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Special Open Telephone Meeting
November 25, 2013
At Various Locations
8:30 pm (ET), 7:30 pm (CT) and 5:30 pm (PT)


I. Call to Order/Opening Business. Board Chair Summer Reese to preside.
8:30 pm (ET)

A. Roll Call / Establish Quorum. Establish Time Keeper.

Box Legend Attendance: X Present; Ab Absent; Exc Excused Absence;
AL Present-Arrived Late.
KPFA - Berkeley., CA. KPFK - L.A., CA.: KPFT -
Houston, TX.: WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
Brian Edwards-Tickert Lydia Brazon
Teresa Allen Carolyn Birden
Tracy Rosenberg John Cromshow
Jessica Apolinar Janet Coleman
Dan Siegel Brenda Medina
Nancy Hentschel Cerene Roberts
Margy Wilkinson Summer Reese Richard
Uzzell Manijeh Saba

WPFW - Wash. D.C.: AFFILIATES: Staff & Counsel:
Benito Diaz Heather Gray __ Raul Salvador,
Pacifica CFO
Luzette King Janis Lane-Ewart
Tony Norman
Katea Stitt

B. Agenda Approval. 15

II. Consideration of Meeting Dates from Coordinating Committee.
10 min.

December Meetings: Dec. 12, 19 and/or 26?
January In-Person: Washington DC, TBD - January 31- February 3, 2013?

III. Adjourn to Executive Session. 9:00
pm (ET)