Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of 02/29/04

A special meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on Sunday,
February 29, 2004, at 2 p.m. at the Southern California Library, 6120
South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California. The meeting was
convened by Sara Amir. This being the first meeting of the LSB, no
minutes were read or approved.

Twenty-two Mebers present, constituting a quorum: Grace Aaron,
David Adelson, Maria Armoudian, Sara Amir, Marie Deary (late), Jim
DiEugenio, Israel Feuer (late), Bill Gallegos, Sherna Gluck, Jan
Goodman, Terry Goodman, Jane Hallaren, Harrison Weil, Sonali Kolhatkar
(late), Alan Minsky (late), Ed Pearl, Margaret Prescod, Leslie Radford
(late), Julie Rodriguez (late), Madeline Schwab (late), Donna Warren,
Harrison Weil, Don White

Three Members absent: Nile ElWardani, Fernando Velasquez, Eva Georgia

Convener: Sara Amir

The meeting was recorded by Jack VanAken and an audio version is
currently online at
Bracketed numbers in these minutes refer to section starts in the
elapsed timings of eleven MP3 format audio files, named by date and
sequentially numbered.

Without objection, the meeting was convened at approximately 2:10 pm
by Sara Amir, who requested a moment of silence in solidarity with the
people of Haiti. [29feb04lsbpt1.mp3, 2:44]

The agenda was discussed, revised, and approved. [14:40] There was
additional discussion on the difference between Delegates meetings and
LSB meetings and on the scheduling of a Delegates meeting. Jane
Hallaren objected to not having received proper meeting notice or an
advance copy of the draft agenda. All LSB Members noted as late had
arrived by this time.

Nominations were opened for the position of LSB Chair.
[29feb04lsbpt3.mp3, 12:55] Don White and Jim DiEugenio were
nominated. DiEugenio declined.

Nominations were opened for the position of LSB Vice Chair. [16:38]
Maria Armoudian and Madeline Schwab were nominated. Schwab declined.

Motion by J. Goodman [29feb04lsbpt4.mp3, 3:24]

That the elections for secretary and treasurer be postponed until at
least the next meeting so that we have more time to do more outreach,
but that Terry Goodman continue as Secretary Pro-Tem.
Motion tabled by unanimous consent.

Public comments were heard (see APPENDIX B). [9:40]

Ballots were distributed, marked, and collected for the election of
Chair and Vice Chair, with KPFK Elections Supervisor Emeritus Casey
Peters acting as teller. [29feb04lsbpt5.mp3, 10:40]

There was an announcement explaining the absence of General Manager
Eva Georgia in connection with special programming and technical
problems at the station.

A special public comment segment was opened for Kwaiku Person-Lynn,
Producer of the African Mental Liberation Weekend (see Appendix B).

Casey Peters announced the results of the elections (see Appendeix A).
[29feb04lsbpt6.mp3, 0:00] Don White was elected Chair and Maria
Armoudian was elected Vice Chair. Don White chaired the remainder of
the meeting.

There was discussion about the tabled motion to postpone elections of
Secretary and Treasurer.

Nominations were opened for Secretary Pro-Tem (Continuing). [10:59]
Terry Goodman was nominated. There were no further nominations.

Terry Goodman was elected by a show of hands.
17 Yes, 0 No

There was discussion about the postponement of the election of

Substitute Motion by Adelson to elect a Treasurer Pro Tem
[29feb04lsbpt7.mp3, 0:20]
Motion Passed by a show of hands
17 Yes, 0 No

Nominations were opened for Treasurer Pro-Tem (Continuing). [2:10]
Leslie Radford, Learner Goude, Bill Gallegos, Marie Deary, Joe Cronyn,
Jan Goodman, and Donna Warren were nominated. Bill Gallegos and Marie
Dearie declined. Joe Cronyn and Donna Warren were ruled ineligible.
Ballots were distributed, marked, and collected.

A resolution condemning U.S. actions in Haiti was offered, amended,
discussed and divided. [11:24]

There was a ruling of the Chair that abstentions do not count as
present and voting in determining majorities.

Appeal by DiEugenio [29feb04lsb9.mp3, 01:10]
Appeal failed by a show of hands
4 Yes, 12 No

Motion by Margaret Prescod (divided) [2:55]
Resolved that:
The LSB is opposed to the kidnapping of the elected President of
Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide, and the US backed and orchestrated
coup. We are further opposed to yet another racist occupation of
Haiti by US forces and their allies. We support the bringing to
justice of those who are committing violence and other atrocities
against the Haitian people, including by coup leaders, some of whom
are purported drug dealers, convicted assassins, and mass murderers.

Furthermore, We are opposed to the returning by the US government of
Haitian refugees who are fleeing violence, including the violence of
poverty and who are bound to face more of the same upon their return
to Haiti. We are demanding assurances of the safety of President
Aristide, his family and supporters. We condemn acts of violence
against the people of Haiti, where as in any armed conflict, women and
children bear the highest price.

Furthermore, We oppose US financial and other intervention in
Venezuela whose aim is to destabilize or topple the democratically
elected government of Venezuela, a country where 80% of the people
live in poverty, the majority of whom are women of African and
Indigenous descent, and who elected Presiden Hugo Chavez to tackle
povery and corruption.

Further resolved that:
Haitian refugees should be recognized as seeking asylum according to
international law.

Motion Passed by a show of hands
19 Yes, 0 No, 2 Abstain

Further resolved that:
This statement shall be read on the KPFK air as the position of this
LSB after normal management review, and it shall be forwarded to the
PNB for consideration.

Motion Passed by a show of hands [4:30]
17 Yes, 0 No

The agenda item on formation of committees was postponed by unanimous

Public comments were heard (see APPENDIX B). [12:07]

There was discussion about the scheduling of a special meeting in
advance of the PNB meeting, and a discussion of meeting notice
requirements. [29feb04lsbpt11.mp3, 7:25] The dates of March 11, March
10, and March 7 were considered.

Motion by Hallaren [29feb04lsbpt11, 8:09]
That there shall be a special meeting of the KPFK LSB on Tuesday,
March 9th, at 7pm, at a location to be determined, for the purposes of
discussing the upcoming PNB meeting and considering proposals related
to the interim Program Council.
Motion passed by a show of hands
15 Yes

Sherna Gluck requested that the Program Council discussion not start
before 8:00 pm.

The meeting was adjorned at approximately 5:15 pm.

Terry L. Goodman,
KPFK LSB Secretary Pro-Tem (Continuing)
[These minutes were approved on 4/13/2004]

APPENDIX A - Teller's Report and Declaration of Chair

KPFK Chair nominees:

Don White 19 votes ELECTED;
blank ballots 3

KPFK Vice Chair nominees:

Maria Armoudian 18 votes ELECTED;
blank ballots 4

KPFK Treasurer Pro-Tem nominees:

Jan Goodman 13 votes ELECTED;
Leslie Radford 8 votes
Learner Goude 1 vote

APPENDIX B - Summary of Public Comments

This report on public comments has been prepared by the Secretary
Pro-Tem and is attached to the minutes for general reference.
Inclusion of this report is no representation from the LSB or the
speakers mentioned as to its accuracy or completeness, nor is it an
endorsement of any content herein.

FIRST PUBLIC COMMENT SEGMENT [29feb04lsbpt4.mp3, 8:35]

John Doe 1 [9:40]
Speakers are not required to identify themselves by name.

Rafael Renteria [10:27]
A director revote could impact who is available to serve as LSB

Maynard Levinson [11:32]
"I hope that all of the board members are suitably embarrassed by what
happened at the beginning." The LSB didn't have agendas, the sound
system wasn't set up, people arrived up to about 45 minutes late, and
there was a lot of unfamiliarity with procedures. The audience should
show the proper respect and hold their comments for the proper time.

Dele [12:53]
The LSB elections demonstrate that democracy has come only to the
white midle class. "It has come to North Hollywood, but it
has not come to South Central" Time has been wasted on procedures.
The LSB should pass a resolution condemning the imperialist mafia coup
taking place in Haiti.

Lawrence Reyes [14:28]
There could be a U.S. military intervention in Haiti, and the LSB
should pass a resolution on the issue. The LSB Chair and Vice Chair
should consult page 15 of Robert's Rules.

Listener D [15:42]
What has happened to the African Mental Liberation Weekend, and why
aren't we getting it now?

Nancy Kent [16:15]
"It's a new beginning" and a chance to break from LAB practices and
start off on the right foot. Talkers and cell-phone users should
leave the room. It is hoped that the LSB will find a volunteer

Mari Quis [29feb04lsbpt5.mp3, 0:00]
How may the Art in Africa Network invite the LSB out to meet the
community, as has been done with Eva Georgia and Armondo Gudiņo?

Luis Garcia [0:55]
The LSB should pass the same resolution as the LAB to meet the
broadcasting needs of recognized national minorities and
to give them priority.

SECOND PUBLIC COMMENT SEGMENT [29feb04lsbpt5.mp3, 13:07]

Dr. Kwaiku Person-Lynn [13:07]
"There's a policy in place that has been totally ignored as it relates
to African Mental Liberation Weekend...'Programmers accused of
objectionable conduct shall be provided with fully described due
process by which they can respond to accusations made against them
prior to actions being taken against them by management'...If there is
a due process hearing, I can clearly show, without a shadow of a
doubt, that every accusation made against the program and myself are
totally false, bogus, and an attempt by station management to
sacrifice the program." According to Dr. Lynn, the banning of AMLW
was justified by false charges and the producer's calls for due
process have been totally ignored. A license challenge from an
anti-black right-wing conservative group was rejected by the FCC.

THIRD PUBLIC COMMENT SEGMENT [29feb04lsb9.mp3, 12:07]

Long Beach Listener [14:00]
Please find out who is responsible for responding to programmers and
see that they do so to explain the cancellation of the African Mental
Liberation Weekend. The listener offered to provide the Secretary
with a list of guidelines to improve meetings.

John Bachar [16:17]
The iPC is the most important issue facing KPFK. The LSB needs to
provide time to hear from iPC members in depth.

Shel Plotkin [16:56]
Plotkin volunteered to serve on the iPC as a representative of the
Science and Technology Collective.

Gordon Stitch [17:50]
Stitch yielded time to Novick.

Michael Novick [18:00]
You're "pushing peanuts with your nose." Time has been wasted with
procedural nonsense, such as dividing motions when the support of each
half is the same.

Isidra Person-Lynn
Will AMLW be put on the agenda for the next meeting or sometime soon?
There has been no due process.

Learner Goude [1:39]
The iPC issue needs sufficient time. The AMLW issue could be submitted
to the Program Council.

Bernie Eisenberg [3:08]
KPFK needs programming on rational thinking. The delegates voted
Directors illegally.

Linda Krausen [4:24]
The iPC must move forward in a progressive way. All iPC proposals
should be made available for study and review.