Approved August 22, 2013

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Special Open Continuation Telephone Meeting
July 11, 2013
At Various Locations
8:30 pm (ET), 7:30 pm (CT) and 5:30 pm (PT)


I. Call to Order/ Opening Business. Board Chair Summer Reese called meeting
to order at 8:45 pm.
Board Vice Chair Heather Gray designated to be the Time Keeper.

A. Roll Call/ Establish Quorum. Board Secretary Richard Uzzell called
the roll/ Quorum achieved.
Excused absences Gray and Lane-Ewart.
Box Legend Attendance: X Present; Ab Absent; Exc Excused Absence;
AL Present-Arrived Late.
KPFA - Berkeley., CA. KPFK - L.A., CA.: KPFT -
Houston, TX.: WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.:
X Brian Edwards-Tiekert X Lydia Brazon X
Teresa Allen X Carolyn Birden
X Tracy Rosenberg X John Cromshow AL
Jessica Apolinar X Janet Coleman
X Dan Siegel X Brenda Medina X
Nancy Hentschel X Cerene Roberts
X Margy Wilkinson X Summer Reese X Richard
Uzzell X Manijeh Saba

WPFW - Wash. D.C.: AFFILIATES: Staff & Counsel:
X Benito Diaz X Heather Gray X Raul Salvador,
Pacifica CFO
X Luzette King X Janis Lane-Ewart
AL Tony Norman
X Katea Stitt

B. Agenda Approval. Agenda approved at June 27, 2013. FYI: IED Summer
Reese report that the WBAI lay-offs had been postponed until July 31st. Diaz
moved that two motions from the Elections committee (1. Move forward with
the Elections & 2. Clean-up Membership Lists) be added at the start of
Committee Reports. HNO Motions added.

C. Minutes Approval. None

II. Committee Reports.

A. Elections Committee. Committee Member Margy Wilkinson gave the
report and brought the following Motions:

1. Election Committee moved that the LSB elections go forward in some
form. Discussion followed. HNO, Motion to "go forward in some
form," Approved.

2. Election Committee moved that the PNB direct, according to the
policy previously adopted by the PNB, that General Managers mail
each member by the most economical rate available that will produce
address corrections by the post office in order to update and
"clean" the list. Members should return information updating (1)
email addresses and (2) postal addresses. The mailing should
include a reference to the opt-out feature in a sentence that offers
members a choice between balloting and candidate statements on paper
or electronically. Discussion followed. Roberts moved that the
motion regarding the mailing for address correction be postponed
until the next PNB meeting and the Directors on the Election
Committee and their colleagues workout mailing cost and possible
design options. Motion to postpone Failed 4, 4-10-2. Motion to
"Clean List" Approved, 8-3-5.
Approved August 22, 2013

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MINUTES, Special Open Continuation Telephone Meeting, July 11, 2013

II. Committee Reports. (Continued.)

A. Elections. (Continued.)

3. Election Committee moved that the PNB direct the iED to post a job
opening for the National Elections Supervisor forthwith. Birden
moved to send back to the committee for cost analysis. Discussion
followed. Motion to return to committee Failed, 6-8-2.

Allen moved to substitute to advertise for someone to volunteer as
NES. Motion to advertise for NES volunteer; Failed, 5-7-4.

Uzzell assumed the Chair, to allow Reese to comment.

Motion to post a job opening for NES Approved, 9-6-1.

Time expired. Roberts moved to extend for 15 minutes. Motion to extend
Failed, 9-6.

VI. Adjourn to Executive Session. Time had expired. HNO, Chair Adjourned at
10:45 pm (ET).

Minutes taken and scribed by Richard Uzzell, Board Secretary.

Minutes Approval:

Date Approved: August 22, 2013

Witness of Approval: Summer Reese, Pacifica Foundation Radio Board,