KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, May 8, 2004 -- 1:00 p.m.
Long Beach, California

I. Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Welcome & Thank You's, Approval
of the Agenda, Approval of Minutes [4 minutes]
II. Brief Remark by Chair [3 minutes]
III. [possible] Weil motion on Roll Call votes [8 minutes]
IV. General Manager's Report / Q & A [18 minutes]
V. LSB Committee Reports [40 minutes]
(a) Finance
(b) Programming Oversight
(c) Management Evaluation
(d) Outreach
(e) Structure
[All motions, resolutions, etc. will be moved and fully
discussed under this agenda item. Voting follows listener
VI. Public Comment [30 minutes]
VII. Board Voting on Motions/Proposals [10 minutes]
VIII. Sonali's Motion [9 minutes]
IX. Fee Waivers Motion [Radford] [9 minutes]
X. Motion on Banned & Fired [Radford] [9 minutes]
XI. Composition of LSB Committees [Prescod] [9 minutes]
XII. Directors' Report / Next PNB Meeting [15 minutes]
PNB National Committee Results/Reports: Governance, Technology,
Programming, Audit, Committee of Inclusion, Elections Review and
National Executive Director Review
XIII. Election of Secretary and Treasurer [20 minutes]
XIV. Community Advisor Boards [Radford/Gallegos] [9 minutes]
XV. Resolution of date of second Training/In-Service [5 minutes]
May 15,16 --- May 23
XVI. New Business [12 minutes]
(a) Adelson Proposal on Weekly Reports To Listeners
(b) J. Goodman Proposal on Public Posting of Committee
XVII. Next Meeting [date/time/venue], Announcements, Evaluation,
Adjournment [10 minutes]