KPFK Local Station Board [LSB] Meeting
Thursday, July 21, 2005 - 7:00 p.m.
UCLA Downtown Labor Center - 675
Parkview at McArthur Park

Note: In keeping with our new Board policy, public comment will come before all votes
and a period of "open" public comment will come later in the meeting. A Time-keeper will close monitor the time used to
guarantee listener-sponsors a full 30 minutes of comment.

I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Welcome &
Acknowledgements, Review and Approval of the Agenda, Approval of LSB Minutes, Approval of Excused Absences [ 6 minutes]

II. Comments by the Chair-- LSB participation on PNB Committees, [1 minute]
III. Old Business: [20 minutes]

1. Proposals for new committees [a] Member Issues Committee, [b] Education Committee, [c] Workplace Issues Committee
(T. Goodman) [d] Committee Structure
2. Board Training [T. Goodman]
3. Motion on LSB-Listener Comment Line

4. How Letters Approved by LSB [Hustler Mag] will be used
5. Community Relations [2 mins]
IV. GM Report [12
V.PNB/Directors' Report [15 mins]
VI. Finance/Budget Report [50 minutes]
VII.Committee Reports [a]
Governance [b] Management Review [c] Programming Oversight, [d] Arts, [e] Outreach, [f] Committee of Inclusion [all
committees 10 mins= 60 minutes]
VIII. Bylaws Working Group Report [5 mins]
IX Town Hall Meeting Report [5
X.Remainder of Public Comment
XI. Next Meeting, Adjournment [2 minutes]