Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
August 1, 2004
(DRAFT - Subject to LSB Approval)

A regular meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on August 1, 2008 at
Echo Park United Methodist Church, 1226 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026-
3127, with Don White serving as Chair and Terry Goodman serving as Secretary.
No minutes were approved.

1:20 pm Call to Order
Nineteen Delegates were present during all or part of the meeting: Grace Aaron
(left early), Dave Adelson, Maria Armoudian (left early), Marie Deary (arrived
late, left early), Jim DiEugenio (arrived late), Nile ElWardani (arrived late,
left early), Israel Feuer, Bill Gallegos (left early), Shernna Gluck (left
early), Jan Goodman (arrived late), Terry Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Harrison
Weil, Alan Minsky (arrived late, left early), Ed Pearl (left early), Leslie
Radford, Medeleine Schwab, Donna Warren (left early), Don White (left early)

The absences of five Delegates were excused: Sara Amir, Sonali Kolhatkar, Julie
Rodriguez, Margaret Prescod, Fernando Velazquez

Also excused: Treasurer Simone Wyatt

Also present during portions of the meeting: General Manager Eva Georgia, Local
Elections Supervisor Mary Rosendale

1:25 pm There was discussion of the proposed agenda.

Motion by Maria Armoudian:
Resolved, that the Pacifica Mission Statement be read at the beginning of each
LSB meeting.
Motion passed.

1:50 pm Motion by Israel Feuer
Resolved, that the Chair shall call for abstentions on each vote, and that the
Secretary shall record the number of abstentions in the minutes.
Motion passed: Y:8, N:2, A:3

1:52 pm The Agenda (as amended) was approved without objection.

Donna Warren was appointed Timekeeper for this meeting.

Motion by unknown to limit each member's comments to 90 seconds for this
Motion passed without objection.

1:55 pm Reading of the Mission Statement by Armoudian.

1:58 pm Brief statement by Local Elections Supervisor Mary Rosendale.

2:05 pm General Manager's Report (based on emailed text)
2:21 pm The GM reminded the LSB of their bylaws responsibility with respect to
membership fee waivers and mentioned the need for consequences in the event
that a Delegate breaches confidentiality.

2:24 pm Minsky, DiEugenio, and Deary arrived.

2:34 pm There was discussion regarding the CPB requirement that each CPB grant
applicant maintain a local Community Advisory Board.

2:42 pm Motion by Dave Adelson:
Resolved, that the LSB take a three to five minute break each hour during its
Motion passed. Y:10, N:1, A:2

3:04 pm The meeting was temporarily recessed.

3:20 pm The meeting was again called to order. ElWardani arrived. Deary,
Gallegos, Gluck, Minsky, Pearl, Warren, and Georgia left.

There was a report from the Finance Committee and discussion on its motion.
The motion was tabled until after public comment.

There was a report from the Management Evaluation Committee and some
The motions from this committee were tabled.

There was a report from the Outreach Committee and discussion of its motion.
The motion was tabled until after public comment.

There was a report from the Programming Oversight Committee and some
The motions from this committee were tabled.

3:45 pm Motion from Adelson regarding due process to programmers.
3:50 pm Motion failed by substitution with motion from T Goodman.
Motion to substitute passed. Y:12, N:0, A:0
The substitute motion was tabled until after public comment.

4:00 pm There was a report from the Structure Committee and some discussion.
The motions from this committee were tabled until after public comment.

4:17 Point of order by Adelson
Details missed.

4:34 pm There was a report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Retreat.
The Committee will meet Wednesday night at 7:30 pm at the station. Target date
for the retreat is September 12, 2004.

4:40 pm Notice from Armoudian: quorum has been lost. Motions require 7 votes
in the affirmative to pass.

4:44 pm There was a PNB Report from director Adelson.
Notice was given that Donna Warren has resigned from the PNB Finance Committee.
Notice was given that a PNB telephonic meeting has been scheduled for
The remainder of the PNB Report was tabled.

4:48 pm Motion from Hallaren:
Whereas, there is no way on Earth that we will ever finish the business that
this particular elected body has been mandated to accomplish in the given time
that remains before a new Board is seated, I make the motion that the KPFK LSB
Board resolve a way to give extra time to meeting our responsibilities to our
station and our fellow listener sponsors. I suggest that either we call it a
'Special Meeting,' an 'Adjourned Meeting,'
a 'Prolonged Meeting, an 'Additional Meeting,' a 'Meeting from Hell Because it
Is Summer and I Want to Be at the Beach Meeting,' or just 'Felix' in honor of
the recently departed Tony Randall, that we meet twice a month for the next two
months, which would be the completion of some of our terms, and honor our
duties. I suggest Sunday, August 15th at 1 pm, and Sunday, September 19th at 1
Motion passed. Y:10, N:0, A:1

5:00 pm Jan Goodman arrived.

Motion from T. Goodman that the absences from this meeting of Amir, Kolhatkar,
Rodriguez, Prescod, Velazquez, and Wyatt be excused.
Motion passed. Y:8, N:0, A:2

5:16 pm Public comment was heard from Rafael Renteria, Gordon Stitch, Margot
Eiser, Roger Zimmerman, and John Doe 2.

5:30 pm The LSB recessed to a smaller room.

5:42 pm Motion from Adelson to adjourn.
Motion failed. Y:1, N:8, A:2

5:44 pm Previous Question on all committee motions from ElWardani.
Motion passed. Y:8, N:1, A:3

6:09 pm Motion from the Finance Committee (as amended by Weil and Warren):

1) That the current budget be approved.
2) That management, in concert with the Finance Committee, may adjust the
gross salaries line item by up to 10%, the FSRN line item by up to 25%,
and may increase the Tech/Stdio Project by up to 100% (an additional
14,400). In addition, funding for Spanish language translation of policy
documents may be added. Other items that may need to be adjusted as a
result of the above changes may be made.
3) That any such changes be put in place by Aug. 11, and transmitted to the
LSB by Aug. 12, and that this finally adjusted budget be considered
approved by the LSB, so that it can be submitted to the PNB Finance
Committee by Aug. 23.
4) That the LSB request that the PNB grant a waiver on the 1-month operating
expense surplus through the end of FY '04, to eliminate the need for an
August mini-drive.
5) That, in the event of a budget surplus, the following budget areas shall
be prioritized: news department training, stringer budget, other training,
systems analysis of subscriptions department, and outreach.
6) That, in the event of a budget shortfall, to the extent allowable (given
existing contracts) cuts shall be made in hours worked rather than by
cutting positions, and by cutting consultants and delaying big budget
Motion passed. Y:8, N:2, A:1

6:14 pm Motion from the Structure Committee (as amended by Adelson):

Resolved, that LSB committees are authorized to bring forward resolutions on
issues that they consider fall within their scope.
Motion failed. Y:3, N:6, A:2

6:16 pm Motion from the Structure Committee (as amended by Adelson):
Resolved, that the LSB form a Contracts and Policies Committee.
Motion failed.
Y:4 (GA, DA, TG, MS)
N:2 (JD, NE, JG, JH, HW)
A:1 (IF)

6:19 pm Motion from the Structure Committee:
Resolved, that a standing advisory committee shall be established to be named
the Committee on the Arts, that the initial membership of the committee shall
be five LSB Members elected by STV, that the convener of the first meeting
shall be the Member receiving the most votes, and that the duties of this
committee shall include: a) to explore and make recommendations to the LSB in
order to provide an outlet for the creative talents of the community.
Motion passed. Y:10, N:0, A:1

6:20 pm Motion from the Structure Committee:
Resolved, that the duties of the KPFK LSB Structure Committee shall include: a)
to develop and recommend processes for the functioning of the LSB and its
committees, including but not limited to matters related to committee
membership, meeting times, meeting locations, and other procedures, b) to
recommend the establishment of committees and draft appropriate language for
consideration by the LSB, upon the request of any LSB member, and c) to perform
other such related tasks as the LSB may assign and to report and recommend to
the LSB as circumstances require.
Motion failed.
Y;1 (TG)
N:5 (DA, JG, JH, LR, HW
A:4 (JD, NE, IF, MS)

6:21 pm Motion from the Outreach Committee:
Whereas, the KPFK Local Station Board has instructed the newly formed
committees to meet to define their duties; and
Whereas, an increased and diverse listenership will forward the Pacifica
mission as well as the viability of the station; and
Whereas, the Outreach Committee has begun to identify initial activities to
begin fulfilling its charge;
Therefore be it resolved, that the KPK Outreach Committee be responsible for
the following activities:
1. Identifying methods for increasing station listenership, membership, and
involvement with a special emphasis on reaching out to a diversity of all
races, creeds, colors, languages, nationalities, classes, genders, sexual
orientations, ages, and abilities; and
2. Help KPFK build collaborative relations with organizations, especially the
underrepresented of the groups listed above, working for similar purposes;
3. In conjunction with station management and the KPFK Volunteer Coordinator,
identify a diverse pool of individuals and community groups to volunteer
in the implementation and operation of various station events and
activities; and
4. work in concert with various other KPFK committees to do outreach around
the Pacifica mission; and
5. Conccerning outreach, report and recommend to the LSB as circumstances
And be it further resolved, that the KPFK LSB may assign additional activities
and issues to which the committee shall respond and advise as requested.
Motion passed. Y:10, N:0, A:1

Substitute Motion from T. Goodman on Due Process to Programmers
Resolved, that the Programming Oversight Committee meet with management to
discuss the issue of due process with respect to program cancellation and that
the PrOC shall also meet with programmers whose programs have been cancelled,
for their input, including Dr. Kwaiku Person-Lynn, producer of the Afrikan
Mental Liberation Weekend.
Motion not voted upon prior to adjournment, perhaps taken from the table at the
adjourned meeting on August 15th.

6:23 pm White left. Aaron appointed Chair Pro-Tem, without objection.

6:25 pm Motion from Radford on waivers
(Missing text.)
Motion failed. (7 affirmative votes required.)
Y: 6 (JD, JG, TG, JH LR, HW)
N: 0
A: 3 (DA, IF, MS)

Motion from T. Goodman to meet as quasi committee of the whole for informal
consideration of waiver language proposals.
Motion passed.

The Members met in quasi committee of the whole and then reported out its

7:15 pm Motion from Radford (as amended in quasi committee):
In light of the spirit of inclusiveness of all peoples, the LSB moves that
those listeners who cannot meet the three-hour volunteer requirement and the
$25 free requirement but have contributed at least $5 in the period from
September 1, 2003 to july 31, 2004 shall be eligible for a membership waiver
for the record date of August 31, 2004 for the upcoming 2004 election only, and
that letters be sent to qualified sponsors, and no announcement will be made of
this on-air, and that these memberships are subject to review on a case-by-case
Motion passed.
Y: 8 (DA, JD, JG, TG, JH, LR, MS, HW)
N: 0
A: 1 (IF)

7:25 pm Motion from unknown to adjourn to a time certain of 1:00 pm on Sunday,
August 15th at a location to be determined by the Chair to continue this
Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry L. Goodman, LSB Secretary
(This version reconstructed from meeting notes on October 9, 2016)

APPENDIX A - Meeting Notice

Sunday, August 1st, 1:00 pm

The KPFK Local Station Board regularly meets on the first Sunday of odd months
and the first Thursday night of even months, but NOT this time. The next LSB
meeting will begin at 1:00 pm on Sunday, August 1, 2004, in the basement of the
Echo Park United Methodist Church, 1226 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026-
3127. The church is one long block north of the intersection of Alvarado St and
Sunset Blvd on the east side of the street. From the 101 freeway take the
Alvarado off-ramp and drive north. Enter through the parking lot on the east
side of the church.