Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of February 15, 2012

The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 7:30 PM at Peace Center West, 3916 Sepulveda
Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230, the chair (Michael Novick) being in the chair and
the secretary (John P. Garry III) being present. The minutes of the three
previous meetings (November 19, 2011, December 17, 2011, and January 14, 2012)
were approved as corrected. PNB committees were populated.

Fourteen members were present, constituting a quorum: Ken Aaron, Chuck
Ankine Antaram, Rodrigo Argueta, Fred Blair, Aryana Gladney, Kim Kaufman,
Brenda Medina, Margie Murray, Michael Novick, John Parker, Summer Reese,
Lawrence Reyes, John Wenger.

Eight members were excused: Lydia Brazon, Omar Burdet, John Cromshow, Leonard
Isenberg, Jim Lafferty, Fred Klunder, Ali Lexa, Dutch Merrick.

Two members were absent: Sequoia Olivia Mercier, Lamont Yeakey.

Also present: Bernard Duncan (KPFK General Manager), Terry Goodman (Audio
Recordist) and members of the public.

Authority and Notice: This meeting was authorized by the LSB by a motion
approved at its meeting of January 14, 2012. Specific notice was posted on
KPFK.org and other websites beginning on February 9, 2012 (see Appendix A).

Audio Recording for this meeting can be accessed for a limited time at


[Audio Part 1]

I. Call to Order / Roll Call (7:30)

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7:30 PM.

Point of order from Reese: Excused absences are not official until requests are
accepted by the board [during the calling of the roll the Secretary had
announced certain members as "excused"]. The excused absence requests named
above were accepted with one objection (Wenger).

Responding to a request from Reese, the Chair directed the Governance Committee
to create an excused absence policy and address multiple excused absences by
board members.

Murray moved approval of the minutes, which had been forwarded to the board
electronically prior to the meeting. The minutes of November 19, 2011, December
17, 2011, and January 14, 2012 were approved as corrected without objection.

II. Scheduling / Locations / Notice of 2012 Meetings (7:42)

The following 2012 meeting dates were approved without objection:

Saturday, March 17, 1:00 PM (St. Patrick's Day)
Wednesday, April 18 7:00 PM
Saturday, May 19, 1:00 PM (Armed Forces Day)
Wednesday, June 20, 7:00 PM (First Day of Summer)
Saturday, July 21, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, August 15, 7:00 PM
Saturday, September 15, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, October 17, 7:00 PM
Saturday, November 17, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, December 19, 7:00 PM

III. Chair Report (7:50)

The Chair delivered a report. Discussion followed.

Medina moved to have the General Manager follow up with KPFK staff members on
their availability for the financial brain-storming session/strategic planning
meeting [approved by the board on November 19, 2012], which shall include
listeners. Passed without objection.

IV. Implementation / Follow Up / Action Items (8:01)
a. ICE Raids Reporting Policy

There was a discussion of the ICE Raids Reporting Policy. The General Manager
also reported.
Reese noticed twitter@checkpointsdui as a site for police checkpoint

V. General Manager Q&A (8:07)

The General Manger delivered a condensed version of his report, which was
forwarded electronically to the board prior to the meeting (see Appendix B).
Discussion followed.

Wenger moved to extend five minutes. Passed without objection.

[Audio Part 2]

Discussion of the financial brain-storming session/strategic planning meeting

VI. Public Comment I--questions to GM (8:33)

Public comment was heard for twelve minutes.

VII. General Manager responds to public comment (8:45)

The General Manager responded to public comment.

VIII. PNB Director Reports (8:48)

Aaron summarized the report he had distributed electronically to the board
earlier. Reese reported. Discussion followed.

IX. Public Comment II--questions to PNB Directors (9:03)

Public comment was heard for eight minutes.

X. PNB Directors respond to public questions (8:11)

PNB Director Reese responded to public comment.

XI. Populating PNB Committees (9:17)

a. Coordinating (report only) Reese reported.

b. Personnel (report only) Reese reported.

c. Finance (report only) Kaufman reported.

d. Programming (two seats) Nominees: Antaram, Reyes, Argueta.

[Audio Part 3]

Argueta withdrew his nomination during balloting. Antaram and Reyes were
elected by acclamation.

c. Governance (two seats) Medina reported. Nominees: Medina, Wenger, Reyes.
Wenger and Medina were elected by a secret ballot.

e. Audit (two seats) Blair reported. Klunder (in absentia) and Blair were
elected by acclamation.

f. Technology (two seats) Blair and Reese reported. Nominees: Blair, Wenger,
Blair and Novick were elected by a secret ballot.

g. Elections (two seats) Murray and Novick reported. Novick and Blair were
elected by acclamation

h. Committee of Inclusion Director Member (one seat) Argueta, Reese, Gladney
reported. Running unopposed, Brazon was elected in absentia by acclamation.

i. Committee of Inclusion LSB Members (three seats). Argueta, Gladney, Reyes
were elected by acclamation.

i. Archives Task Force (volunteer sign-ups) Reese reported. There were no

k. Affiliates Task Force (volunteer sign-ups) Reese reported. Volunteers:
Kaufman, Medina, Antaram, Reyes, Murray.

Kaufman moved to adjourn after public comment. No vote taken.

XII. Public Comment III (9:55)

Public comment was heard for three minutes.

XIV. Governance Committee Report (9:58)

Wenger moved the following motions:

"The General Manager shall investigate John Cromshow's relationship to UTLA,
its effect on his program, and explain why nothing was done when Isenberg
brought the issue to management, specifically to Interim Program Director Alan

Wenger moved to table. Motion tabled without objection.

"All LSB committees shall schedule and notice their meetings three or more
months in advance for ease of scheduling and public participation."

Motion passed by majority hand vote (tally not recorded).

"With reference to the Personnel and Search Committees, committee procedures,
outreach solicitation lists, statistics on solicitation responses,
questionnaires to candidates, and criteria for candidate evaluation shall be
discussed and developed in public session and all such meetings shall be
publicly noticed, consistent with LSB noticing requirements."

Aaron moved to amend: "From this point forward, for future searches." Motion
failed by a show of hands: Yes-5, No-7.

Aaron moved to postpone. Motion failed by a show of hands: Yes--6, No-6.

Governance' Personnel and Search Committees main motion passed by a show of
hands: Yes-6, No-5.

The meeting adjourned due to expiration of time at 10:22 PM

Respectfully submitted by John P. Garry III, Secretary
(these minutes were approved on April 18, 2012)

Appendix A-Public Notices

Emailed by Terry Goodman on Thursday, February 9, 2012 9:41:50 AM

The KPFK Local Station Board (LSB) will meet on Wednesday, February
15, 2012, from 7-10:00 PM at the Culver City Peace Center, 3916 S.
Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230-4640 (between Venice Blvd. and
Washington Place). Meetings are open to the public. Agenda items
include election of LSB members to committees of the Pacifica National
Board (PNB) for the coming year, and a report from the station's
General Manager (GM) Bernard Duncan. Four periods of public comment
are interspersed during the agenda. You may also contact the Board
chair, Michael Novick, with comments or suggestions for future
agendas, at mnovick.kpfklsb@gmail.com.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?daddr=34.010729,-118.415091


Appendix B--Manager's Report


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(Bernard Duncan, General Manager)

Manager's Overview

. KPFK's February fund drive began on 7 February and is expected to conclude
on 27 February. The results have so far been mixed, and the latest total
pledges will be reported at the LSB meeting.

. A fund-raising strategy session to find new ways to sustain the station is
being planned to occur in conjunction with the March LSB meeting. A wider
strategic planning exercise is also being talked about.

. As previously discussed, a Report to the Listener hosted by the LSB
Chairman will take place during March.

. The January in-person PNB meeting was held in Los Angeles from 27-29
January. Delegates may wish to report back at the LSB meeting.

. At the time of writing this report, Arbitron data for January had not been
received. They will be sent on separately when available.

. Following extensive discussion and investigation of the options for KPFK
in terms of the proposed project to install a solar canopy, I have decided
that in the current economic climate the plans we have are no longer
workable in their present form. The solar project will therefore not
proceed and we will make on-air announcements at the end of the fund drive
to inform our listeners, and ask donors if they wish to have their
contributions returned or retained by us to invest in other projects. KPFK
will continue to assess energy responsibility options in future, in
keeping with our commitment to our environment.

. General - KPFK's Public File is up to date.

Outreach and Development

. Fund Drive - During Black History Month, KPFK is in fund drive and
outreach activities are slowed as our staff resources are redirected to on-
air fundraising. Nonetheless, there are a few outreach activities planned
for the month that are built in to the fund drive pitch. The Pan African
Film Festival is an annual media sponsorship for KPFK Radio, spanning over
a week during the month from February 9 - 20, 2012. KPFK receives
recognition from the stage as a media sponsor, with logo placement on the
website and as part of the sponsorship display, as well as tickets to
films for use as premiums. Besides this festival, a donor event has been
organized for Sunday, February 19, featuring Dr. Gerald Horne, author and
regular contributor to the weekly roundtable featured on Sojourner Truth,
hosted by Margaret Prescod.

. Outreach Report Back - Two significant events:

1. Spanish-language programmers organized two screenings of A Better
Life, the first at the Los Angeles Theatre Center on Sunday, 22
January with director Chris Weitz; the second screening in Santa Ana
this past weekend. The screening at the LATC was full, bringing in 300
people including families with children, who stayed through the lively
post-screening Q&A with the filmmaker. The event in Santa Ana had
nearly 80 in attendance. Both film events featured an important post-
screening discussion about life as an undocumented resident, family
relationships and the role of independent media to communicate these
issues. Another screening is scheduled for March at the Museum of
Latin American Art (MoLAA).

2. The new book Redefining Black Power by the Pacifica Radio Archives
and edited by Joanne Griffith was the centerpiece and talking point
for a community discussion at Eso Won Books in Leimert Park on 2
February. The discussion focused on issues of cultural sensitivity and
diversity in education, and engagement of youth of color.

. Community Engagement: CAB - KPFK has set a recurring monthly meeting
schedule for the CAB, to encourage as much participation by as diverse a
cross-section of the community as possible. Currently there is a radio
spot running announcing this regular meeting schedule to help get the word
out that KPFK wants to populate this board with interested and committed
individuals. KPFK is adopting a set of guidelines for the running of the
Community Advisory Board that are a collection of best practices from
other Pacifica and Pacifica affiliate stations.

. Fund Drive: "Community Premiums" - Development would appreciate the Local
Station Board's suggestions as to ways KPFK can fulfill our commitment to
listeners who donated to the station and the Solidarity with the 99%
premium. We have had one possible suggestion already. The solidarity
premium has been fulfilled in part and in installments, but has had to
adjust to developments in the Occupy movement. The remaining amount to
deliver as an in-kind donation is $2,937.30.


. Programming Changes - The programming changes mentioned in last month's
report, centering around the movement of Al Jazeera News to 2pm Mondays
through Fridays, went into affect on Wednesday January 18th. Two shows
went on brief hiatuses - Access Unlimited and Pacifica Performance
Showcase - and they will be back on the programming grid shortly after the
current fund drive.

. Fund Drive - We're through the first week, and so far the response of the
listeners has been comparable to the first week of recent fund drives.
Once the numbers from KPFA are added in, we have been averaging roughly
$35,000 per day.

. Radio Drama - LA Theater Works will be joining our airwaves for a weekly
broadcast after the current fund drive. LA Theater Works is the pre-
eminent radio theater project in the country and has a long history of
being on Pacifica stations (most notably, KPFA) and affiliates. Bringing
LA Theater works onto KPFK is in keeping with the Pacifica Mission, where
it calls upon the stations "to encourage and provide outlets for the
creative skills and energies of the community" (in the next phrase the
mission focuses on "the writing and producing of drama").

In contrast to the many other stations that broadcast LA Theater Works
around the country and the world, KPFK will be the home station for the
project; and, accordingly, we will be developing this relationship fully.
As such, the introduction of LA Theater works to KPFK opens up avenues for
the station to build strong relationships with the dramatic arts community
in Southern California.

. Program Hiatus - In advance of the announcement of LA Theater Works coming
onto KPFK, interim Program Director Alan Minsky sent the following note to
KPFK Programmers about our decision to place selected shows on season-long
hiatuses to accommodate the introduction of new programs to our airwaves:

"Dear KPFK Programmers,

Following the KPFK winter fund drive, a few KPFK shows will be asked to go
on hiatus.

We will be doing so for two reasons. One: it allows us to bring on new
shows without terminating established, valued shows; and the station needs
to expand and diversify its voices. Two: We feel that all of our shows
could benefit from taking breaks in order to retool, develop outreach
strategies (including social media) to build their audience, and in the
case of many shows devise new strategies for raising money for the
station, which is, of course, one of the responsibilities of all shows
that are on KPFK.

With public affairs talk shows, the hiatus period will actually involve a
high profile programming component. We will be asking shows placed on
hiatus to produce a special week-long series on the subject that is the
focus of their shows that will air in the week before the show returns to
the airwaves. We would also like this week-long series to go along with a
high-profile public event, related to the subject of the week-long series.

So, the hiatus period will be very active. The first half will
concentrate on self-critique, working with staff to strengthen the show,
along with implementing outreach and revenue building strategies. The
second half of the hiatus will be developing, and producing the series and
the public event - and all the attendant outreach related to the series.

Lastly, programmers are sometimes dismayed when asked by management to go
on a hiatus, that it represents a singularly negative critique of their
show. This is not the case. First of all, several shows are going to be
asked to go on a hiatus in the coming years. Hiatuses generally last
about three, no more than four, months; and a show will not be asked to
take a hiatus more than once every two years and probably less
frequently. Secondly, the fact that KPFK is asking a show to go on hiatus
(as opposed to being terminated, which will happen to some shows), is
proof that we feel the overall vision for the show is excellent, but KPFK
wants to have the opportunity to work with the show to improve it, and
then bring it back to the airwaves with a big splash."


. Fire Alarm System Test - A test on our fire alarm system on January
23rd failed for the following reasons:
o the operations matrix at the fire alarm control panel needed updated
o a battery needed to be replaced,
o the signal remote annuciator needed to be replaced,
o several smoke detectors had to be replaced, and
o flashing lights had to be installed in our news 1 & 2 booths and
edit 1 & 2 booths (as per fire code).

We were brought into compliance February 9th with the correction of these

. HVAC and Ducting - Work on the return air flow to our main A/C unit has
been completed, although the unit still needs some more fine tuning.


. Studios - The studios are generally in good condition and repair with few

. Malibu Booster site - A new receiver has been installed and is working
very well. We will continue to monitor the booster to make sure it
operates properly.

. Rancho Bernardo translator site - Because of interference from the FM
station in Tijuana the translator has been temporarily shut down. Efforts
are being made to relocate and reorient the receive antenna to reduce or
eliminate interference.

. Santa Barbara translator site - The translator is in good condition and is
operating properly.

. Mt. Wilson transmitter site - The emergency generator maintenance and
service has been done, electrical work has been done and the generator is
now connected to the new transmitter. Installation of the new transmitter
was done in January.

Maintenance and repair of the current KPFK main transmitters and
associated equipment on Mt. Wilson is ongoing.

Business Office

. Financial status as at February 13 (cf. January 12) -
o Total Cash in Bank is $268,000 (458,000)
o The current balance in the solar project account is $26,400. (Note:
this is additional to Cash in Bank)
o Total payables stand at $68,000 (45,000).
o Central Services fees owed to National Office and Pacifica Radio
Archives stand at $102,600 (165,400).

Bernard Duncan
General Manager
February 14 2012


Appendix C--LSB Approved Agenda

Proposed Agenda for KPFK LSB Meeting of 2-15-2012
(all times include board discussion time)

I. Call to Order, Roll Call, Excused Absences, Agenda Approval,
Ground Rules for Communication, Announcements, Minutes Approval,
(15 min)

II. Scheduling / Locations / Notice of 2012 Meetings
(10 min)

III. Chair Report (2 min)

IV. Implementation / Follow Up / Action Items (5
a. Ice Raids Reporting Policy

V. General Manager Q&A (15 min)

VI. Public Comment I (questions to GM) (7.5 min)

VII. GM responds to public comment (2 min)

VIII. PNB Director (15 min)

IX. Public Comment II (questions to PNB Directors) (7.5

X. PNB Directors respond to public questions (4 min)

XI. Populating PNB Committees (60 min)
Each committee shall report on recent activities and define its function.
a. Coordinating (report only)
b. Personnel (report only)
c. Finance (report only)
d. Programming (two seats)
c. Governance (two seats)
e. Audit (two seats)
f. Technology (two seats)
g. Elections (two seats)
h. Committee of Inclusion Director Member (one seat)
i. Committee of Inclusion LSB Members (three seats)
i. Archives Task Force (volunteer sign-ups)
k. Affiliates Task Force (volunteer sign-ups)

XII. Public Comment III (during PNB elections, placement TBD by the
public) (7.5 min)

XIII. Public Comment IV (before pending motions) (7.5

XIV. Governance Committee Report (15 min)
a. General Manager Investigation Motion
b. Committee Advance Scheduling Motion
c. Personnel and Search Committee Procedures Motion
d. Committee Chairmanship Motion

XV. Personnel Committee (10 min)
a. Interim Position Public Notification Motion.

XVI. PD Search Report (1 min)

XVII. Programming Oversight Committee Report (5 min)
a. PrOC Motions from 2-9-2012

XVIII. Finance Committee Report (1 min)
a. LSB Expense Report

XIX. Outreach Committee Report (4 min)

XX. New Business (0 min)

total 194 min

Personnel Committee Motion:

"To comply with EEOC requirements, the LSB urges the KPFK GM to advertise, and
begin the selection process for interim positions (Business Manager &
Development Director) and give a progress report at the February 2012 LSB


Governance Committee Motion from January 9, 2012

Motion from Isenberg: The General Manager shall investigate John Cromshow's
relationship to UTLA, it's effect on his program, and explain why nothing was
done when Isenberg brought the issue to management, specifically to Interim
Program Director Alan Minsky.

Motion passed by a roll call vote: Yes--5, No-2, Abstain-0.

Governance Committee Motions from February 13, 2012:

Novick moved (amended by Medina) that all LSB committees shall schedule and
notice their meetings three or more months in advance for ease of scheduling
and public participation. Passed without objection.

Feuer moved: With reference to the Personnel and Search Committees, committee
procedures, outreach solicitation lists, statistics on solicitation responses,
questionnaires to candidates, and criteria for candidate evaluation shall be
discussed and developed discussed in public session and all such meetings shall
be publicly noticed, consistent with LSB noticing requirements. Passed without

Novick moved: Any member in good standing of an LSB Committee may serve as
chair of that committee.

Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes--5, No-1, Abstain -1


KPFK LSB 2012 Proposed Meeting Dates from Governance Committee:

Saturday, March 17, 1:00 PM (St. Patrick's Day)
Wednesday, April 18 7:00 PM
Saturday, May 19, 1:00 PM (Armed Forces Day)
Wednesday, June 20, 7:00 PM (First Day of Summer)
Saturday, July 21, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, August 15, 7:00 PM
Saturday, September 15, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, October 17, 7:00 PM
Saturday, November 17, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, December 19, 7:00 PM


Appendix D-Outreach Committee Report

Minutes for KPFK Outreach Committee Meeting
February 12, 2012

Present: Lawrence Reyes, Fernando Velazquez, Van Mizell, Ron Spriestersbach,
Doug Barnett, Nancy Lawrence, Hendrik Safarian, Alise Sochaczewski, Reza Pour,
Marla Bernstein, Rosie Alizaondo, Israel Feuer, Eleni Earth.

1. Introductions and members outreach activities the past month.

2. Development of Outreach Plan

1) Reach out to communities outside of LA area, such as Riverside and San
Bernardino. In the past we had Friends of KPFK community meetings where
a station representative would speak to local listeners on various topics.
We will bring list of individuals we know with whom we can liason in
various outlying cities and communities and begin

2) Other types of locations for Outreach suggested were at Peace Vigils,
where we can have a KPFK table and at Occupy General Assembly meetings and
meetings of Peace and Justice organizations such as the Bus Riders' Union.
Also suggested was to get on the agenda of local Neighborhood Council
Meetings to talk about the station - Alise will bring list of these
councils to our next meeting.

3) Specific upcoming events suggested for tabling by Outreach committee are
the Tonga Event in Brentwood in March, the LA Book Fair at USC in April
and the 3 Day Pow Wow in May.
- Tonga event: Nancy Lawrence will confirm date of this event and
Lawrence will contact station re: tabling.
- Book Fair: even though KPFK has a booth we could leaflet and
encourage membership outside of the booth.
- Indian Pow Wow generally is Mother's Day weekend.

4) Outreach Committee would like to invite Jessie, as volunteer coordinator,
to attend out meetings and collaborate with us in these efforts. Lawrence
will present invitation.

5) It is suggested and unanimously approved that official volunteer hours
should be accrued by those individuals who table for the Outreach
Committee at various community events.
This will brought to management by Lawrence.

6) Lawrence will request time in the agenda for the next LSB meeting to
report from this committee.

7) Members unanimously choose Lawrence to be Facilitator and Rosie co-
facilitator of the Outreach Committee.

8) Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted 2-13-12 by Alise.