Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Student Union Building, Cal State Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles 90032
8:00 PM

Call to Order, Roll Call

I. NO Reading and Approval of Minutes (RONR p. 456, l.26-27)

Public Comment (30 Minutes)

II. Pacifica National Board Meeting (Adelson)

III. interim Program Council (Gluck, Kolhatkar, Radford)

Additional Public Comment May Be Scheduled (Bachar, etc.)

IV. Standing Committees & Special Committees (RONR p. 471-485)

V. Schedule of Regular Meetings (RONR p. 87-89)

VI. Next Meeting (if continuation, RONR p. 90-91)



Consideration was given to the potential for perjorative misuse
of RONR citations before inclusion of such upon this Agenda. -TLG

"A special meeting (or called meeting) is a separate session of a
society held at a time different from that of any regular meeting,
and convened only to consider one or more items of business specified
in the call of the meeting. Notice of the time, place, and exact
purpose of the meeting must be mailed to all members a reasonable
number of days in advance. The reason for special meetings is to
deal with important matters that may arise between regular meetings
and that urgently require action by the society before the next
regular meeting. As in the case of a regular meeting, the session
of a special meeting in an ordinary society is normally concluded
in a single meeting, unless the assembly at the special meeting
schedules an adjourned meeting (see below)."

RONR (10th ed.)p.89,l.10-24

"Unless a precirculated agenda is formally adopted at the session to
which it applies, it is not binding as to detail or order of
consideration, other than as it lists preexisting orders of the day
(pp. 353ff.) or conforms to the standard order of business (pp. 24-25,
342ff.) or an order of business prescribed by the rules of the
organization (pp. 15-17, 24)."

RONR (10th ed.)p.363,l.14-20