Minutes for the special National Finance Committee meeting October 16, 2013.

Meeting convened at 8:39 PM (ET) a
quorum being present, the Chair and Secretary being
Jim Boyd, John Cromshow, Marcus Jetter, R. Paul Martin (Secretary), Tony Norman, Michael Novick, Tracy Rosenberg
(Chair), Raul Salvador (CFO), Richard Uzzell, also attending were Interim Executive Director Summer Reese and Pacifica
Radio Archive Director Brian

Office FY14 budget Proposal 8:44 PM (ET)

The committee received the National Office FY14 budget proposal just
after the meeting had started. The Pacifica Radio Archives (PRA) FY14 budget proposal was sent to the committee later in
the meeting.

The interim Executive Director reported that the National Office FY14 budget proposal called for
expenses for two PNB in-person meetings instead of four. They are budgeting 50% of “Shared Expenses” for WPFW and 20%
for WBAI. The contract with Democracy Now! is expired and the expenses for that contract are being put in the budget at
the last contract’s rate, but Pacifica Management will attempt to negotiate a 50% reduction in the annual Democracy Now!
fees. The entire budget proposal is based on last year’s actuals.

The CFO said that the National Office was
projecting a deficit of $193,248 owing to the proposed hiring of a Human Resources Director and a National Program
Director. With other adjustments and the lowering of the Democracy Now! fees it is projected that the National Office
FY14 budget proposal will show a surplus of $11,854.

The committee discussed the budget proposal. It was felt by
some that the committee had seen the written proposal too recently and needed more time to study the spreadsheets. It
was also felt that the legal expenses were too low. The current WBAI and WPFW on-air fund raisers were discussed. The
affordability of hiring of a Human Resources Director and a National Program Director was discussed. The possibilities
of getting various grants were discussed.

The committee agreed to continue its consideration of the National
Office FY14 budget proposal, and start consideration of the PRA FY14 budget proposal, at the regular meeting on October

Adjourned 11:18 PM (ET)

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary.