Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of June 20, 2012

The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on
June 20, 2012 at 7:19 PM at Peace Center West, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver
City, CA 90230, the Chair (Michael Novick) being in the chair and the Secretary
(John P. Garry III) being present. The minutes of the previous meeting (April
18, 2012) were approved.

Sixteen members were present, constituting a quorum: Ken Aaron, Chuck Anderson,
Rodrigo Argueta (arrived 7:38), Fred Blair, Lydia Brazon, John Cromshow
(arrived 7:50),
Tej Grewall, Leonard Isenberg, Kim Kaufman, Fred Klunder (arrived 7:25), Ali
Dutch Merrick, Margie Murray, Michael Novick, Lawrence Reyes, John Wenger.

Three members were excused: Ankine Antaram, Brenda Medina, Summer Reese.

Five members were absent: Aryana Gladney, Jim Lafferty, Sequoia Olivia Mercier,
John Parker, Lamont Yeakey.

Also present: Bernard Duncan (KPFK General Manager), Terry Goodman (Audio
Recordist, Web Liaison) and members of the public.

Authority and Notice: This meeting was authorized by the LSB by a motion
approved at its meeting of February 15, 2011. The date was posted on KPFTX.org
on February 18, 2012. The location was noticed to the board via email and
posted on KPFTX.org, KPFK.org and other websites on June 3, 2012 (see Appendix

Audio Recording: The audio of the meeting is available for a limited time at

[Audio Part 1]


The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7:19 PM PDT. The excused
absence requests of Antaram, Medina and Reese were accepted without objection.


The agenda was amended and approved without objection. A Governance Committee
motion was omitted without objection because it had been mooted by PNB action.


The Chair reiterated principles of board decorum and public participation.


Aaron announced a memorial service for Les Radke on Saturday, June 25, 2012.
The Chair noticed LSBoard@KPFK.org as the LSB email address. Grewall announced
the assumption of a new teaching position.


The minutes of April 18, 2012 were emailed to the board prior to the meeting
and were approved without objection.


In order to a avoid a conflict with the Pacifica National Board in-person
meeting, the July meeting was rescheduled for Saturday, July 28, 2012 without
objection, location TBD.


Omitted at the discretion of the Chair.


The Secretary reported that the LSB Attendance Policy of March 17, 2012 had
been rescinded in the minutes, reflecting the vote of the board.


The GM summarized his report, which was emailed to the board prior to the
meeting (see Appendix C). Discussion followed. Responding to a request from
Kaufman, The GM committed to make a detailed financial report on Community
Events in two weeks.

[Audio Part 2]

The GM report continues.


Public comment was heard for seven minutes.


The GM responded briefly to public comment. Point of order from Reyes: A member
can bring a motion to the floor.


Lexa (PD Search Co-Chair) reported, with additional reporting from Novick. The
pool of candidates has been narrowed to nine. Discussion followed.


Kaufman (Finance Committee Chair) summarized her report, which was emailed to
the board prior to the meeting (see Appendix D). Discussion followed.
Responding to requests from Kaufman and Wenger, the GM committed to investigate
increased station expenses.

Isenberg moved that a five member formal committee shall be established to
investigate the 2012 KPFK Hero Awards. This committee shall have the authority
to gather data, draw conclusions, and suggest mechanisms to prevent a repeat

Brazon moved to table. Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-12, No-1, Abstain--

Kaufman moved that all contracts above $5000 be brought to the board. Motion
withdrawn after an objection was heard. The GM left at 9:04. Responding to a
comment by Novick, Wenger asked the Secretary to research LSB efforts to reduce
the amount spent on fund-drive premiums.


Brazon reported and requested that the Governance Committee consider meeting
schedule and venues changes in order to facilitate consideration of proposed
Bylaws amendments and the conclusion of the PD search process.

[Audio Part 3]

Aaron and Lexa reported. Discussion followed. Following a question from Wenger,
Aaron committed to distribute financial information on the other Pacifica
stations to the board.


Public comment was heard for four minutes.


Omitted in the interest of time.


Reyes reported. Novick brought the following motion to the floor:

Finance Committee Motion:

Motion: Finance Committee recommends that next Town Hall meeting be on-air with
live video streamed, taking calls, emails or via other social media from

Passed without objection.


Reyes (Outreach Committee Chair) reported on the previous Outreach Picnic and
other matters (see Appendix E). Discussion followed.


Cromshow (Personnel Committee Chair) reported (See Appendix F).


Omitted in the interest of time.


Argueta (PrOC Chair) moved: PrOC recommends that the LSB censure the Executive
Director for blocking the implementation of the September 24, 2011 PNB
directive to add 5 hours per week of Spanish language programming at all
stations and urges that the programming should be implemented immediately by
all GMs.

Public comment was heard before the vote for three minutes.

Motion passed by a roll call vote: Yes-7, No-4, Abstain-3.

Yes-Anderson, Argueta, Brazon, Grewall, Isenberg, Novick, Reyes.
No-Aaron, Blair, Cromshow, Kaufman.
Abstain-Merrick, Murray, Wenger.

Novick brought a PrOC motion to the floor:

"The PROC committee asks that the LSB should request that the Pacifica Mission
Statement shall be broadcast by KPFK at least once per day at different times."

Motion passed by a roll call vote: Yes-9, No-2, Abstain-3.

Yes-Anderson, Argueta, Brazon, Cromshow, Grewall, Murray, Novick, Reyes,
No-Kaufman, Merrick.
Abstain-Aaron, Blair, Isenberg.





The meeting adjourned without objection at 10:14 PM.

Respectfully submitted by John P. Garry III, Secretary
(these minutes were approved on July 28, 2012)


Appendix A-Public Notice

Emailed by Terry Goodman on June 3, 2012:

The June meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board will take place on
Wednesday, June 20, starting at 7 PM at 3916 S. Sepulveda Blvd.,
Culver City, CA 90230 (between Washington Place and Venice Blvd.). The
location is served by the MTA 33 and 733 bus lines on Venice and the
Culver CityBus route 6 on Sepulveda. The meeting will include reports
from the General Manager, KPFK's members on the Pacifica National
Board, and from the various committees of the LSB. There are four
periods of public comment scheduled during the meeting. You can
contact the Local Station Board by email at LSBoard@kpfk.org.



Appendix B-Approved Agenda

Proposed Agenda for KPFK LSB Meeting of 6-20-2012
(all times include board discussion time)

I. Call to Order, Roll Call, Excused Absence Requests, Agenda Approval,

Ground Rules for Communication, Announcements, Minutes Approval (4/18/2012)
(15 min)

II. Scheduling / Location / Announcement of Meetings (8

III. Chair Report (5 min)
a. LSB-Public Email

IV. Implementation / Follow Up / Action Items (5
a. Vice-Chair prints agendas
b. Rescission of LSB Attendance Policy (Secretary)

V. General Manager Report Summary and Q&A (20 min)
a. Detailed Hero Awards Financial Report
b. Winter Fund Drive fulfillment rate to date

VI. Public Comment I (questions to GM) (7.5min)

VII. GM responds to public comment (5 min)

VIII. Program Director Search Report (5 min)

IX. Finance Committee Report (10 min)
a. Town Hall Motion (see Appendix below)
b. Treasurer's Report

X. PNB Director Reports (30 min)
b. Jackson-Lewis Motion Follow-up
c. Pacifica Elections Postponement Question
d. Bylaws Amendment

XI. Public Comment II (questions to PNB Directors) (7.5

XII. PNB Directors respond to public comment (5 min)

XIII. Town Hall Task Force Report (2 min)

XIV. Outreach Committee Report (5 min)

XV. Personnel Committee Report (5 min)

XVI. Governance Committee Report (10 min)

XVII. Public Comment III (during debate on pending motions)
(7.5 min)

XVIII. Programming Oversight Committee Report (5

XIX. New Business (5 min)

XX. Public Comment IV (7.5 min)

total 170


Appendix C-General Manager Report


Wednesday, June 20, 2012
(Bernard Duncan, General Manager)

Manager's Overview

. KPFK's spring fund drive ended on June 9. The total raised to date,
including funds raised during programs that originate from Berkeley, sits
at just over the target of $1,000,000. Considerable thanks are due to the
programmers, staff, volunteers and everyone who made the drive a success.

. The 2nd Annual Hero Awards and Tribute: A Musical Tribute to Gil Scott-
Heron took place at Club Nokia on May 6. As reported to the non-quorum LSB
gathering in May, there is a net financial loss to the station.

. The Pacifica Foundation is experiencing financial difficulties which have,
at this stage, led to a call for stations to cut costs. KPFK paid staff
have been informed of the need to make cuts.

Outreach and Development

. Fund Drive - Data entry is nearly complete and processing of pledge
payments has begun. Premiums are being ordered. The newly designed Member
Benefits Card in its letter carrier has been received from the printer and
is scheduled for processing early next week, if not before.

. Grant Opportunities - A list of grant opportunities has been identified
for the initial Letters of Inquiry. A grant of $500 for general operations
has been received from the Stormer-Breidenbach Fund via the Liberty Hill

. Donor Outreach - A list of major donors has been identified for
contacting. The purpose of the initial contact will be to get to know the
donor and find out what they like about the station and its programming.

. Promotions/Partnerships - KPFK 90.7 has three finalists in the running for
the 54th Southern California Journalism Awards. Sonali Kolhatkar is a
finalist for the Best Anchor award; Barbara Osborn and Howard Blume
(Deadline L.A.) are finalists for the Talk Radio/Public Affairs award; and
Cary Harrison and Summer Reese are finalists for the Radio News award, for
the coverage they did together of the NY Hurricane from his studios when
our sister station WBAI was evacuated. Sponsors are sought to support a
KPFK table at the Gala Awards Dinner so that the station can have a
presence among other public media peers.

. Outreach - KPFK is media sponsor for several summer concert series,
including Grand Performances, The Ford, The Skirball Cultural Center and
for the first time this year, The Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena and
MacArthur Park.

. Interns - The Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator has visited several
schools presenting the opportunities available at KPFK Radio. Her efforts
have resulted in several new college interns at the station. In the past 2
months KPFK has tabled at the following schools: Santa Monica College
(Internship Fair), LA Valley College (Internship Fair), Mount St. Mary's
(Career Fair). We also have several high school seniors starting summer
internships with Public Affairs programming this week.

. Community Advisory Board (CAB) - For the purpose of compliance, a CAB
meeting announcement will start on Friday, June 22nd for a meeting of some
of the previous Interim CAB Working Group participants and some new
recruits. The objective of the meeting will be to continue recruitment and
also plan a community forum in Maywood.


. Fund Drive - The station was still in fund drive during the first week of
June. Miraculously, the station raised about 25% more per day in the
final week of the drive than previously. After everything is added in, we
reached our goal making KPFK the only Pacifica station to reach its goal
for the spring fund drive and far exceeding the per day performance of the
other four stations.

. Alternatives - There is no doubt that the method of mass preemptions of
regular programming that is deployed to achieve high totals has a severe
downside for the station. The interruption of regular programming is far
too long, and when these drives go on for multiple weeks it destroys our
capacity to maintain our regular audience. Therefore, in spite of the
money raised which allows KPFK to "survive another day," we are in drastic
need of reforming the way the station raises money. Revenue has to come
from other sources. Nonetheless, the programming department is committed
to seeking out methods of on-air fundraising that are less disruptive to
our regular programming.

. Programming Initiatives - Now that KPFK is out of fund drive, we have many
exciting new programming initiatives - and have already aired three
notable specials: On June 16th, KFPK broadcast Pacifica's annual Bloomsday
celebration, featuring readings from James Joyce's epic novel, Ulysses.
Programming was coordinated by both WBAI's Cat Radio and the Pacifica
Radio Archives and some of this year's new recordings were made at KPFK.

. Remote Broadcast - KPFK also sponsored an event held in downtown LA at the
Last Bookstore, called Economy, Poverty and Work. The event featured
numerous local labor leaders, as well as KPFK hosts Jim Lafferty and Henry
Walton. The day's proceedings were recorded and rebroadcast on KPFK on
Sunday June 17th, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

. Election Coverage - KPFK will be doing much programming on the upcoming
Mexican elections on July 1st. We have built a special webpage to collect
all of the station's programming on the subject, which can be found on the
front page of the KPFK website in the right hand column or at the URLs
www.kpfk.org/elections and www.kpfk.org/elecciones. Launching our special
coverage in advance of the election was a four hour broadcast on June
10th. The third and fourth hours were a broadcast of the Mexican
Presidential Debate in which all four major candidates participated; the
two hours preceding the debate were a lead-up to the debate as well as an
analysis of the climate surrounding the election, hosted by a group of
KPFK's Spanish Language programmers. We are also planning extensive
coverage of the elections on July 1st, the schedule for which has not been

. Program Changes - There are a few significant programming changes to
announce, which are being implemented this week and next. Feminist
Magazine is returning to KPFK's airwaves and will air during the summer,
Tuesday afternoons at 3 p.m. Alternative Radio, which does not produce new
shows during the summer, will be on hiatus until the fall. Julio
Martinez's Arts and Review will be returning to KPFK this week in a half
hour format, Fridays at 2 p.m. D.J. Barry Smolin is returning to KPFK and
coming back to Friday nights, where his new show Head Room will be airing
at 10 p.m. beginning on June 29th. Kristi Lomax will be on hiatus until
autumn. Also, KPFK is proud to announce that a food politics show will be
on for a five-week series beginning on June 28th at 3pm. The show is
called Focus on Food and went through the process of developing a pilot
which aired before the last fund drive and received a positive response
from listeners.


. Air-conditioning - The recent improvements to the 1st floor studios A/C
unit have ensured it is performing well. As long as maintenance every
other week is performed we shouldn't have any problems during the summer
heat. Routine maintenance has been done by Operations and the IT Manager.

The bearings and some other minor repairs on the unit that serves the west
side of the buildings need to be done to ensure it continues to function

. Public File - Our public file has been digitized.

. Landscaping - The garden project has been going well and we are almost
done with its improvements. The donated plants have successfully taken to
the soil and all that's left to do is remove some weeds, an intrusive
vine, grass, and add more mulch.


. Studios - The Cahuenga Blvd. studios are generally in good condition and
repair with few problems.

. Malibu Booster - We have no further word as yet from the FAA regarding
land use for the receive antenna.

. Rancho Bernardo translator - This translator is in good condition and is
covering Northern San Diego County.

. Santa Barbara translator - The translator is in good condition, operating
properly and covering the coastal area of Santa Barbara from Isla Vista to

. Mt Wilson transmitter - Repairs continue you on the Armstrong
transmitters. The new backup transmitter is working properly.

The emergency power generator diesel engine has been rebuilt and the
generator is back in service at the main transmitter site on Mt. Wilson.

Business Office

. Financial status as at June 19 (cf. May 16) -
o Total Cash in Bank is $467,000 (104,000)
o Total payables stand at $30,000 (35,000).
o Central Services fees owed to National Office stand at $110,200

We are still waiting for a payment of the CPB funding due to us, which we
would normally get during May. The payment has been delayed by the late
appointment of an auditor for Pacifica's FY2011 audit, and the time it is
taking for the audit to be completed. The CPB will not remit funding until
the audit is complete, and that means we are not likely to see it before

Bernard Duncan
General Manager
June 20 2012


Appendix D-Finance Report from Kim Kaufman

Dear LSB, et al:

It is somewhat difficult to make a full report this month. Because the fund
drive was split between May and June, I cannot compare the revenue with budget
for May as probably one third or so came in during June or even compare it to
May last year as the numbers will be skewed. However, for comparison:

April, 2012 $(193,686) net loss

April, 2011 $112,239 net positive
May, 2011 $302,307 net positive


The total pledges for the May drive came in about $130,000 less than last year,
even at 26 days, one day longer than last year (drives are budgeted for 21
days). This total drive came in just $40,000 under the goal. If we do a 10-day
mini in August, like last year, we will be at 88 drive days for the year, one
day less than last year's 89 which had a 13-day December drive to this year's 7-
day December drive.

The daily average for drives days last year was $41,249 and this year is

As of April, we were about $111,000 below last year in listener revenue. Total
revenue was about $50,000 less than last year. Higher than budget CPB and car
donations are helping. And while community events added to total revenue...

ytd - Community Events - revenue $ 35,129
ytd - Community Events - expenses $113,197



May, 2012: $2,033,952
May, 2011 $1,839,664

The expenses are $194,288 higher than last year (not including the transmitter
at $72,000, which brings the total to $266,288 higher than last year.

Please feel free to ask any further questions. Attached are the May


Appendix E--Outreach Committee Report (submitted electronically prior to the
scheduled May meeting)

KPFK Outreach Committee Report for May 8th, 2012

In Attendance: Jessica Wood KPFK Volunteer Coordinator, Pouyan, Rob, Ron S,
Rosie, Reza, Moe, Alise and Lawrence - Acting Chair

Members reported on there Outreach efforts reporting Volunteering at Community
KPFK Events and other Community Outreach opportunities and how to recruit new
listeners in the Community. Highlighting Peace Vigils on efforts to stop the
War Mongering regarding going to War against Iran.

We heard a proposal from Frank Martinez UTLA Board member and KPFK programmer
to attend a Community planning meeting of a Forum or Town hall on the current
state of the Educational System in LA County and Nation wide. Some members
volunteer to attend the Community planning meeting yet to be scheduled.

Members also, agree to Host a Movie Night once a Month a site to be determined,
Jessica Wood stated she and the Volunteer Department will support our efforts
as we committed to continuing to support supplying volunteers to sit and
provide support by managing Tables at such events as necessary. Jessica Wood
also informed the committee committees of future events where the Volunteer
Department will need community support.

A Community Listener member reported on Community outreach efforts regarding
the legal case of long time Los Angeles community activist and KPFK listener
sponsor Carlos Montes.

Members asked Jessica about a Mobile Application for KPFK so Youth could listen
to KPFK on there phones and other electric devises. Jessica committed to talk
to Ali Lexa and get back to the committee. Jessica got back to us and informs
us that she spoke to Ali who informs us that the Network is currently working
obtaining a Mobile Application for all 5 stations. Jessica was ask about
additional items such as KPFK Outreach business cards among the many questions
and concerns which we are happy to report that Jessica got back to us on all
questions and concerns ask of her by the committee.

Also, the upcoming Picnic to be held to bring awareness on U.S political
prisoners being held in U.S prisons on June 10th beginning at 10am.

This concludes the KPFK Outreach Committee report for May.

By the Outreach Committee and Acting Chairman Lawrence Reyes


Appendix F--Personnel Committee Report (submitted electronically prior to the
schedules May meeting)

FROM: John Cromshow, Chair Pro Tem, LSB Personnel Committee
RE: Committee Report
DATE: May 14, 2012

At the April meeting of the Personnel Committee reviewed the completed iPD
Survey process. The Committee motion - table the results, conducted by
Ridgecrest Surveys, until after the LSB Program Director Search Committee has
submitted its recommendations and the General Manger has made his selection -
was passed by the LSB.

After the April LSB meeting I met with KPFK GM Bernard Duncan in his office. We
discussed Personnel Committee and LSB motions re: the EEOC requirements
about advertising two other open positions at the station - (interim)
Accounting Manager and (interim) Development Director. Bernard said he would
present an update at the May LSB meeting.

The next item on the Personnel Committee agenda is the creation of the GM
Survey. We will review at least three companies which conduct such surveys -
Ridgecrest and two others. While the survey will be similar to the just-
completed iPD Survey, it will be crafted to address the GM position.

Next Personnel Committee meeting: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at KPFK, 4-6 PM.