Approved August 22, 2013

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Special Open Telephone Meeting
July 25, 2013
At Various Locations
8:30 pm (ET), 7:30 pm (CT) and 5:30 pm (PT)


I. Call to Order/ Opening Business. Board Chair Summer Reese called meeting
to order at 8:43 pm (ET). Board Vice Chair Heather Gray designated to be
the Time Keeper.

A. Roll Call/ Establish Quorum. Board Secretary Richard Uzzell called
the roll/ Quorum achieved. Excused absences Wilkinson and Saba.
Box Legend Attendance: X Present; Ab Absent; Exc Excused Absence;
AL Present-Arrived Late.
KPFA - Berkeley., CA. KPFK - L.A., CA.: KPFT -
Houston, TX.: WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
X Brian Edwards-Tiekert X Lydia Brazon X
Teresa Allen X Carolyn Birden
X Tracy Rosenberg X John Cromshow AL
Jessica Apolinar X Janet Coleman
X Dan Siegel AL Brenda Medina X
Nancy Hentschel X Cerene Roberts
Exc Margy Wilkinson X Summer Reese X Richard
Uzzell Exc Manijeh Saba

WPFW - Wash. D.C.: AFFILIATES: Staff & Counsel:
X Benito Diaz X Heather Gray X Raul Salvador,
Pacifica CFO
AL Luzette King X Janis Lane-Ewart
X Tony Norman
AL Katea Stitt

B. Agenda Approval. Cromshow moved to move item IV. B.2., (Re:
Personnel Committee Motion to Amend PNB PD Search Committee make-up) up to
after Minutes Approval. HNO, Motion Approved. Roberts moved to add a
motion at III. C. that would request that the PNB direct the WBAI LSB to
convene an LSB meeting ASAP. Discussion followed. Motion to add Failed, 6-9.
HNO, Agenda, as amended, Approved.

C. Minutes Approval. Uzzell moved to postpone Minutes Approval for the
Open Meeting Minutes for June 27, 2013 and July 11, 2013 until the August
8, 2013 Continuation Meeting. HNO, Motion App'ed.

D. Personnel Committee Motion Move-up. Cromshow reported Motion from
the Per. Committee:

The PNB Personnel Committee moved that the PNB shall approve amending the
PNB PD Search Committee Motion approved March 22, 2012 as follows: In the
below paragraph, strike the words after; "unpaid staff members", (in this
manner), and may also include non-LSB listener members and non-LSB staff

1. Where an LSB creates a search sub-committee, the LSB shall
specify, in the motion which creates it, which of the procedures it
intends to delegate. Such a sub-committee shall include a minimum of
7 and a maximum of 11 members consisting of LSB members, including
paid and unpaid staff members, and may also include non-LSB listener
members and non-LSB staff members. Names, email addresses, and phone
numbers of all sub-committee members shall be sent to the National
Office. [Added 7-22-13]

Discussion followed. Time expired. Diaz moved to extend 10 minutes:
Approved 11-5-1. Time Expired. Diaz moved to extend through stack: HNO,
Motion Approved. Motion to amend the PNB DP Search Committee, Membership
Criteria; Approved, 10-8.
Approved August 22, 2013

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MINUTES, Special Open Telephone Meeting, July 25, 2013

II. IED Report. Pacifica Foundation IED Summer Reese gave the report;
including the following:

. CPB waiting for our Audit.
. Pacifica lacks Personnel Evaluation Procedures; IED is developing
new Procedures.
. WBAI meeting with unions.
. IED working on NES advertising; not completed yet.
. KPFA Work Place Investigate still on-going.

Discussion followed. No action taken.

III. CFO Report. Pacifica Foundation CFO Raul Salvador gave the report;
including the following:

. Auditors are reviewing submissions from the National Office.
. Working on Financial Statements.
. 990 Form to be submitted, August 15.
. Working on CPB Procedures
. Working on Financial Procedures.

Time expired. Allen moved to finish the stack. HNO, Motion Approved.

Discussion followed. No action taken.

Lane-Ewart offered to help the IED prepare the AFRs. IED thanked her for
her help.

Time expired.

IV. Next Meeting Date. Uzzell noticed Continuation Meeting August 8,
2013.with this Approved Agenda.

V. Adjourn to Executive Session. HNO, Chair adjourned to Ex. Session at
9:32 pm (ET).

Minutes taken and scribed by Richard Uzzell, Board Secretary.

Minutes Approval:

Date Approved: August 22, 2013

Witness of Approval: Summer Reese, Pacifica Foundation Radio Board,