2013-08-01 PNB Affiliate Taskforce Minutes
Draft Agenda
I.Call to order
II. Roll call
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Approval of minutes
V. Report from Coordinator of Affiliates Ursula Ruedenberg, including
introduction to our guest with WVQR in Vieques, Puerto Rico
VI. New business
VII. Unfinished business
A. Affiliate Newsletter - for the website etc - ideas for writers : Status
of Articles from Affiliate Taskforce
. Execution Watch - Teresa
. Sprouts - Ursula
. Pedagogy - John Cromshow
. About interviewing affiliate stations - Deena Kolbert
. Ursula- articles from GM's
B. Survey of affiliate stations
o Discussing a sampling process for the survey : ?urban/rural, Native
American, regional(N, S, E, W)
o Ideas for interns
C. Action items from the last meeting
VIII. Announcements
IX. Adjourn

2013-08-01 PNB Affiliate Taskforce Minutes
Draft Agenda
I.Meeting was called to order at 8:20pm EST.
II. Roll call: Ankine Antaram, Steve Pride, Teresa Allen, Cerene Roberts,
Shawn Rhodes, John Brinkley, Katea Stitt, Heather Gray, Deena Kolbert, Ursula
Ruedenberg. Guest: Robert Rabin of WVQR, Vieques, Puerto Rico.
III. Approval of Agenda: no objection.
IV. Approval of 2013-06-06 minutes: no objections.
V. Report from Coordinator of Affiliates Ursula Ruedenberg, including
introduction to our guest, Robert Rabin with WVQR in Vieques, Puerto Rico visit
www.kpftx.org to hear Robert Rabin's presentation. Visit www.radiovieques.net
and radioviequespr on Facebook.

Report from Affiliate Network Manager, August 1, 2013
New Affiliates: KXCR, Florence Oregon - not on the air yet, planning to be on
by October 2013 when their permit expires. Have been planning the station since
2006 and applied for their permit in 2007 ("2007 generation"). In July 2013
their transmitter was installed, antenna mounted and studio building is being
WVQR, Vieques Puerto Rico - Another "2007 generation," received their license
and are in the process of going on the air. Built by the Committee for the
Rescue and Development of Vieques, grassroots organization that coordinated
much of the 1999-2003 struggle to stop US Navy bombing on this island-
municipality of Puerto Rico. The station is located in the Vieques history
museum, an old fortress on a cliff above the ocean. Robert Rabin, station
manager, was the call-in visitor to the task force meeting.
KYAQ Siletz, Oregon - Another "2007 generation" station being built, currently
an Internet station planning to go on the air by January 2014.
WPPJ, Pittsburgh, PA - Internet station belonging to Pint Park University in
Pittsburgh. WPPJ is a mixed-format college station that plays music from a wide
variety of genres: hip-hop to indie rock; Warp Records to K Records. WPPJ
provides a co-curricular activity for students with an interest in radio, news,
sports, contemporary/popular music, media sales and promotions. WPPJ also
serves as a training facility for students of any major who desire a career in
professional broadcasting. It also provides a medium of intra-university
communications over the air and via the Web.
Projects being developed with affiliates:

Car donation program: 16 stations have expressed interest in the car donation
program we have set up with the Center for Car Donations. Ursula has introduced
these stations to the director of the center via email and they are in various
stages of signing up. All of the Pacifica stations have agreed to sign up as
Audio Portal: The Audioportal is a player that station can install on their web
sites that makes it possible for on-line listeners to listen to content from
Audioport. Producers interested in having their content be part of the
selection of the Audioportal contact Chris Lyng, who sets this up (currently 15
are participating). The producer simply continues to upload his/her program as
usual and it automatically appears on all of the players and on the SoundCloud
web site. To date, approximately 100 different episodes of programs are offered
per week and each gets 5-7 plays on Pacificanetwork.org, so we are currently
seeing 500-700 plays a week. This demonstrates that the Audioportal
successfully draws traffic to the web site, a fact that we intend to share with
other radio stations in the network.
Social Media: To date, 26 stations have signed up to work more closely with
Pacifica to work together effectively in social media to promote each others'
work better. Christopher has organized a conference call for them to meet and
talk, the first of regular monthly calls.
Online mini-portals: A youth Radio portal has been set up but it has not been
populated yet. We are also hoping to work soon with Pacifica folk on developing
a prison-issues portal.
Group underwriting: It is suggested that we develop a policy regarding
standards in order to proceed with the group underwriting initiative. This
initiative is for underwriting for affiliates, not sister stations.
Branding: Volunteer Deena Kolbert is working with Ursula to develop branding
language for the portal project, such as: " What if your programming could
speak for community in a uniquely bold original way and in so doing, attract
more funding?"
Ursula Ruedenberg
Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator
VI. New business: none
VII. Unfinished business
A. Affiliate Newsletter: format discussed with brief newsletter which
drives people to the www.pacificanetwork.org website. Coordinator will
solicit articles from stations. D Kolbert urges affiliate staff in
addition to GM's to receive newsletter and get involved.
B. Survey of affiliate stations: 1)Chair solicits sampling process for
the survey : ?urban/rural, Native American, regional(N, S, E, W); 2)
Ideas for interns: U Ruedenberg needs assistance, H Gray will talk to A
Antaram about how she utilizes her interns. D Kolbert will discuss intern
program structure with U Ruedenberg.
C. Action items: 1) Renewed request for Taskforce members to submit
articles for the newsletter, 2) Taskforce members please submit ideas for
sampling process for survey, 3) D Kolbert will discuss intern program
structure with Coordinator, 4) Coordinator will work with C Roberts on
Prison Program Portal, 5) K Stitt and A Antaram will get Survey training
from Coordinator next week, H Gray will discuss intern program with A
VIII. Announcements: Chair reminds us of the Pacifica 65th anniversary in next
year. Solicits ideas to generate interest.
IX. Meeting adjourned at 10pm EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
Secretary, 2013-09-01; approved 2013-09-05