KPFK Local Station Board [LSB] Meeting
March 17, 2005 --- 7:00 p.m.
UCLA Downtown Labor Center/Wilshire & Parkview

Proposed Agenda

I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Welcome & Acknowledgements, Review &
Approval of the Agenda, Approval of LSB Minutes [8 minutes]

II. Comments by the Chair [a] CAB [b] Treas. & Sec. elections [c] more [1

III. Report by the General Manager/ with Q & A [15 minutes]

IV. Pacifica National Board/Directors' Report [30 minutes]

V. KPFK LSB Committee Reports [a] Management Evaluation [b] Finance/Development
[c] Arts [d] Programming Oversight [e] Committee of Inclusion/PNB Comm. [f]
Structure/ Governance [35 minutes with each committee taking 5 minutes as

VI. Motion by Rodrigo Argueta/ translation/interpretation [8 minutes]

VII. Public Comment [15 minutes]

VIII. Voting by the LSB/ now limited to 2 pro-2 con [7 minutes]

VIII. OLD BUSINESS [a] Flynt/Hustler Magazine letter (10) [b] listener-
sponsors on Finance & GM Evaluation Committees (10) [c] Harrison Weil motion
on listener-sponsors submitting agenda items (10) [d] Leslie Radford motion on
banned & fired (10) [e] on-air "Report to Listeners" by LSB (7)

IX. Public Comment [15 minutes]

X. Voting by the LSB/ now limited to 2 pro-2 con [7 minutes]

XI. Next meeting, announcements, adjournment [3]