2011-11-3 PNB Development Taskforce Minutes (*No business was conducted at the
10-6-11 meeting)

Draft Agenda
I. Call the meeting to order
II. Roll Call
III. Introduction of guest Denice Zeck from the American Forum
About the American Forum
IV. Marketing plan/national press - How Pacifica could collaborate
with American Forum to promote Pacifica
V. Grant writing ideas
VI. Meetings for November and December
VII. Adjourn

**No business was conducted at the October 6, 2011 meeting.
I. Meeting was called to order at 8:48pm EST.

II. Present: Andrea Turner, Summer Reese, Jessica Apolinar, Teresa Allen,
Campbell Johnson, Heather Gray, Robert Mark

III. Guest: Denice Zeck of the American Forum, was detained. A general
discussion ensued about promoting Pacifica Foundation. C Johnson wishes to see
a case statement. S Reese sees a need for Pacifica to develop means to
deliver: 1) Op Ed's, 2) news, 3) press releases, 4) and social media. J
Apolinar wants training for/utilizing social media on the national level. T
Allen proposes meeting with Denise Zeck and ED (including H Gray, T Allen, R
Mark); specifically she looks for someone to write a grant. H Gray will try to
set up another meeting. The group clearly feels that we need to clarify our
vision for a promotional campaign or our needs in general before we discuss

IV. Marketing plan/national press: - How Pacifica could collaborate with
American Forum to promote Pacifica- postponed.

V. Grant writing ideas- postponed

VI. H Gray agreed to set up a subcommittee teleconference with Denice Zeck on
November 10th and invite everyone; next meeting on Monday, Dec. 5th;

VII. Meeting adjourned at 10:08pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa J. Allen

2011-11-4; approved 2011-12-5