-------Continuing from Long Beach & CARECEN Meetings-----

~~Meeting of June 19, 2004 ~~~ Sepulveda Unitarian Church~~~
[Acceptance of the agenda indicates acceptance of allotted times]

I. Call to order, Call of the Roll, Welcome & Thank You's, Review
of Continuing Agenda & Approval of Agenda, Approval of the minutes.
[10 mins.]

II. Brief Remarks by the Chair [2 minutes]

III. LSB Committee Reports: (a) Structure (b) Finance/ Development
(c) Programming Oversight (d) Management Evaluation (e) Outreach [f]
C of I [We will once again bring off the table motions which were
made by committees at the Long Beach LSB meeting. Committees should
bring 50 copies of motions with "current wording" so that Board
members can see the actual motion.] [50 mins]

IV. Public Comment [15 minutes]

V. Voting on pending motions from committees [debate will have been
closed and only voting will take place after public comment.]
[10 minutes]

VI. PNB Meeting Report Back by Directors
PNB, Governance, Technlogy, Programming, Audit, Committee of
Inclusion, Elections Review, and National Executive/CFO Review
Committee...[15 minutes]

[a] Sonali's motion [b] Radford motion: fee waivers [c] Adelson
motion: governance programming [d] Hallaren motion: roles of
secretaries [e] Goodman motion: public posting of Committee meetings
[f] Radford motion: banned & fired [g] Harrison motion: process
for listener-sponsors to put items on LSB agendas [h] Task Force
Report: Re: Retreat [50 mins]

VIII Public Comment [15 minutes]

IX. Voting on "old Business" motions [debate will be closed; voting
only. [12 minutes]

X. New Business [8 minutes]

XI. Next Meeting [date, time, venue] Announcements, Evaluation,
Adjournment [8 mins]