Minutes-July 17, 2013 PNB Governance Committee

Members Present: L. Brazon,V. Dixon-Briggs, N. Hentschel,B. Lederer,P. Logan,
T. Norman, G. Reiter, L. Reyes, J. Wenger
Quorum attained at 9:05PM ET
Roll Call
Changes to Agenda-There were no changes.
Report on Elections of Chair and Secretary-G. Reiter
Report by PNB Members of action on elections by PNB
Motion: John Wenger The Governance Committee requests that the PNB direct that
a detailed accounting of the costs of the last Pacifica election for the
station boards be forwarded to the Governance Committee and the LSB's. Passed
without objection.
Timeline for Bylaws;
Motion: Lydia Brazon The date for submission of bylaws amendments for this year
shall be Aug 16. The timeline after that shall be in accordance with the bylaws
as amended in 2012. Passed without objection

Establishing procedures for election of officers of committees.
Lydia will provide motion for consideration at the next meeting.
Adjourn-10:10PM ET

Submitted by George Reiter