date you decide
you want to go see if number 21 was the magic one, you know how you voted.
You can rank as many or as few of the candidates as you wish. We'll have
two members of the public collect the ballots when you're done voting, and
they will do the tally publicly, as we did yesterday."

Candidate George Reiter added the following instruction (transcribed
verbatim): "There is a little subtlety about the election which needs to
be understood beforehand. It has to do with in case there's a tie. In case
there's a tie, the second place votes are counted... so if you really
don't want the other person, don't put them down for second... Does anyone
not understand what I said? Is it not clear? If it is a tie, the tie is
broken by the second place votes. You don't have to vote for anybody for
second place, but you can. If the second place votes are a tie then we
flip a coin."

Acting Chair Roberts summarized as follows (transcribed verbatim): "Is
everyone clear? If you don't want someone in that position, do not rank
them at all. Choose the one you want most, you can choose all or none. You
may vote now."

Two members of the public serving as volunteer tellers collected, counted
and tallied the ballots. They reported the first-place votes as follows:
Reiter -11; Wilkinson - 11
The acting Chair asked "Are there any ballots that have more than one
choice on them?"
The tellers reported that, of the ballots with Reiter marked number 1, one
ranked Wilkinson number 2 and one ranked Wilkinson number 5. Of the
ballots with Wilkinson marked number 1, one ranked Reiter number 2. All
other ballots had no other ranking.
A third member of the public confirms the ballot tally.

Acting Chair Roberts declares Margy Wilkinson elected.

Kobren challenges the ruling of the chair.

Reiter moved that election process be postponed until after the local
reports and public comment which follow lunch and executive session. The
motion passes without objection.

Open Session of Saturday, February 8, 2014, adjourned to closed session
lunch at approximately 12:47 pm.

Session resumes 3:45 pm with Chair pro tem Wilkinson presiding.

IV. WPFW Reports
WPFW Interim General Manager, Michelle Price Johnson and
WPFW Local Station Board Chair Ola Cole Laryea give their reports.
(Archive at Hour 5 (abt. 31 min. in the Saturday 2/8/14 archive at:

V. Public Comment. Comments made by Public. Text of comments shall not
appear in the Minutes, but a record shall be maintained in the
Recordings of the meeting.
This also includes Q&A with FCC Attorney Melodie Virtue, who discussed FCC
rules with respect to non-profit FCC licenses entering into a Local
Marketing Agreement (LMA) or Public Service Operating Agreement (PSOA).
- (Public Comment audio at Hour 6 (it's actually 1 hour and 32 min.) with
LMA Q&A at Hour 7 - for about 25 minutes - in the Saturday 2/8/14
archive at:

Open Session recesses for dinner at approximately 6:29 pm and resumes at 7:50

WPFW Reports (resume)
Question & Answer period with PNB and WPFW's Interim General Manager and
with its Local Station Board Chair.
(Audio at Hour 8 in the Saturday 2/8/14 archive at:

VI. Development - Fundraising Discussion

Report from Brian DeShazor, Director of the Pacifica Radio Archives.
(Audio at Hour 9 in the Saturday 2/8/14 archive at:

Lamb moved to have report from Coordinator of Affiliate Program and
resolve Chair election tonight. Motion passes.

Report from Ursula Ruedenberg, Coordinator, Pacifica Affiliate Program
including proposal to administer underwriting cooperative for Affiliate
radio stations.
(Audio of presentation and Q&A at Hour 10 in the Saturday 2/8/14 archive

Open Session of Saturday, February 8, 2014, ends at approximately 11:11 pm.