{In keeping with our Board policy, public comment will come before all
votes and a period of "open" public comment will be agendized during
the meeting and at the end to guarantee listener-sponsors have their
full 30 minutes of comment.}

Note: Several pieces of business were referred to specific committees
during the last meeting so, to the degree possible, they will be in
the committee reports. Also note: the Black/Brown Forum conveners
have asked that the consideration of that item be at the August 20,
2005 meeting.

KPFK Local Station Board [LSB] Meeting 7/30/05
Echo Park United Methodist Church
1226 North Alvarado in Echo Park

~~~ Proposed Agenda~~~

I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Welcome and Acknowledgements,
Review and Approval of the Agenda, Approval of LSB Minutes, Approval
of Excused Absences. [6 minutes]

II. Comments by the Chair [1 minute]

III. Old Business:
[a] Budget and Finances [1 hour, 15 minutes]
[b] Listener Comment Line [8 minutes]
[c] KPFK Town Hall Meeting report [6 minutes]

IV. Public Comnment [15 minutes]

V. Committee Reports: [each committee will have 9 minutes]
[a] Programming Oversight
[b] Management Review
[c] Governance
[d] Committee of Inclusion
[e] Outreach
[f] Arts
[Total allotted time: 54 minutes]

VI. Bylaws Working Group [8 minutes]

VII. Membership of KPFK Board members on PNB Committees [6 minutes]

VIII. Remainder of unused public comment

IX. Next Meeting: August 20, 2005; location TBA

Adjournment [2 minutes]

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