03-29-13PNB Personnel Cmte. Minutes
1.Call to order/roll call
II. Approve agenda
III. Elect Chair & Secretary (permanent or pro tem).
IV. Old business
V. New business
VI. Set next meeting
VII. Action items
VIII. Adjourn

13. PNB Personnel Cmte. Minutes

1.The meeting was called to order at 8:48pm EST.
Present: Teresa Allen, Janet Coleman, John Cromshow, Tracy Rosenberg; Excused:
Luzette King

II. Approve agenda: Approved without objection.

III. Elect Chair & Secretary (permanent or pro tem). T Rosenberg nominated John
Cromshow as Chair. He accepted. J Coleman nominates T Rosenberg. She
declined. J Coleman nominates T Allen. She declined. J Coleman moved that J
Cromshow be approved by acclimation. Approved without objection.
T Rosenberg nominated T Allen as Secretary. She accepted. No other
nominations. J Coleman moved that T Allen be accepted as Secretary by
acclamation. Approved without objection.

IV. Old business: J Coleman moved to continue our discussion of this Cmte's
role in ongoing CFO Search. Approved without objection.

V. New business: T Rosenberg reminds Cmte. of the need to go over materials
previously from the ED Search. We need previous resumees, list of where they
placed ads and budget. Candidates will be told the salary range when
appointments are set for phone interviews.

VI. Set next meeting: Monday, April 8th at 8:30pm EST. On April 8th we will
vote on whether our future meetings will be held on second Mondays.

VII. Action items: Chair Cromshow will request all materials from ED Search of
Search Cmte. Chair- Alex Steinberg. T Rosenberg will distribute fliers
promoting the ED position at the Natl. Conference on Media Reform (April 5-7).
T Rosenberg will send the job description from her fliers and T Allen will post
on GRC listserve. If Chair Cromshow discovers that there is an immediate
deadline that we may miss for an ad, he will contact the Cmte. for their
approval to place that ad.

VIII. T Allen moved to adjourn. No objection. Meeting adjourned at 9:44pm

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
Secretary, 3-29-13; Approved 4-8-13