2011-11-22 Affiliate Taskforce Minutes

Draft Agenda

I. Call to order and roll call (5)

II. Approval of Agenda (5)

III. Approval of Minutes October 27,2011 (minutes are below) (5)

IV. Changing the meeting time to 8PM (1/2 hour earlier as before) (10)

V. Occupy interest from affiliates and guest Mark Read about the Occupy program

VI. Preparing an informational orientation packet about the affiliates program
for the incoming PNB in January (10)

VII. Affiliate survey and portal project (10)

VIII. Adjourn

2011-11-22 Affiliate Taskforce Minutes

I. The meeting was called to order at 8:39pm EST.

Present: Chandra Hauptman, Teresa Allen, Nia Bediako, Campbell Johnson, Heather
Gray, Ursula Ruedenberg, Deena Kolbert, Mark Read (guest)

Excused Absence: Kim Kaufman, Jim Boyd, John Brinkley

II. Approval of Agenda: Affiliate Director will give her Report in Item VII. T
Allen moved to accept agenda. No objections.

III. Approval of Minutes( October 27, 2011): N Bediako moved to approve
minutes. No objections.

IV. Changing the meeting time to 8PM (1/2 hour earlier, as before): Passed: 5
Yes; 2 No. T Allen will update the Pacifica calendar for Dec. 6th at 8pm and
will put 8pm starting time Subject Line when sending out the Affiliate
Taskforce minutes.

V. Affiliates have expressed interest in more coverage of the Occupy movement.
Guest, Mark Read, discussed plans for innovative Occupy programming; followed
by Q & A.

VI. U Ruedenberg took suggestions for an informational orientation packet about
the Affiliates Program for the incoming PNB.

VII. Affiliate survey and portal project: U Ruedenberg will focus on a "Map"
(to better make affiliate communities visible) and an e-commerce site. She is
reviewing the Survey proposal with this in mind.

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 10:18pm EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa J. Allen, Secretary

2011-12-5; approved 2011-12-6