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Pacifica Foundation, KPFT FM 90.1 LSB
Regular LSB Meeting, December 11, 2013
Houston Institute for Culture 708-C Telephone Rd, Houston, TX
Call to Order: Chair Robert Mark called the meeting to
order at 7:18 p.m.
Roll Call: Secretary Melinda Iley-Dohn/
Legend for Attendance: P=Present
A=Absent X Excused Absence

P- Ex- OffIcio Member-P- Duane Bradley
|Listener Members |Listener Members |Listener Members |Staff Members |
| P -Teresa |X Nancy Hentschel|P- Colleen | A-Jessica |
|Allen | |O'Brien |Apolinar |
|P-Jim Boyd |P Melinda |P- Jomonica | A -Tony Cox |
| |Iley-Dohn |Phoenix | |
|P Adriana | X- Jim Krafka |X- Darrelle | P- Leo Gold |
|Casenave | |Robbins | |
|X- MariaElena | P-Hank Lamb |X- Ingrid Turner | P -Liana Lopez |
|Castellanos | | | |
|P-Phil Collins | P-DeWayne Lark |P- Richard |A- Doyle Odom |
| | |Uzzell | |
|X Charles Doc | P- Robert Mark |P- Ted Weisgal |P- George Reiter |
|Dougherty | | | |

Meeting Called to order and Roll Call was done at 7:18-

A request was made for a motion for the acceptance of excused absences made by
the members by Chair Robert Mark and was made by Jim Boyd. The absences were
approved by the body.

Nominations were made for Presiding Officers over the Elections of Officers for
the LSB.

Teresa Allen nominated Robert Mark for Chair Pro-Tem. Robert Mark was
elected by acclimation.

It was noted that MariaElena Castellanos Had requested an excused absence from
the meeting by Adriana Casenave. Her absence was approved in addition to the

Hank Lamb nominated Melinda Iley-Dohn for Secretary Pro-Tem. Melinda Iley-Dohn
was elected by acclimation.

Chair-Pro Tem Mark requested a vote of acceptance of Deanna Pollard-Sachs
resignation and the seating of Mr. DeWayne Lark as replacement member of the
board to fill the vacancy of the position of Deanna Pollard-Sachs who had
submitted her resignation from the group. Mr. Lark was added to the membership
of the board by unanimous vote.

It was noted by Pro-Tem Chair that this would be the final meeting of Ted
Weisgal, having met term limits specified in the Pacifica By-Laws of six years
of service. DeWayne Lark was requested to introduce himself to the board as is
customary with new members to the board.

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Pacifica Foundation, KPFT FM 90.1 LSB
Regular LSB Meeting, December 11, 2013
Houston Institute for Culture 708-C Telephone Rd, Houston, TX

Approval of the Agenda:

Ted Weisgal requested to add to the agenda a reporting of highlights to the
Outreach Committee and a report of a recent United Way event that he felt would
be of benefit to the board. He stated that this items would only require about
five minutes. Chairman Mark suggested to add them as Governance items listed as
III-3 during the Outreach Report. It was suggested as he had a handout that it
would be a good idea to provide copies of that to the board. The motion to
amend was approved.

Nomination of the 2014 KPFT LSB Officers-
Ballots to be counted per STV balloting by Bill Crosier and Deb Shafto.

Nominations of LSB Chair:
DeWayne Lark was nominated by Colleen O'Brien.
Leo Gold was nominated by Richard Uzzell.
Leo Gold was elected as Chair

Leo Gold is now recognized as chair with mention of the accomplishments
of Robert Mark for his service in the position. He stated that he had learned
A lot from Bob. Chair Gold recognized his efforts to be fair and noted that the
board owed Mr. Mark a debt of gratitude.

Robert Mark noted that the meeting to address the proposed changes of the
Pacifica By-Laws which this body is required to vote on had not been listed in
the month's agenda. He requested to have this added as we are required to
either approve or reject these changes no earlier than Dec 25 and no later than
January 24. Adriana Casenave supplied the motion to add this to the agenda to
schedule the required Delegates meeting within the required time frame. The
motion was adopted without objection.

Mr. Mark noted that we had to approve changes based on recent revisions within
sixty days and that we also were required to have a January meeting to elect
of the PNB. Hank Lamb suggested to have all three meetings on Jan 8 to combine
the PNB Elections, By-Laws approval and also the regular meeting. It was noted
that there
Is a requirement to vote within sixty days of the PNB vote. It was noted that
the PNB has not
At this time done the final vote on these revisions.

Chair Gold inquired if the By-Laws could be done in February because that would
allow the sixty days' notice required as it was pointed Hank's motion was
amended to have a Special Delegate's meeting for PNB Elections at the January
meeting and the By-Laws changes in the February meeting. The motion passed by
majority vote.

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Pacifica Foundation, KPFT FM 90.1 LSB
Regular LSB Meeting, December 11, 2013
Houston Institute for Culture 708-C Telephone Rd, Houston, TX

Nomination of LSB Vice-Chair:
DeWayne Lark was nominated by George Reiter
Adriana Casenave made the motion to close nominations
Electing Mr. Lark by acclimation without opposition, Mr.
Lark was elected Vice-Chair

Nomination of LSB Secretary:
Ted Weisgal nominated by Colleen O'Brien
Melinda Iley-Dohn nominated by Jim Boyd
Melinda Iley-Dohn elected as LSB Secretary

Nomination of Treasurer:
Adriana Casenave nominated by Ted Weisgal
Jim Boyd nominated by Teresa Allen
Jim Boyd elected as LSB Treasurer

Chairman Leo Gold requested to have the names for
Conveners for the LSB Committees to supervise the
First meetings of the year. The following members have
Agreed to convene these meetings to be done in January-

Development Committee-Teresa Allen
Treasury Committee- Jim Boyd
Facilities Committee - Callie Bourgeois
Outreach Committee- Ted Weisgal
Technology Task force- Hank Lamb
Governance Committee - Adriana Casenave

January 8 2014 meeting to be held at Houston Institute for Culture

Audio available at: http://kpft.org/page.php?id=11531342#LSB_Audio_Archive

Minutes Prepared by KPFT LSB Secretary Melinda Iley-Dohn