Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of January 14, 2012

The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on
Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 1:03 PM at Peace Center West, 3916 Sepulveda
Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230, the chair (Michael Novick) being in the chair and
the secretary (John P. Garry III) being present. Board committees were
populated. No minutes were approved.

Twenty-two members were present, constituting a quorum: Ken Aaron, Chuck
Ankine Antaram, Rodrigo Argueta, Fred Blair, Lydia Brazon, John Cromshow,
Aryana Gladney, Leonard Isenberg, Kim Kaufman, Fred Klunder, Jim Lafferty, Ali
Lexa, Brenda Medina, Sequoia Olivia Mercier, Dutch Merrick, Margie Murray,
Michael Novick, Summer Reese, Lawrence Reyes, John Wenger, Lamont Yeakey.

Two members were absent: Omar Burdet, John Parker.

Also present: Bernard Duncan (KPFK General Manager), Terry Goodman (Audio
Recordist, Election Teller) and members of the public

Authority and Notice: This meeting was authorized by the LSB by a motion
approved at its meeting of October 19, 2011 and rescheduled on November 19,
2011. Public notice was posted on December 24, 2011 (see Appendix A).

Audio Recording: The audio of the meeting is available at KPFTX.org

[Audio Part 1]

I. Call to Order / Roll Call (1:03)

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 1:03 PM.

Agenda Approval (1:10)

Aaron moved to approve the LSB agenda after the Delegates Meeting is concluded.
Cromshow called the question. The motion to close debate passed by a show of
Yes-11, No-8, Abstain-2.

Aaron's motion was approved by a show of hands: Yes-12, No-9, Abstain-0.

The meeting adjourned without objection at 1:24 PM.
A Delegates Meeting was convened immediately in the same place. See Audio Parts

[Audio Part 5]

II. Call to Order (3:37)

The LSB meeting was reconvened by the Chair at 3:37 PM

Agenda Approval (3:37)

Kaufman moved to adjourn at a time certain of 4:00. Failed by substitution.

Medina moved to substitute (amended by Klunder) to have a time certain of 4:30.
Motion passed by majority hand vote (tally not recorded).

Wenger moved to move consideration of the Governance Committee motion calling
for a GM investigation higher in the agenda. Motion failed by a show of hands:
Yes-7, No-8.
The LSB committee sign-up sheet was passed out

IV. General Manager Q&A (3:52)

The Manager's Report was distributed electronically to the board before the
meeting (see Appendix C). The General Manager summarized the report and
answered questions.

III. Public Comment (questions to GM) (4:13)

Public comment was heard for ten minutes. A member of the public noticed a KPFK
Community Advisory Board meeting for January 22, 2012 at Pro-Uno, 4020 East
Slauson Blvd, Maywood, CA 90270.

VI. General Manager responds to public comments. (4:23)

The General Manager responded to public comment for one minute.

VIII. PNB In-Person meeting Report / Discussion (4:24)

Reese reported.

IX. Notice of Meetings / Scheduling (4:28)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 was approved as the next meeting date without
objection (location to be determined).

Kaufman noticed a Finance Committee meeting for Monday, February 6, 2012.

The meeting adjourned due to the expiration of time at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted by John P. Garry III, Secretary
(these minutes were approved on February 15, 2012)

Appendix A-Public Notices
Emailed by Terry Goodman on Saturday, December 24, 2011 11:04:31 PM

The annual meeting of the KPFK Delegates for the purpose of electing
four station representative Directors to the Pacifica National Board
for the new term is scheduled to occur on Saturday, January 14, 2012,
beginning at 1:00 pm at the Sepulveda Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda
Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230. In addition to this assembly of
Delegates, the KPFK Local Station Board will also hold a shortened
regular meeting. Ideally, the Delegates will formally re-convene for
the Chair's announcement of Director election results so that any
objections or election challenges may be heard and immediately handled
by the assembled Delegates.

Appendix B-Approved Agenda

LSB Meeting

I. Call to Order, Roll Call, Excused Absences, Agenda Approval.
(10 min)

Delegates Meeting (95 min)

LSB Meeting (135 min)

II. Call to Order, Roll Call, Ground Rules for Communication, Announcements,
Minutes Approval. (15 min)

III. Public Comments I (may be directed to PNB)
(7.5 min)

IV. General Manager Q&A (15 min)

V. Public Comment II (questions to GM) (7.5

VI. General Manager responds to public comments.
(5 min)

VI1. PNB Reports and Board Questions (10

VIII. PNB In-Person meeting Report / Discussion
(5 min)

IX. Scheduling/Notice of February Meeting
(5 min)

X. Implementation/Follow-Up/Action Items
(5 min)
a. Website LSB committee information

XI. Populating LSB Committees (5

XII. Treasurer's and Finance Committee Report
(5 min)

XIII. Personnel Committee (10 min)
a. Interim Position Public Notification Motion.

XIV. PD Search Report (5 min)

XV. PNB Elections Committee Report (5

XVI Public Comment III (7.5 min)

XIV. Programming Oversight Committee Report (5

XVI. Outreach Committee Report (5

XVII. Governance Committee Report (5 min)
a. Proposed LSB-Staff Relations Policy
b. General Manager Investigation Motion

XIX. Public Comment IV (7.5 min)

XVIII. New Business (0 min)

Delegates and LSB
total 230 min

Personnel Committee Motion:

"To comply with EEOC requirements, the LSB urges the KPFK GM to advertise, and
begin the selection process for interim positions (Business Manager &
Development Director) and give a progress report at the February 2012 LSB

Governance Committee Motion:

Motion from Isenberg: The General Manager shall investigate John Cromshow's
relationship to UTLA, it's effect on his program, and explain why nothing was
done when Isenberg brought the issue to management, specifically to Interim
Program Director Alan Minsky.

Motion passed by a roll call vote: Yes--5, No-2, Abstain-0.

Appendix C-Management Report


Saturday, January 14, 2012

(Bernard Duncan, General Manager)

Manager's Overview

. Work continues to clarify and confirm the lists required to facilitate a
trouble-free LSB election process in 2012.

. The first of this year's monthly staff meetings took place on 11 January
at the station.

. A Report to the Listener for January is planned for broadcast on Tuesday
afternoon at 3.

. The coordination required to host the January PNB meeting in Los Angeles
is proceeding, and we look forward to a productive meeting from 27-29

. KPFK is putting in place the required contact and presentation system to
facilitate on-air reports of ICE activity in and around the broadcast

. The KPFK Resource Evaluation self-assessment questionnaires distributed at
the end of last year are being reviewed by the GM. The result of the
process will be more precise and appropriate job descriptions and areas of
focus for the upcoming year.

. General - KPFK's Public File is up to date.

FCC Conflict Advice

. At its December 2011 meeting, the LSB requested the General Manager to
make enquiries of Pacifica's legal counsel regarding FCC guidelines on
conflicts of interest that might exist within KPFK's programming. The
advice provided follows. Despite my enquiry not using the word "payola",
our counsel has framed his advice around it:

"The simplest way to think of payola is as a failure to air a sponsorship
identification announcement. The FCC's sponsorship identification rules
require a station to disclose to the public the fact that some third party
has paid or promised something of value in exchange for airing some
matter. When the consideration is received by an on-air person, that
person's duty is to disclose the consideration to station management, so
that management can decide whether a disclosure is warranted.

The fact that an on-air person is paid by a third party is not, in and of
itself, proof of any influence over content. Most of your volunteers
probably have outside jobs or occupations. The duty of the programmer is
to disclose payments that could affect content. Most stations invite such
disclosures by asking announcers to sign "anti-payola" affidavits
periodically. That typically discharges the station's duty to use
"reasonable diligence" to determine whether payments from third parties
influence content, or whether content is determined by the editorial
judgment of the programmer. If you conclude that third-party payments do
influence content, then disclosure of the potential influence is the
complete remedy. There is no longer any duty to air opposing points of
view. The FCC rescinded its "Fairness Doctrine" years ago, so stations and
individual announcers are no longer required to be 'fair.'"

Outreach and Development

. KPFK Media Sponsorships - Of note this month is the media sponsorship of a
book event and public discussion of the Pacifica Radio Archive's first
book project, Redefining Black Power: Reflections on the State of Black
America. The event is scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 2012 at the Eso
Won Book Store in Los Angeles. Not only are we supporting the efforts of
our Archives, but the Foundation receives a percentage of every book sold.
The event will help get the word out about the book before its launch
during the KPFK February 2012 Fund Drive.

Other sponsored events of note are:

> The Skirball's 2012 Women in World Music, supporting the larger
cultural exhibition Women Hold Up Half the Sky which examines
oppression of women worldwide and identifies it as the human rights
cause of our time. The artists performing in this series have been
programmed by Global Village host Yatrika Shah-Raiz.

> Live theatre through the [Inside] the Ford Provocative Theatre
series. KPFK 90.7 is displayed as a media sponsor on their freeway
sign overlooking the northbound 101 freeway.

> The inaugural Tunisian Film Festival (Part of the KPFK Film Club).
This is the first effort by organizers to present the work of
Tunisian filmmakers in the U.S. Organizers say the three-day
festival marks the first anniversary of the Tunisian revolution that
sparked the Arab Spring uprising.

> A Better Life film screening at the LATC (Sunday, 1/22/12 @ 1pm)
Hosted by programmer Ruben Tapia and filmmaker Chris Weitz. This is
a free event and outreach to our Latino community. This is also the
first event in collaboration with the LATC.

. Marketing / Promotions - Updated descriptions of programs and a new grid
have been produced in advance of the expected announcement of changes this
Tuesday, January 17. Related to this, a marketing campaign for the LA
Metro bus and rail system is under exploration.

. Community Engagement: CAB - On Sunday, December 18th, the Interim
Development Director and the interim working group of the CAB convened a
meeting of the Community Advisory Board at KPFK Radio. We had a group of
19 participating in the meeting and discussion, 11 of whom were new to
these meetings. The Vice Chair of the LSB, Margie Murray, was in
attendance, as well as the LSB Secretary John Garry. The reason for having
a Community Advisory Board was discussed with the group, as well as the
need for KPFK to formally constitute a CAB. After going through the
information provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the floor
was opened to a discussion of community needs and KPFK programming. Andy
Griggs introduced the subjects of station accessibility for the disabled
and the lack of coverage of labor issues on our airwaves. There was
agreement among the participants about the importance of these issues for
KPFK, but no concrete proposals were put forward to address them.

Porfirio from the community of Maywood and part of the group PUMAS was
present to update the group on the water issues of the city of Maywood,
where there is evidence of cancer clusters and other health issues related
to the aging, privately owned water systems. It was noted that this group
met with the GM regarding continuous coverage of the issue, and this was
in turn communicated to the KPFK Newsroom. Reporter Dan Fritz expressed an
interest in following up on the story.

Other comments included the reference to a discussion at the LSB about
creating an OccupyLA radio program, without bias from current programmers
and with independent voices from Occupy.

. Fund Drive: "Community Premiums" - The following community assistance-
based premiums were offered in the most recent drives:

V Hot Meals for the Hungry
(December 2011 Mini Fund Drive)
It is too soon for fulfillment figures on this premium which was
offered in the December Mini Drive 2011. Figures for this premium
are forthcoming.

V Solidarity with the 99% Premium
(October 2011 Fund Drive)
The Solidarity Premium has been delivered on in part and in
installments, but has had to adjust with historical developments. We
are entertaining the idea of donating funds to legal organizations
providing pro bono legal support to the Occupiers, but an
appropriate entity still needs to be identified.

| | | |
|To date: 1/11/2012 |Date |Amount |
|Pledged Amount (to date) |1/11/2012 |$57,650.00 |
|Fulfilled Amount (to date)|1/11/2012 |$42,038.00 |
|Corresponding Premium |1/11/2012 |$4,203.80 |
|Amount (10%) | | |
| | | |
|Purchases Made on Donors | | |
|Behalf | | |
|17 large tarps (Home |11/5/2011 |$119.30 |
|Depot) | | |
|Toilet Paper (Home Depot) |11/22/2011 | |
|16x20 Tarps (4 x 39.98) |11/22/2011 |$221.63 |
|Home Depot | | |
|4 sleeping bags (Big 5) |11/23/2011 | |
|4 tents (Big 5) |11/23/2011 |$239.16 |
|Food4Less |11/28/2011 |$60.01 |
|Pizza (Sunday after | |$313.20 |
|Thanksgiving 11/27/11) | | |
|Pizza (Monday after | |$313.20 |
|Thanksgiving 11/28/11) | | |
| | | |
|Subtotal To Date: | |$1,266.50 |
| | | |
|Remaining Amount to Deliver as In-kind |$2,937.30 |
|Donation: | |


. Program Changes - There will be programming schedule changes in the mid-
afternoon week-day hours beginning on Wednesday January 18th.

These changes were set in motion by the decision to move Al Jazeera News
up to 2pm. This move not only allows us to run the show closer to the time
it is actually produced (meaning the news is fresher) - it also moves it
before KCRW's broadcast of All Things Considered (which it has been going
up against), making it the earliest daily news broadcast on Southern
California Public Radio.

A few shows will move timeslots to accommodate this switch. There will
also be other notable shifts in the mid-afternoon schedule, like the
creation of a two-a-half-hour public affairs comedy block on Friday as
well as Truthdig Radio moving to 4pm and Alternative radio coming back to
the regular schedule in the mid-afternoon.

. Hiatus - A couple shows will be placed on very brief hiatuses, though
these shows will all be back on the grid shortly after the February fund

We will be initiating regular hiatus breaks for longstanding shows. This
will allow us to introduce new shows to the KPFK airwaves, while also
allowing long-time shows to take a break, concentrate on strengthening
their programs and build 21st century outreach campaigns, such as social
media. When shows are on a multi-month hiatus they will also be given the
option to organize high-profile week-long specials that would potentially
coincide with a high-profile public event (such as a conference or a
speaking engagement).

. IMRU - On another programming note, IMRU has gone a five week hiatus; and
a new KPFK show, The Out Agenda, is on Mondays at 7pm for a five week run.


. Facilities - Air-conditioning continues to be an issue. There is concern
with the size of the ducting from the roof top to the first floor. We have
had 3 experts in the field inspect the situation and make their
recommendations. We are also looking at a couple of other approaches to
this problem and we should be in a position to make a decision on how to
proceed before the end of the month.

Master Control has been repainted to replace the old peeling paint and
give it a smarter appearance.

Our Fire Alarm System is scheduled for a test on January 18. Some
Fire extinguishers have had maintenance done.

. Equipment - 3 H4 Zoom digital recorders have been purchased to replace our
nearly obsolete Marantz recorders. Our DJ Rig was updated with a new case.
It still needs a new mixer and a lock installed on it to prevent any more
tampering, theft of needles, and slip mats.


. Studios - The studios are generally in good condition and repair with few
problems. One issue that will need to be addressed soon is the need to
update and upgrade the computer server that is the studio audio source for
programs, themes, promos and other copy.

. Malibu Booster site - The connector on the coaxial cable of the receive
antenna that broke during the high winds that we experienced in December
has been replaced. The booster was operating very nicely for a while and
then we started getting reports that listeners were not able to hear KPFK
in Malibu. During an investigation of the booster site it was discovered
that the 15 year old receiver that provides audio to the booster had
malfunctioned. A new receiver will be installed by the middle of January.
We will continue to monitor the booster to make sure it operates properly.

. Ranch Bernardo translator site - This translator is in good condition and
is operating properly.

. Santa Barbara translator site - The translator is in good condition and is
operating properly.

. Mt. Wilson transmitter site - Now that the emergency generator maintenance
and service has been done, electrical work that is being done during the
installation of the new transmitter will include connecting the generator
to the new backup transmitter. Installation of the new transmitter will be
completed by the end of January.

Maintenance and repair of the current KPFK transmitters and associated
equipment on Mt. Wilson is ongoing.

Business Office

. Financial status as at January 12 (cf. December 15) -
o Total Cash in Bank is $458,000 (397,400)
o The current balance in the solar project account is $23,699. (Note:
this is additional to Cash in Bank)
o Total payables stand at $45,000 (90,600).
o Central Services fees owed to National Office and Pacifica Radio
Archives stand at $165,400 (67,500).

Bernard Duncan
General Manager
January 13 2012

Appendix D-LSB Committee Rosters filled out at meeting

Finance Committee (Kim Kaufman, Treasurer)
Fred Blair
Brenda Medina
Aryana Gladney
Summer Reese
Ken Aaron
John Wenger
Margie Murray
Michael Novick

Governance Committee
Fred Blair
Brenda Medina
Lydia Brazon
Lawrence Reyes
Kim Kaufman
John Wenger
Michael Novick

Outreach Committee
Ankine Antaram
Lawrence Reyes
Chuck Anderson
Kim Kaufman

Personnel Committee
Fred Blair
John Cromshow
Chuck Anderson
Ken Aaron
Kim Kaufman
John Wenger
Michael Novick

Programming Oversight Committee
Fred Blair
Ankine Antaram
Rodrigo Argueta
Lawrence Reyes
John Wenger
Margie Murray

In the interest of privacy the listener-sponsor committee sign-up names were
omitted from these minutes.