2013-09-09 PNB Personnel Cmte. Minutes (Open Session)
Draft Agenda
I.Call to order
II. Approve agenda
III. Approve minutes: 2013-08-12
IV. ED Search: Phase II
A. Google Docs Update (J Lane-Ewart)
B. Video conference interviews (T Rosenberg): We will do a video
conference test tonight
V. Old Business
A.Motion: ED Salary Range (J Cromshow)
B. Employee Handbook (T Rosenberg)
C. General Counsel Search (T Rosenberg)
VI. New business: Motion: PNB in-person meeting- Houston, TX Oct 25-28, 2013
(J Cromshow)
VII. Next scheduled meeting: 10-14-2013
VIII. Action items
IX. Adjourn

2013-09-09 PNB Personnel Cmte. Minutes (Open Session)

I.Meeting was called to order at 8:42pm EST.
Present: Teresa Allen, Janet Coleman, John Cromshow, Tracy Rosenberg
II. Agenda was approved without objection.
III. 2013-08-12 Minutes approved without objection.
IV. ED Search: Phase II
A.Google Docs Update (J Lane-Ewart): J Lane-Ewart and J Cromshow have
received questions (only from J Cromshow and T Rosenberg) through Google Docs;
if committee members have problems, Chair says send questions to him and cc J
Lane-Ewart and "we will develop them." T Allen and J Coleman wanted to
communally develop the questions; Chair expects that he and J Lane-Ewart will
assemble questions and send out to the Cmte. Cmte will discuss more questions
in executive session this evening.
B. Video conference interviews (T Rosenberg): Explains that interviews
will save video copies which will be available to the PNB. We will do a video
conference test tonight (not official board business) after we adjourn the open
session meeting; then 3 consecutive weeks of interviews.
V. Old Business
A. Motion: ED Salary Range (J Cromshow) Because former ED's salary of $95K
is matter of public record, we can provide it to the candidates if we do not
get the salary range motion approved by the PNB. The PNB may need to discuss
the ED Salary range in executive session sometime in the future.
B. Employee Handbook (T Rosenberg) Has made changes Employee Handbook by
this Cmte. and sent to the Foundation's National Office with a request to send
to HR (and perhaps corporate counsel) for review.
C. General Counsel Search: T Rosenberg believes that we must send out
another RFP for corporate counsel; will do more research as soon as possible,
bring back to the Cmte., update and post.
VI. New business: T Allen moved that the Personnel Cmte. amend John Cromshow's
previous motion, to read, "The Personnel Cmte. recommends to the PNB that the
PNB in-person meeting be held in Houston, TX from Nov. 8 through 11, 2013."
Passed without objection.
VII. Next Open Session scheduled meeting: 10-14-2013 (executive session for
interviews 9-16, 9-23, 9-30)
VIII. Action items: 1) T Allen will forward the Resolution regarding the PNB
face-to-face meeting on Nov. 8-11, 2013 to the PNB Secretary. 2) Personnel
Cmte. will attempt to make sure that the PNB approves salary range in executive
session. 3) Any questions discussed in executive session (15 minutes) will be
forwarded to J Lane-Ewart and J Cromshow to be developed with items formed
through Google Docs..
IX. Meeting adjourned 9:55pm EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
11-18-2013; approved 2013-12-16