Meeting Date: November 26, 2013.

Call to Order: 8:43 pm (ET) by Tracy Rosenberg Chair, Richard Uzzell
Secretary Pro Tem.

Roll Call: Jim Boyd
Tony Norman
Michael Novick
Tracy Rosenberg
Richard Uzzell
Barbara Whipperman Quorum met.

Agenda Approval: Proposed Agenda.
Removed #6 and Added Michael's item re: Discuss Quarterly Reports. HNO, Agenda, as amended, Approved.


1. Chair's Report. Tracy R. gave report.

2. Status of CFO. On paid administrative
leave. Personnel Committee currently doing a job evaluation of CFO.

3. WBAI. No NY Reps. on call. Went over
short breakdown of expense status. Good Fall Fund Drive made it possible to catch-up on some past due bills.

Monthly expenses have dropped from $190,000/Mo. - to $90,000/Mo.

4. Went over up-coming fund drives
at all stations.

5. Scheduled Quarterly Reports for Dec. 10,'13 & Jan. 7, '14 Dec. 10h: WBAI & KPFK
Jan. 7th: KPFT, KPFA & WPFW.

6. Heads-up: Audit to be released after Thanks Giving. NFC may be tasked to
follow-up on deficiencies.

Adjourned 9:35 pm (ET).