[There have been suggestions to reschedule Item VI to allow more time
for item VII. -TLG]

Proposed Agenda
KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
May 3, 2006
UCLA Downtown Labor Center,
675 S. Park View Street
Los Angeles, CA

I: Call To Order, Call Of The Roll, Welcome & Acknowledgements,
Review And Approval Of The Agenda, Approval Of Minutes, Motion For
Excused Absences [8 Minutes]

II: Comments By The Chair [3 minutes]

III. Report by the General Manager [15 minutes]

IV: Committee Reports: [A] Governance [B] Finance/Development [C]
Management Review & Evaluation [D] Programming Oversight [E]Outreach
[F] Arts Committee [G] Committee Of Inclusion [All committees have 10
minutes as needed; some committee reports can be shorter = 45 minutes]

V. Public Comment [10 minutes]

VI. Pacific National Board/Directors' Report [15 minutes]

VII. Discussion of KPFK '07 Budget Priorities [15 minutes]

VIII. Old Business

IX. New Business

X. Public Comment [10 minutes]

XI. Next Meeting/ Adjournment [3 minutes}

(Consistent with Board Policy the Chair will call for Public Comment
at various points in the agenda. Any unused portion of the 30 minutes
assigned to Public Comment will be used in Agenda Item VII.)