Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of July 28, 2012

The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on
Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 1:14 PM at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural and
Bookstore, 13197 Gladstone Ave, Sylmar, CA 91342-3246, the Chair (Michael
Novick) being in the Chair and the Secretary (John P. Garry III) being present.
The minutes of the previous meeting (June 26, 2012) were approved. Sequoia
Olivia Mercier resigned prior to this meeting. John De Simio was seated as a
new member.

Twenty-three members were present, constituting a quorum: Ken Aaron,
Chuck Anderson, Ankine Antaram (1:21), Rodrigo Argueta, Fred Blair (1:52),
Lydia Brazon, John Cromshow (1:21), John De Simio, Aryana Gladney, Tej Grewall,
Leonard Isenberg, Kim Kaufman, Fred Klunder, Ali Lexa (1:27), Brenda Medina,
Dutch Merrick (2:32), Margie Murray, Michael Novick, John Parker, Summer Reese
(2:14), Lawrence Reyes, John Wenger (2:03), Lamont Yeakey (2:25).

One member was excused: Jim Lafferty.

Also present: Terry Goodman (Audio Recordist, Web Liaison) and members of the

Authority and Notice: This meeting was authorized by the LSB by a motion
approved at its meeting of June 20, 2012 (rescheduled from July 21, 2012). The
date was posted on KPFTX.org on June 21, 2012. The location was noticed to the
board via email and posted on KPFTX.org and other websites on June 25, 2012 and
July 3, 2012 (see Appendix A).

Audio Recording: The audio for this meeting is available for a limited time at

[Audio Part 1 kpfk120728a.mp3]


The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 1:14 PM with a quorum of 15.

The Chair announced the resignation of Mercier. Without objection, De Simio was
seated as a member of the board.


The Chair reiterated principles of Board decorum and public participation.


The excused absence request of Lafferty was accepted without objection.


Reyes moved to postpone approval of the minutes for June 26, 2012. Aaron moved
to approve the minutes pending later correction. Medina called the question.
Motion to approve the minutes passed by a show of hands: Yes-8, No-3, Abstain--


The Chair announced the next LSB meeting: Wednesday, August 15, 2012. Location


Medina acknowledged Tia Chucha's Central Cultural for hosting this meeting.
Novick announced the need for a Waivers Committee and an active Committee of
Inclusion. Reyes, Klunder, and Grewall volunteered for the Waivers Committee


Brazon reported. The Chair read a recently-approved PNB motion:

"BE IT RESOLVED, the PNB instructs the Executive Director to manage Pacifica's
projected budget deficit for the current fiscal year as follows:

1. Within one week each station manager and the directors of the Archives and
the Affiliates Program shall prepare a thorough and realistic analysis of the
station's projected revenue and expenses, including required payments to the
National Office, for the current year.

2. In the event the analysis indicates a budget deficit, the station manager
shall include with his report his plan for balancing his station's budget at
the end of the fiscal year.

3. The analyses and plans shall be submitted to Executive Director and the PNB
for approval.

4. The local station boards are invited to schedule special meetings to assist
the station managers in developing their reports and plans."

Aaron and Lexa reported. Discussion followed.


Public Comment was heard for 8 minutes.


The GM Report (see Appendix C) was forwarded electronically to the board prior
to the meeting and distributed in paper form. There was a discussion of the
report in lieu of the presence of the General Manager.

Lexa moved: "Whereas the KPFK car donation program is a proven source of
income, move that KPFK revisit its car donation program marketing and outreach,
including the use of more carts, forward promotion, online social networking
and e-blast promotion."

Point of order from Reyes: We have a motion on the floor.

[Audio Part 2 kpfk120728b.mp3]

Discussion of the pending motion and station finances continues.


Public comment was heard for seven minutes.

Aaron called the question on the car donation motion.
Motion failed by a show of hands: Yes-6, No-8, Abstain-3. (2:34)

Novick moved for a special meeting for Saturday, August 11, 2012 on accounting
principles, the new budget, and fund-raising. Reese seconded. (2:36)

Kaufman moved to substitute: A special meeting shall be held on Saturday,
August 4, 2012. Klunder seconded.

The substitute motion failed by a show of hands: Yes-5, No-11.

The main motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-13, No-0, Abstain-1.


Cromshow (Personnel Committee Chair) reported (see Appendix D) The next meeting
may be August 20, 2012.

X. TOWN HALL (2:44)

Reyes reported on the planned on-air town hall.

The Chair asked members to discuss the Committee of Inclusion with Gladney.

Kaufman introduced the topic of fund drive days. Kaufman moved to extend five
minutes. Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-13, No-9. Discussion continued.

The meeting adjourned due to the expiration of time at 2:45 PM.

The board reconvened in executive session immediately afterwards for a
scheduled Program Director Search Committee Report and discussion (see Appendix
E for PDSC Report).

Respectfully submitted by John P. Garry III, Secretary
(these minutes were approved on August 29, 2012)


Appendix A-Public Notices

Emailed by Terry Goodman on June 25, 2012:

The KPFK Local Station Board will meet on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at
1:00 pm at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural and Bookstore, 13197 Gladstone
Ave., Suite A, Sylmar, CA 91342-3246, near Hubbard Street and the 210
Freeway. This is the same venue as arranged for an earlier meeting
that was postponed. Phone: 818-939-3433.

The meeting will include reports from the General Manager, KPFK's
members on the Pacifica National Board, and from the various
committees of the LSB. There are four periods of public comment
scheduled during the meeting. You can contact the Local Station Board
by email at LSBoard@kpfk.org.


Emailed by Terry Goodman on July 2, 2012:

The KPFK Local Station Board will meet on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at
1:00 pm at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural and Bookstore, 13197 Gladstone
Ave., Suite A, Sylmar, CA 91342-3246, near Hubbard Street and the 210
Freeway. This is the same venue as arranged for an earlier meeting
that was postponed. Phone: 818-939-3433.

The meeting will include a closed session, expected to begin at around
2:30 pm, to consider recommending a pool of candidates to the GM for
the position of KPFK Program Director, a confidential personnel



Appendix B-Approved Agenda

Amended Proposed Agenda for the KPFK LSB Meeting of 7-28-2012
(all times include board discussion time)

Public Session

I. Call to Order, Roll Call, Excused Absence Requests, Agenda Approval,

Ground Rules for Communication, Announcements, Minutes Approval (10 min)

II. Scheduling / Location / Notice of Meetings (2 min)

III. PNB Director Reports (12.5 min)
a. Budget

IV. Public Comment I (7.5min)

V. General Manager Report Summary and Q&A (12.5 min)
a. Financial report on Community Events
b. Report on increased station expenses
c. Mission Statement announcement motion compliance

VI. Public Comment II (questions to GM) (7.5 min)

VII. LSB Committee of the Whole Budget Discussion (25 min)
a. Finance Committee Report on FY2013 Budget

VIII. Public Comment III (before pending motions) (7.5 min)

IX. Personnel Committee (1 min)

X. Town Hall Task Force Report (1 min)

XI. Public Comment IV (7.5 min)

Time Certain for Adjournment: 2:45 PM total 94 min

Executive Session

I. Roll Call

II. Program Director Search Committee Report & Discussion

III. Report-Out total 86 min


Appendix C-General Manager Report


Saturday, July 28, 2012

(Bernard Duncan, General Manager)

Manager's Overview

. There are additional papers accompanying the Manager's report this month,
to inform the LSB of some issues currently facing the station.
Specifically there is a report on the Hero Awards held in May and a
response to a message to staff from the LSB treasurer (which was also more
widely distributed).

. I note that the LSB meeting agenda includes a request for a report on
station compliance with the recent Mission Statement resolution. The GM
has been advised by a LSB member that a recorded version of this that may
be used is in existence, and was asked to wait until it could be found in
archives. Further advice would be appreciated.

. The LSB will note later in the Engineering section of this report that the
auxiliary power generator for the Mt Wilson transmitter has been repaired
and the unit has been reinstalled at the transmitter site. I am pleased to
advise that the entire repair job, including removal and redelivery has
been accomplished on a cost neutral basis to the station through the
generosity of an anonymous major donor. We had expected the donor to cover
about 80% of the cost, but when I met with them, they instead decided to
cover the full bill of $12,000.

. While KPFK had planned to make a major pre-drive mailing in an effort to
shorten the August fund drive, the turn-around time involved in getting
such an undertaking underway would have meant the mail-out would be
received by members after the drive had started. We are looking at the
logistics of a targeted email campaign.

. The General Manager will not be in attendance at this meeting due to a
previous commitment out of Los Angeles.

Outreach and Development

. Recent Events - On 28 June, in association with Truthdig Radio KPFK
presented a speaker event with Chris Hedges at the Immanuel Presbyterian
Church. It was a well-attended and very well-received event that resulted
in net income of $11,770 for KPFK. Its financial reconciliation is on the
next page.
|EVENT SUMMARY | | | | | | | |
|CHRIS HEDGES - Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt | |Pledged and online sales as of 6/26 = 729 @ | |
|Book Tour | |$15 = $10,935 | |
|KPFK Benefit / Co-sponsored by | | | | | | | |
|Truthdig | | | | | | | |
|Thursday, June 28, 2012 | | | | | | | |
|7pm - 10pm | | | | | | | |
|Immanuel Presbyterian Church | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
|EXPENSES | | | |INCOME | | |
|TOTAL EXPENSES (Budgeted / Actual)|$2,400.00|$1,810.0| |KPFK Gross Earnings | |KPFK |$13,580.0|
| | |0 | | | |Gross |0 |
|Projected Revenue Sources: | | | | | | | |
|Ticket sales |KPFK to receive | |Start-up Cash for Cash |Out: $300|In: | |
| | | |Boxes: | |$300 | |
|Book Sales (Blase) |Blase to receive in| |Check issued to Jennifer |Check |Cash | |
| |lieu of an | |Kiser | | | |
| |honorarium | | | | | |
|Book Sales (Vroman's) 10% of all |Truthdig to receive| |$300 Cash returned to | | | |
|Sales |for Chris Hedges | |Business Office | | | |
| |and Bob Scheer in | | | | | |
| |lieu of an | | | | | |
| |honorarium | | | | | |
. Also on June 28 a meeting was held to start the process of reconvening
a Community Advisory Board (CAB). There was a small attendance, but the
overall report from the meeting was positive. We will continue to work
to develop the creation of a CAB and establish a schedule of regular
meetings over the coming months.

. Business As Usual - The development activities of the station have
continued through the month, with the new Member Benefits card ready
for distribution, and new interns coming and working at the station.


. The programming department is developing many exciting new projects
this month. Besides the successful five week series Focus on Food that
wrapped up this Thursday, we've had no less than five pilot shows that
will have aired over a two week period from July 24th into the first
week of August - as we take full advantage of the hours available to
due programmers absent on summer vacations.

. On July 24th at 2:30pm, we debuted a project called U S Veterans
Unplugged, about the hardships faced by U S veterans and the efforts to
improve this reality.

. The following Tuesday at the same time we will air the second pilot
show for Vegan Being, this time in a thirty minute format.

. Over this week-end, we're featuring two different hour-long pilots at
8am on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. First up, Basich Family
Affairs co-hosted by Zoran Basich and Dominique DiPrima, a show that
looks at the economic hardships faced by seniors; and then on Sunday at
8am, Faith on the Frontline, a look at left/progressive activism in the
faith communities hosted by Rev. Dr. Lewis E. Logan II of the Fuller
Theological Seminary, who is a dynamic understudy of Rev. James

. We also are airing a pilot called Activism Media, which is developed by
Lisa Clapier who was one of the primary participants in the Occupy Los
Angeles Media Team while OLA was in City Hall Park last fall. We are
also developing a separate pilot show with another group from Occupy
Los Angeles, which will take the form of a series of 30 minute
roundtable discussions either with members of OLA, or with one of the
OLA members anchoring the discussion.

. We are also doing a one-time special on Thursday August 2nd at 7pm that
will be a report back from a group of activists who attended a recent
convention in Cuba about the state of that island nation's revolution -
I will be facilitating that dialogue as none of the conference
participants have previous radio experience and Jim Lafferty is out of

. KPFK featured special coverage on the Mexican National elections and
their aftermath. A special webpage for the coverage can be found on
the front page of the KPFK website in the right hand column or at the
URLs www.kpfk.org/elections and www.kpfk.org/elecciones. We launched
our special coverage of the election on June 10th with a four-hour
broadcast of the Mexican Presidential debate, hosted by KPFK's Spanish
language programmers, with a lead-up and analysis of the political
climate surrounding the election. We featured a one-hour drive time
special on the elections on Friday June 29th at 5pm, hosted by Antonio
Gonzalez of the Southwest Voter Registration Project. Of course, these
elections are of tremendous importance for Southern California given
the large number of Mexican Immigrants in the region, and the amount of
local trade with our nearby southern neighbor. We had eight hours of
special bi-lingual coverage of the elections on July 1st; and we have
continued to follow the still-unfolding story of the election with
daily coverage since.

. In terms of the domestic Latino population, KPFK has consistently
covered efforts to get greater Latino involvement in U. S. electoral
politics; an issue of great importance to Southern California where
Latinos are the plurality population, but remain a voting minority.
Ian Masters covered the issue on Wednesday June 13th at 5pm with Angela
Kelly, the Vice President for Immigration Policy and Advocacy at the
Center For American Progress. The aforementioned Antonio Gonzalez
regularly concentrates on this issue on his weekly show, Strategy
Session, Monday's at 4pm.

. For local elections, KPFK had extensive coverage of the California
primaries on June 5th. While we were in fund drive mode that day,
management asked the public affairs programmers to designate segments
on the day's events and we did a live special in the evening as results
came in from across the state as well as for the dramatic governor's
recall election in Wisconsin.

. Another issue of local relevance on which we continue to do extensive
coverage is how the bloated US prison population affects local
communities. On June 21st, Margaret Prescod had an interview with David
Stein of Critical Resistance about a Community-Based Solutions to
Prisons and Jails event, in South LA. KPFK has an hour-long show on
the experience of prisoners (largely from California) that airs every
other Saturday at 1pm called Think Outside the Cage.

. There are a few significant programming changes to announce. Feminist
Magazine returned to KPFK's airwaves on Tuesday afternoons at 3 p.m.
during the summer. Alternative Radio is on hiatus until the fall. Julio
Martinez's Arts and Review returned to KPFK this week in a half hour
format, Fridays at 2 p.m. D.J. Barry Smolin has returned to KPFK with a
new show, Head Room, at 10 p.m. on Fridays beginning on June 29th.
Kristi Lomax will be on hiatus until autumn.

. Also, KPFK is proud to announce that a food politics show began a five-
week series on June 28th at 3pm. Focus on Food aired an hour long
pilot, which received a positive response from listeners. The show
emphasizes local initiatives to bring healthy food to a larger portion
of the population; and featured a segment in the pilot show about Los
Angeles County's Master Gardener education program.


. The operations department has had a fairly smooth run during the last
month with little of any difficulty to report.

. KPFK's EEO report is being prepared and is expected to be filed on time

. LAFD Brush Clearance Ordinance - In accordance with the LAFD Brush
Clearance requirements we removed debris from the roof and trimmed
trees near the building.

. Inspections in our area started May 1st, but we have yet to be inspected.

. Air conditioning - The units throughout the building are performing well.


. Studios - The KPFK studios are generally in good condition and
repair with few problems. The new Sage ENDEC Emergency Action
Notification unit has been installed and is operating properly. There
are continuing problems with the computer server that is the studio
audio source for programs, themes, promos and other copy.

. Malibu Booster site - The FAA has the KPFK application for an
"Outgrant" on file. If approved, KPFK will be authorized to use FAA
space at the Saddle Peak booster site for the KPFK FM receive antenna.
In the meantime, we are testing other locations on Saddle Peak as an
alternate to the FAA site. When we find a location for the antenna we
may have to reduce the booster output power somewhat to achieve a
balance between the 90.7Mhz receive signal and the 90.7Mhz transmit
signal. Even with the lower booster output power we will still be able
to increase KPFK signal penetration along Pacific Coast Highway and in
the canyon areas of the Santa Monica Mountains.

. Rancho Bernardo translator site - This translator is in good
condition and is operating well covering Northern San Diego County.
There are occasional moments of interference from the FM station on
90.7Mhz in Tijuana particularly during hot weather.

. Santa Barbara translator site - The translator is in good condition
and is operating properly and is covering the coastal area of Santa
Barbara from Isla Vista to Montecito. There are also occasional moments
of interference from the FM station on 90.7Mhz in Tijuana during hot

. Mt. Wilson transmitter site - The KPFK Nautel NV-20 solid state
backup transmitter is on the air into the main antenna system. Repairs
have been attempted and completed on the old Armstrong transmitter only
to have other problems arise. Repair of the current KPFK transmitter
has become a continuing process with no end in sight. The FCC has
approved temporary transmission from Mt. Wilson at lower power while
the difficulties are addressed. Current antenna ERP is sufficient to
cover the main KPFK coverage area. The plan to replace the current
problematic Armstrong transmitter with another new Nautel solid state
transmitter is becoming more and more important if we are to maintain
our coverage in Southern California. With another new solid state
transmitter in place interference from Tijuana to our main signal from
Mt. Wilson and to our translators would be significantly reduced. With
reliable solid state transmitters in place we can anticipate that
electrical power usage would also be cut nearly in half and the cost of
electricity would be reduced dramatically.

The emergency electrical generator has been repaired and wired into the
Nautel transmitter which will keep the transmitter operating during
electrical power outages.

Business Office

. Financial status as at July 25 (cf. June 19) -
o Total Cash in Bank is $407,000 (467,000)
o Total payables stand at $43,000 (30,000).
o Central Services fees owed to National Office stand at $211,000

We have been advised that the CPB funding due in May has been approved
and will be released to Pacifica this month. It is likely to go a long
way towards off-setting the central services fees owed.


. The following table details in brief the state-of-play with respect to
station fundraising during this financial year:

|Fund Drive Month |Pledged $ |Fulfilled $ |Fulfillment |
| | | |% |
|October 2011 |792,626 |586,902 |74 |
|December 2011 |267,340 |211,962 |79 |
|February 2012 |956,780 |677,722 |71 |
|May/June 2012 |957,399 |605,258 |63 |

Non-funddrive major donors have provided $21,875 during the financial
year, and car donations have generated $96,862 in revenue.

The current count of active members as at 30 June is 16,032.

Bernard Duncan
General Manager
July 26 2012


Appendix D-Personnel Committee Report

KPFK LSB Personnel Committee - July 29, 2012 Report
Meeting: Wed. 7/11/2012, 4:00-6:00 PM
Place: KPFK Downstairs Conference Room
Present: Ali Lexa, Doug Barnett, Fred Blair, John Cromshow & Kim Kaufman

I. Reviewed listing of companies that provide surveys. The committee decided to
go with Ridgecrest Surveys because of our positive experience with the company
with the PD Evaluation.

II. GM surveys that have previously been conducted do not appear to be
available. The committee will write the questions that will be used.

The GM English/Spanish survey will be sent to: (1) paid staff; (2)
unpaid staff; and, (3) LSB members.

III. Reviewed list of GM "Duties and Responsibilities" - which had 30 items.

IV. Developed as a preliminary step eight broad categories and put the 30
questions into those categories.

Our goal is to have a category, a main question and a number of sub-questions.

V. Awaiting report from GM re: two interim positions at KPFK:
(1) Interim Accounting Manager; and
(2) Interim Development Director.

VI. Next meeting scheduled mid-August (t.b.a).

Respectfully Submitted,
John Cromshow, Chair
LSB Personnel Committee KPFK


Appendix E-Program Search Committee Public Report

KPFK Program Director Search Committee Report 7/28/12
Description and sequence of work performed
Early meetings
Signing of non-disclosure agreements
As a group we composed four ads for publication
o a simple one sentence ad
o a 25- 30 word short ad
o a 90 - 125 word full ad
o and a full page ad
Determined where to place advertisements
?Ads were placed in various publications, and numerous online locations and job
sites. The full list is available. The National Office and some other stations
conducting searches complimented us on the thoroughness of our list and suggest
using it as a template/model for future searches.

After applications started coming in, all members reviewed every application
for our first pass of evaluations. We received over 120 applications. All
applications were assigned a reference number.

It took a lot of time to read through all of the applications, some were quite
The first pass consisted of every member giving an applicant either a "check"
or "x".
Any applicant that received at least two checks moved on to the next level of
review. ?This process filtered out about 40 candidates.

For the second pass we created a grid with specific categories where we ranked
each candidate based on specific experience demonstrated in their application.
We re-read the applications for this process.? This left us with 39 candidates.

For the third pass we discussed these candidates and took a poll to see which
we wanted to interview. Any candidate that at least two people wanted to
interview, were scheduled for interviews. This left us with 19 candidates.

At this time we created questions for the interviews.

We contacted all to arrange telephone interviews, during this process three
candidates withdrew their applications, two because they were hired elsewhere
and one who did not indicate why.

We performed telephone interviews with the remaining 16 candidates. Various
committee members took turns asking the questions. All candidates were asked
the same questions and given equal access and time. All committee members
either participated or listened to recordings of all the interviews.

After reviewing all the interviews we discussed the candidates and decided we
wanted to contact the references for some of the candidates. We took a poll to
see which candidates' references we wanted to check and came up with 9

We checked with the National Office and our HR consultant. We were instructed
to have each candidate sign a release before contacting their references. After
doing this we sent all the references the same set of questions.

To select our finalists we reviewed all of the responses from the references,
reviewed parts of the interview recordings and discussed the candidates. We
took several STV votes to determine "where we were", and found that the same
group of candidates kept coming out on top.
For our final vote we took an STV ballot vote. The results were tallied by Fred
Blair and then re-tallied by Terry Goodman to verify and validate our accuracy.

The committee worked very well, and spent countless hours reviewing and
discussing the candidates, process and other issues relating to the position.

The majority of the committee is very confident that we have come up with an
outstanding pool of candidates, any one of which would be a benefit to the
station, the Pacifica mission statement and the network.

Ali Lexa Al-Hilali?PNB Representative?KPFK PDSC Co-Chair


Appendix F-Additional Reports from the General Manager

KPFK Financial, Transmission and Other Status

In response to some recent discussions surrounding various issues at and
related to KPFK, this paper seeks to provide some clarification. The
information herein is contributed from relevant staff at KPFK and is presented
in good faith, and to the best of the knowledge of the General Manager.

1. Finances

The current situation with respect to KPFK's cash flow as compared to
previous periods is outlined here, with details from KPFK's business office.

Last year KPFK ended the fiscal year 2011 on a positive note. Net Income was
$119,800 in contrast to 2010 which was a loss of ($45,088). Cash in Bank was
$198,000 as of end of September 2011. We paid off our central services
obligation to National Office which in previous years had been close to

KPFK is current and able to meet its obligations to National office.

In addition, the Business Manager and Membership Director met with Pacifica's
auditor and were complimented on the accuracy of KPFK's financial statements.
Our records and documents are all fairly accurate and reliable.

When drafting the 2012 budget last year, the LSB Finance Committee advised
the GM to reduce costs, for example in the area of maintenance. The GM warned
that while the numbers could be changed, there was no guarantee that things
would not need fixing.

A budget, by definition, is a forecast or plan. It is one of the tools that
management uses to adjust revenue forecasts and targets.

As of end of June we had a net income of $99,284 and if we remove
the transmitter we purchased for $104,723, there is a loss of ($5,438). The
transmitter was not in the original budget and is an extra expense that was
purchased using the surplus from the previous year, on the advice of the
Pacifica Chief Financial Officer. However its purchase shows up in this
year's accounts.

At the time of writing we have Cash in Bank of $373,000 with a fund drive
that is set to start in August, so we have the money and resources to meet
our obligations. A reduction in our CPB funding has meant we have to make up
the shortfall through fund drives. It is unfortunate, but it is our reality
right now.

Comparing this year to last we are not far behind. Total Income as of June
2011 was $2,916,580, while June 2012 was $2,848,112 (a difference of $68,468
or 2.3%). Total expenses last year were $2,115,047, and this
year it is $ 2,265,560 (a difference of $150,513 or 7%).

The financial failure of the Hero Awards has contributed to a difficult year.
The project looked to be a major winner for us, but in the final analysis, it
was anything but. That is unfortunate, and we learn from it, try to
compensate for it, and move on.

2. News Room

It has been suggested that an additional "paid news person" has been added to
the payroll. I think this confusion arises because I agreed to bring in short
term support to cover during Ernesto Arce's vacation leave. The short term
support person worked for a total of two days.

3. Additional Staff

It has also been asserted that "an afternoon host went from half time to full
time". This is correct, and the change was made as a direct result of
instructions from Pacifica's Executive Director. A part-time producer
referred to had worked as a contractor, and on the instruction of the ED, was
moved to payroll to meet KPFK's labor law obligations.

4. Events

In addition to the Hero Awards, a number of events that have been successful
for KPFK have taken place, resulting in net income for the station, and
profile in the community. These include Dr. Gabor Mate, Smiley and West, Dr.
Gerald Horne, Sonali's 10th Anniversary, Van Jones and Chris Hedges.
Reconciliation reports are attached at the end of this paper.

There seems to be some suspicion attached to events such as these in some
quarters, and that is unfortunate. It is depressing that almost everything
the station does that has anything to do with income and/or expenditure is
approached from a position of mistrust by some.

5. Transmission

Over the years there have been times when KPFK has been off the air due to
loss of electrical power at the transmitter site. In 2006 the General
Manager, Eva Georgia, approved the purchase of an emergency power generator
which was ordered and installed as emergency electrical power for the KPFK
backup transmitter. The South Coast Air Quality Management District permit
forms were filled out but were not submitted due to lack of funds required to
process the forms.

In 2011 the forms were submitted and a permit was granted. The generator was
not run without a permit because the SCAQMD do annual inspections of all
generator installations on Mt. Wilson and will issue heavy fines if the unit
has been run without a permit.

During the installation of the new back up transmitter this year, wiring was
completed for the automatic transfer of emergency power to the backup
transmitter. It was never suggested that it would cost $10,000 to "hook up"
the generator. In December 2011 the generator was inspected, serviced, tested
and was deemed to be in good operating condition.

In March 2012 the quarterly service of the unit was initiated but during the
run up test the engine failed. It was eventually determined that the diesel
engine had some internal component failure and would need to be taken in for
repair. The unit was removed from Mt. Wilson, repaired, returned and
reinstalled. The generator has been tested and is now operational. It is
worth noting that this repair, billed at a little over $12,000 in total (not
$16,000 as was suggested), has been achieved on a cost neutral basis, as the
GM solicited the full cost from a major donor specifically for this repair.

Keep in mind that weather conditions are sometimes very severe on Mt. Wilson
and there have been and will continue to be power outages at the transmitter
site. SoCal Edison's response to some of these outages has been less than
ideal. We have experienced high winds, heavy rainfall, washed out mountain
roads, ice storms and forest fires all of which have contributed to loss of
power on Mt. Wilson over the years.

During 2011 several attempts were made to repair the old backup transmitter
and it was decided that it was so unreliable in an emergency that KPFK would
need to replace it. The backup transmitter is the transmitter that is powered
by the electrical generator during power outages. A new backup transmitter, a
Nautel NV20 solid state transmitter, was ordered and installed in January
2012. At no time during the discussions regarding buying a new backup
transmitter was buying two transmitters discussed and was not part of the

Toward the end of 2011 KPFK started experiencing serious failures to both old
Armstrong main transmitters. There has been one transmitter failure after
another. Fortunately we have the new backup transmitter to keep KPFK on the
air into our main antenna and even at this output power level KPFK is more
powerful than most other FM stations on Mt. Wilson. There are many reasons
for the main transmitter failures and it questionable whether it should be up
to the LSB treasurer, however well-intentioned, to determine whether the KPFK
main transmitter is viable or not or whether we continue to purchase
replacement parts or not.

It is good engineering practice to do everything possible to attempt repair
of any transmitter defect and to work to keep KPFK viable and return the
station to full power.

The LSB treasurer's message quoted what the National Technical Director
stated about the status of the KPFK transmitter facility. We should point out
that he has no direct experience or knowledge of the facility. All of his
information is from conversations he had and email exchanges engaged in with
Don Mussell, Pacifica Consulting Engineer, and KPFK's Chief Engineer.

The purchase of a second Nautel transmitter, which will enable us to
broadcast at full power has been included in the 2013 KPFK budget.

6. Ratings

Finally, the issue of KPFK's audience. There is no doubt that listener
numbers have fallen, and there are various reasons why this has happened,
which will not be canvassed here. It is true, we need to build audience and
find and implement strategies to do that. We agree that cutting fund drives
and improving and replacing some programs would help. However we need to
maintain the cash flow of the station.

Staff were told in a recent message from the LSB treasurer that KPFK is near
the bottom of the list of stations in Los Angeles, "47th out of 50" in June,
with a "0.01% share". I'm not sure where these figures came from.

While our placement near the bottom of the list is a major concern, I should
just correct those points. The latest market ranker we have seen (June 2012)
actually has the station placed 63 out of 70 across the week, 6am to
12midnight. It is nothing to shout about. The same report has our morning
drive and weekend results at 57 out of 70, and afternoon drive at 62 out of
70. The majority of our audience is aged 45-54, and our overall average
quarter hour station share is 0.1% (not 0.01%). Some of our day parts achieve
0.2%, with Sunday morning reaching 1.9%.

I should also note two other salient points:

. the June Arbitrons are a reading of a month (from mid-May into June)
that was majority fund drive, which further depresses our numbers; and

. the LSB has voted for KPFK not to take heed of Arbitron until they are
able to better account for some communities of color, whom they have
admitted are not accurately reflected at this stage.

In addition to the radio audience measured by Arbitron, there is an online
audience, which most recent statistics suggest adds between 1,000 and just
over 5,000 per quarter hour depending on the time of day. Individual clip
requests from the website are higher still.


The intention of this document is to clarify some recently raised issues. It is
not an invitation to engage in continued tit-for-tat exchanges that take up
time and effort that can be better directed towards more useful outcomes.

Bernard Duncan
General Manager
26 July 2012



150 General Admission pairs of tickets ($25 pr)

52 Reception pairs of tickets ($100 pr)

Total raised for KPFK = (150 x $25) + (52 x $100) = $3,750+$5,200 = $8950


388 General Admission tickets

25 Reception tickets

Total from Brown Paper tickets less processing fees = $5,498.31


Cash ($2,332) and checks ($240.50) was taken at the door for sales of
admission tickets and posters, for a total of $2572.50.



Office supplies - $55.04
Food & drink (including wine) for reception - $264.88
Security - $216
Poster printing - $65.25
Rent for Immanuel Presbyterian - $500
Mileage - $26.16
Hotel - Gabor Mate - $225.72
Air fare for Gabor Mate - $99
Parking at LAX - $3

TOTAL COSTS: $1,455.05

Total remaining for future Uprising Media talks, events etc, video and audio
recording, organizational expenses, professional engineering etc: $6,615.76.

|Sonali's 10th Anniversary | | | |
|Sunday, March 4, 2012 |Total |95 | | | |
| |Guests: | | | | |
|5-8pm |(50 paid; 45 comps) | | | |
|Kingston Cafe | | | | | |
|333 S. Fair Oaks Ave., | | | | | |
|Pasadena | | | | | |
| |Expenses |Expenses | |DOOR (PRE-SALE FUND DRIVE) |$2,400 |
| |(Budgeted)|(Actual) | | | |
|Kingston Cafe |$2,000.00 |$1,675.00| |45 pledges @ 50; 4 pledges @ | |
| | | | |$37.50 | |
| | | | | | |
|Budgeted at $20 for 100 | | | |DOOR, AUCTION, RAFFLE (EVENT) | |
|people | | | | | |
|Final: $20 for 50; $15 per | | | |Cash |$343.00 |
|additional guest. | | | | | |
| | | | |Checks |$380.00 |
|Mugs for 43 guests ($7 ea) |$343.00 |$301.00 | |Credit Cards |$180.00 |
|(Budgeted for 49 confirmed | | | | | |
|pledges @ $7 ea.) | | | | | |
| | | | | |$903.00 |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | |GROSS INCOME (Total Event) |$3,303.00 |
|TOTAL EXPENSES (Budgeted / |$2,343.00 |$1,976.00| |NET INCOME (Total Event) |$1,327.00 |
|Actual) | | | | | |

|Sojourner Truth Hosts Dr. Gerald Horne (Book | |Books for Sale: |Retail |Our |
|Signing) | | | |price |
|Sunday, February 19, 2012 | | | |Negro Comrads of the Crown |$39.00 |$35 |
|10am - 1pm | | | |Fighting in Paradise |$28.99 |$20 |
|Jan Goodman's House, Santa Monica | | |Both books together: | |$50 |
| | | | | | | |
|EXPENSES | | | |INCOME | | |
|Food |$400.00 | | | | | |
|Diamond Bakery | |$54.00 | |DOOR (WALK-UPS) | | |
|Pavilion's | |$41.75 | |Cash |$379.00 | |
|CostCo | |$292.96 | |Checks |$185.00 | |
| | | | |Credit Cards |$0.00 | |
|Books | | | | |$564.00 | |
|(Our cost is 40% off plus | | | |BOOK SALES | | |
|shipping) | | | | | | |
|Negro Comrads of the Crown |$351.00 |Donated | |Cash |$420.00 | |
|(15 ea.) | | | | | | |
|Fighting in Paradise (15 |$260.91 | | |Checks |$290.00 | |
|ea.) | | | | | | |
|Fighting in Paradise (7 | |Donated | |Credit Cards |$510.00 | |
|copies) | | | | | | |
|Fighting in Paradise (8 | |$189.77 | | |$1,220.00 | |
|copies) | | | | | | |
| | | | |DONATION | | |
| | | | |Cash |$247.00 | |
| | | | |Checks |$350.00 | |
| | | | |Credit Cards |$50.00 | |
| | | | | |$647.00 | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| | | | |GROSS INCOME (Community |$2,43| | |
| | | | |Event) |1.00 | | |
|SMILEY+WEST | | | | | |
|Sunday, April 15, 2012 | | | | | | | |
|4pm-6pm | | | | | | | |
|Immanuel Presbyterian Church |As of: |5/15/2012| | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
|EXPENSES | | | |INCOME | | | |
|CHRIS HEDGES - Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt | |Pledged and online sales as of 6/26 = 729 @ | |
|Book Tour | |$15 = $10,935 | |
|KPFK Benefit / Co-sponsored by | | | | | | | |
|Truthdig | | | | | | | |
|Thursday, June 28, 2012 | | | | | | | |
|7pm - 10pm | | | | | | | |
|Immanuel Presbyterian Church | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
|EXPENSES | | | |INCOME | | |
|TOTAL EXPENSES (Budgeted / Actual)|$2,400.00|$1,810.0| |KPFK Gross Earnings | |KPFK |$13,580.0|
| | |0 | | | |Gross |0 |
|Projected Revenue Sources: | | | | | | | |
|Ticket sales |KPFK to receive | |Start-up Cash for Cash |Out: $300|In: | |
| | | |Boxes: | |$300 | |
|Book Sales (Blase) |Blase to receive in| |Check issued to Jennifer |Check |Cash | |
| |lieu of an | |Kiser | | | |
| |honorarium | | | | | |
|Book Sales (Vroman's) 10% of all |Truthdig to receive| |$300 Cash returned to | | | |
|Sales |for Chris Hedges | |Business Office | | | |
| |and Bob Scheer in | | | | | |
| |lieu of an | | | | | |
| |honorarium | | | | | |

|EVENT SUMMARY | | | | | | | |
|Thursday, 4/26/12 | | | | | | | |
|6pm - 8:30pm | | | | | | | |
|All Saints Church Pasadena | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
|EXPENSES | | | |INCOME | | | |
|Quote from All Saints for Venue | | | | | | | |
|Rental | | | | | | | |
|Sound techs: $150 | | | | | | | |
|Custodial: $125 | | | | | | | |
|Parking - $5 a car | | | | | | | |


2nd Annual Hero Awards and Tribute


This report outlines the background to the decision to produce the 2nd Annual
Hero Awards and Tribute which took place on May 6 2012, and looks at its
outcome. The event's planning began in August 2011.


The Hero Awards concept was first conceived by KPFK music director Maggie
LePique in 2010, and the first Hero Awards took place in April 2011 with a
tribute to the late jazz musician Billy Higgins. The event was a well-received
jazz performance showcase at a small venue in Los Angeles, which resulted in a
modest net return to KPFK.

Because of the success of the event in 2011, It was suggested it become an
annual event, and that the second Hero Awards pay tribute to L.A. music
luminary Jackson Browne in 2012. To this end planning for the 2012 event began
in August 2011.


The budget provided by the event organizer is copied below:

|VIP RECEPTION |1800 |50% |
| |Sell-out | |
|Venue Catering - $40 per person (200)|8,000.00 |4,000.00 |
|Gift Bags |200.00 |200.00 |
|Printing - Ask cards, envelopes |150.00 |150.00 |
|auction lists | | |
|Photographer |400.00 |400.00 |
|Hemp Backdrop (step and repeat) |500.00 |500.00 |
|Red Carpet Rental |25.00 |25.00 |
|VIP Parking Validation @15.00 per | | |
|200 |3,000.00 |1,500.00 |
|6 spaces donated by venue for staff | | |
|Last Holiday Books - 100 donated / | | |
|100 purchased at $12.50 ea |1,250.00 | |
| | | |
|Total VIP Reception |13,525.00 |6,775.00 |

|KPFK - EVENT COSTS |Sell-out |50% |
|Artist Rendering |500.00 |500.00 |
|Award Engraving |700.00 |700.00 |
|Office Supplies |200.00 |200.00 |
|T-Shirts including set-up and | | |
|screens |7,500.00 |3,500.00 |
|1500 shirts (may not need as many) | | |
|Printing - Program Book (some |3,000.00 |3,000.00 |
|in-kind) | | |
|Printing - Extra flyers and posters |1,000.00 |1,000.00 |
|(as needed) | | |
|Artwork | | |
|Event Flier, signage, laminates | | |
|program, ads |3,000.00 |3,000.00 |
|and T-Shirts | | |
|Rentals - Audio /Visual (screen and |500.00 |500.00 |
|headsets) | | |
|Volunteer Stipends |500.00 |500.00 |
|Advertising - KJZZ, 10 20 sec drive | | |
|time spots $500.00 | | |
|In House Jazz, 8 weeks @ $200.00 |700.00 |700.00 |
|Ads - 4 wks L.A. Weekly | | |
|4wks page vs 4 wks 1/8 page both | | |
|include web impressions (no donation)|6,300.00 |2,000.00 |
|Stage Manager / Artist Coordinator | | |
|Tech and backline for all 3 events |3,500.00 |3,500.00 |
|Venue Production Costs |22,500.00 |22,500.00 |
|Venue Filming Costs 50% discount |1,500.00 |1,500.00 |
|Videotaping including editing | | |
|Total bid $4,400.00 split payment | | |
|with Premiums |2,000.00 |2,000.00 |
| | | |
|Artists Guarantee* | | |
|Brian Jackson MD Fee $2000.00 | | |
|Airfare (2 tix) $400.00 | | |
|Rumal Rackley airfare $400.00 |10,000.00 |5,000.00 |
|Special Project Manager Fee |18,000.00 |18,000.00 |
| | | |
| | | |
|Total KPFK Event Costs |81,400.00 |68,100.00 |


| | | |
|Total VIP Reception |13,525.00 |6,775.00 |
|Total Expenses |94,925.00 |74,875.00 |
| | | |
|Total Funds Raised to date |18,093.50 |18,093.50 |
|Projection from DJ event |5,000.00 |2,500.00 |
|Projections from Mama Juana's event |5,000.00 |2,500.00 |
|Total Projected Funds Raised |28,093.50 |23,093.50 |
|Ticket Sales -VIP | | |
|(200x$200.00) |40,000.00 |20,000.00 |
|Ticket Sales - Preferred | | |
|(600x$100.00) |60,000.00 |30,000.00 |
|Ticket Sales - General Admission | | |
|(1000x$75.00) |75,000.00 |37,500.00 |
| | | |
|Total Ticket Sales |203,093.50 |110,593.50 |
|Total Auction Goal |10,000.00 |10,000.00 |
|Total T-Shirts |30,000.00 |15,000.00 |
|Total Projected Income |243,093.50 |135,593.50 |

|Total Expenses |94,925.00 |74,875.00 |
|Total Projected Income |243,093.50 |135,593.50 |
|Total To KPFK |148,168.50 |60,718.50 |
|Total over $50,000.00 net goal |98,168.50 |10,718.50 |

The goal for fundraising over and above expenses was $50,000, with an incentive
to the organizer for anything above that. As may be seen from the budget, the
event looked to be a major money earner.

Subsequent Events


Jackson Browne was approached by staff to be the program's headliner and
honoree early in 2012. He declined to be the honoree, but agreed to
participate. A number of potential honorees were discussed, including Dr.
Cornell West (whose schedule, it turned out, would not work for us), and Maya
Angelou. However, with the relatively recent passing of Gil Scott-Heron, it was
decided a post-humus tribute would be appropriate for this event.

As planning continued, Mr. Scott-Heron was also honored at the 2012 Grammy
Awards, emphasizing the impact of his work. His work also resonated with the
Pacifica ethos, and a number of his performances had been recorded and are kept
in the Pacifica Radio Archive.

Staff concerns arose as to the size of the potential audience as the promotion
of the event began, and at that stage it was decided to add to the line-up jazz
bassist Charlie Haden and local music educator Fernando Pullum, and to include
a lifetime achievement award to Pete Seeger. This enabled planning to evolve
around a variety of performances, including Mr. Pullum's students, Mr. Haden's
children (all of them perfomers in their own right), and other artists with a
connection to KPFK, including Jackson Browne, John Densmore of The Doors and
popular local band Ozomatli. However Ozomatli (who should have been a major
drawcard) gave the station limited ability for promotion as they had a
contracted performance in L.A. a month after the KPFK event.

In retrospect this variety of music artist and type may have been too broad.


The original venue selected and booked for the event was the Hollywood
performance space The Music Box, but early in 2012 this venue announced it was
closing its doors and shutting down operation. This left us, late in the piece,
with a significant issue for the event and two suggestions emerged as to a
possible replacement - The John Anson Ford Theater and Club Nokia in Los

Since KPFK has a relationship with the Ford it was deemed appropriate at first.
However since much of the projected income revolved around the VIP reception
and a large and varied audience, this venue became problematic, in that it does
not provide parking and was not able to provide a secure, removed space for the

Club Nokia as a venue, on the other hand, provides ample parking and also
boasts a top line private function space with full bar and striking ambience.
While the venue is more expensive than the others, the above budget suggested
it could pay for itself. In the final analysis the lower than expected ticket
sales did not bear this out.

Added to that were hidden costs that had not been revealed by the organizer
related to the purchase of some tickets for use as premiums and prizes, and
also staffing at the venue, which was not included originally.

That said, this venue had the potential to provide an opportunity for KPFK to
move to a higher level in terms of recognition as a serious radio player in a
major US metropolitan market.

LSB Finance Committee

In the GM's view, the LSB Finance Committee weighed in at a point in the
process when any cancelation of the event would have resulted in a loss at
least as great as that finally sustained, and without the major event taking
place - a greater loss in real terms.

At the Finance Committee meeting at which this was discussed, a committee
member suggested that if the event was too far along to call off, then the
board should do everything it could to ensure success. Although committee
members agreed, in the final analysis this board member was the only one who
actually did anything to make that happen, by purchasing VIP tickets. Another
committee member offered that he would be pleased if the event was a success,
and would be happy to eat "crow pie" if that was the case. A few days later,
after the announcement of Jackson Browne as an attendee, he told me he was
getting his "knife and fork ready to eat crow pie". This suggested to me that
he thought we were on track for success.


The following rundown details the expenses incurred in running the 2nd annual
Hero Awards and Tribute detailed by payment made:

|Dawn Kasey Lovelace|$19,800.00|Producer |
|Rene Washington |$3,000.00 |Design |
|Danita Ushur |$200.00 |Stipend |
|Aaron Bock |$100.00 |Stipend |
|Vito Anton Triglia |$100.00 |Stipend |
|Patrick Johnson |$500.00 |Painting - |
| | |Auction |
|Qwess Coast |$3,000.00 |Stage |
|Production | |Management |
|In House Music |$200.00 |Email blast to |
| | |9000+ |
|Lory Keller |$118.03 |Reimbursement |
|Chris Boyd |$300.00 |Stipend |
|Club Nokia |$39,090.00|Venue etc |
|Marlon Lawe |$4,485.00 |Video |
|Global Jazz |$500.00 |Advertising |
| | |(KJZZ) |
|LA Weekly |$3,600.00 |Advertising |
|Socal Trophy |$324.29 |Trophy |
|JNK Services |$90.00 |Banner |
|Next Day Flyers |$256.54 |Cards |
|Gold Records |$356.00 |Awa