2013-12-21 PNB Affiliate Taskforce Minutes
Draft Agenda
I. Call to order/roll call
II. Approve agenda
III. Approve minutes
IV. Affiliate Coordinator Report
V. Welcome new directors
VI. Response from Request of iED re: request to work with Aff. Coordinator for
mgmt. & oversight of Affiliate Program
VII. Vision for building a Unit
VIII. Group underwriting proposal: Ursula Ruedenberg
IX. Set next meeting
X. Adjourn

2013-12-21 PNB Affiliate Taskforce Minutes (streaming began late)
Draft Agenda
I. Meeting was called to order at 11:11am EST. Present: Chandra Hauptman,
Steve Pride, Teresa Allen (chaired), Cerene Roberts, Shawn Rhodes, Heather
Gray, Deena Kolbert, Ursula Ruedenberg
II. Approve agenda: T Allen moved to postpone welcoming new directors to our
January meeting. No objection. Amended agenda approved without objection.
III. Approve minutes; moved to postpone to Jan. 2014 meeting. No objection.
IV. Affiliate Coordinator Report:
* The program will have a separate bank account, credit card and lock box
within the month;
* The ED has said that she will assign someone at National Office to help clear
up past confusion with contracts and billing;
* Affiliate staff just finished producing a presentation for group underwriting
program (this will be the only national underwriting program for grassroots
radio; there is a model in Minnesota with 15 stations)- staff will first
present to the ED. We want to do a case study between now and Sept. 30, 2014.

* We want affiliates to sign up for underwriting when they sign affiliate
contracts in Oct. 2014;
* Many thanks to WERU in Bangor, ME for a very generous donation recently;
* Our newest affiliate is in Paris, France.
V. Response from Request of iED re: Request to work with Affiliate Coordinator
for mgmt. & oversight of Affiliate Program: the Affiliate Coordinator said that
because of the higher level of activity and responsibility in the Aff. Program
we should include a discussion of a vision for an Affiliates Unit (she has
already discussed this with the ED). Although the ED has worked directly with
the Affiliate director to initiate changes to improve oversight of the Aff.
Program, we are awaiting a written response from the ED to the Resolution that
we sent her in Oct.
VI. Vision for building a Unit: (a little history: At one time, ED Guma
proposed and PNB approved a redefinition of Aff. Director's job to include
management of Pacifica Outreach Program, but this was never implemented, The
Aff. Director's title and job description would need to be reviewed.)
D Kolbert moved: "That the Affiliate Coordinator be authorized in writing by
the ED to consult with the Taskforce as it develops vision of what an Affiliate
Unit would look like and appropriate management and oversight of the Affiliate
Unit." Passed without objection. T Allen will send this to the ED, and cc
the Affiliate Taskforce.
VII. Group underwriting proposal: Ursula Ruedenberg gave a brief summary
VII. The next open meeting is set for 2014-01-16 at 8:30pm EST and an executive
session at 9:30pm EST (primarily to approve minutes of executive sessions of
2013-10-03 and 2012-10-08.
IX. The meeting adjourned at 11:50am EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
Secretary, 2014-01-15; approved 2014-01-16