Minutes for the regular National Finance Committee meeting October 22, 2013.

Meeting convened at 8:41 PM (ET) a
quorum being present, the Chair and Secretary being
Jim Boyd, John Cromshow, R. Paul Martin (Secretary), Tony Norman, Tracy Rosenberg (Chair), Manijeh Saba, Raul Salvador
(CFO), Richard Uzzell, Barbara Whipperman, also attending were Interim Executive Director Summer Reese and Pacifica
Radio Archive Director Brian

Continue Consideration of the National Office FY14 Draft Budget
Pacifica Radio Archives FY14 Draft Budget
- special item for 9:30 PM

(Richard Uzzell) “To approve the agenda.” (Passed without objection)

Approve Minutes 8:45 PM (ET)

(Tracy Rosenberg) “To approve the minutes of the September 18, 2013, September 19, 2013, September 24, 2013, September
27, 2013, and October 16, 2013, meetings, with the spelling of Barbara Whipperman’s name corrected.” (Passed 6 for, 0
against, 1 abstention)

Continue Consideration of the National Office FY14 Draft Budget 8:51 PM (ET)

interim Executive Director recapped what the committee had discussed on this topic at the previous meeting. She
explained that the National Office budget proposal was very conservative on “Shared Services,” and that WPFW and WBAI
were doing better in their current on-air fund raisers than they had in the recent past.

The committee discussed
the budget proposal.

The time for the special agenda item arrived and the committee agreed to go to the special
item and resume discussion of the National Office FY14 budget proposal after the next item was disposed

Pacifica Radio Archives FY14 Draft Budget 9:33 PM (ET)

The Director of the Pacifica Radio Archives
(PRA), the interim Executive Director and the CFO presented the PRA draft FY14 budget proposal to the committee. PRA
projects an end of year surplus of $84,684 with revenue from a targeted appeal letter for PRA, car donations,
monetization of part of the collection and grants, along with Shared Services and on-air fund raiser days dedicated to
PRA. There are eight FTEs, some of which will not persist from all of FY14. The Chair noted that the spreadsheets given
to the NFC need to show all of the details, with nothing blacked out, as was done with some details in this budget

The committee discussed the PRA draft budget proposal. The CFO said that Shared Services revenue for
PRA has been produced on the same theory as for the National Office, with WPFW sending in 50% of its Shared Services and
WBAI sending in 20%.

Continue Consideration of the National Office FY14 Draft Budget 10:06 PM (ET)

committee resumed its consideration of this item.

It was agreed that any increase in National Office personnel
would be contingent on the Executive Director being able to raise the money for those positions in some way, including
negotiating lower rates for national programming contracts.

The Chair said she needed some time to make the
calculations and asked the Secretary to take the chair for that time.

At 10:28 PM (ET) the Secretary took the

Discussion of the draft budgets continued.

Motion: (Richard Uzzell) “The NFC approves the PRA FY14
budget, with an additional $47,000 from 100% payment of Shared Services and recommends its approval to the PNB.” (Passed
without objection)

Motion: (R. Paul Martin) “That the committee recess for six minutes.” (Passed without
objection) 10:39 PM (ET)

At 10:45 PM (ET) the acting chair called the committee to order.

Discussion of
the National Office draft FY14 budget continued.

At 10:55 PM (ET) the Chair resumed the chair.

committee discussed the Chair’s proposed changes to the National Office FY14 budget proposal.

Motion: (Jim Boyd)
“To approve the National Office FY14 budget as amended and recommend it to the PNB.” (Passed without

It was noted that the NFC has a special meeting scheduled for October 29, 2013.

Adjourned 11:07

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary.