9/14/05 WPFW LSB Meeting - Minutes
WPFW Local Station Board Meeting
September 14, 2005, 7:00 p.m.
The Flemming Center, Washington, DC

Call to Order: 7:20 p.m.
1. Board members in attendance:

Billy Ray Edwards
Jim Brown
Carol Wolfe
Gloria Turner
Noberto Martinez
Joni Eisenberg
Katea Stitt Jane Gatewood
Joe Chiara
Cade Campbell
Dan Logan
Hakam Takash
Aycie Byrd
Rob Robinson Zarinah Shakir
Sarah Bittle
Mark Berman
Luzette King
Joni Eisenberg
Thomas Ruffin
Ron Pinchback, WPFW General Manager and non-voting LSB member, was also in
Excused: Ambrose Lane, Ayo Handy Kendi
Unexcused: Steve Hoffman, Kalonji Olusegun
2. Approval of Agenda
Jane asks for information on ED search before LSB reports.
Mark moves to move PNB reports up to #4. Jane seconds.
Dan moves to add item related to hurricane. Mark B seconds
Also under new business, Mark B wants to raise questions about Lesco who is on
the air at this time of year.
Zarinah moves to add under old business, station clean-up.
Mark R moves to accept the agenda as amended, Joe seconds. Motion carries to
accept agenda with above additions.
Carol asks to add under new business: resignation of Steve Hoffman. Addition
3. Approval of Minutes
One correction proposed Mark R. moves to accept minutes as corrected. Rob R.
seconds. Motion carries. 12 ayes. 1 abstention.
4. PNB Reports
Rob Robinson reported on his activities and distributed a written report as he
does for every meeting.
Mark Roberts reported on his activities: National Finance Committee and exec
search committee. FY06 budget begins October 1. Jane has represented WPFW well.
The WPFW budget is approved. KPFW has a surplus and wants to spend it, so there
are some outstanding questions. Interviewing is under way for ED. Expectation
is that ED will be selected by Sunday. Joe raises question about why there are
no WPFW voices covering the Roberts hearing when other stations are bringing
people into DC to cover it.
Rob Robinson states that PNB programming committee is trying to develop policy
to have stations work together and maintain a calendar to coordinate
programming; not just coverage but approach.
Ron states there are two major marches coming up. WPFW will spearhead coverage
of anti-war rally and Million More march.
Zarinah moves that the LSB write a letter to the PNB expressing concerns
related to the Pacifica Washington Bureau.
Joni moves that the WPFW LSB adopt the following resolution: Whenever Pacifica
broadcasts a national program, a policy must be in place to ensure on-air
representation from a local WPFW programmer or programmers. When the program
originates from Washington, DC, the local WPFW signal will take a leading role
with appropriate funding.
Motion seconded by Mark Roberts. Motion carries with 16 ayes and 1 abstention.
5. LSB Committee Reports
Programming, Development/Outreach, and Finance Committee reports are given.
For the MASC committee, Thomas reports that the committee is ready to release
the job description and announce the Program Director position.
Jim asks that Mark B take over as chair so that Jim can participate. He raises
questions about weather or not we are in a position to go ahead with that.
Mark B, takes over chairing the meeting.
Jane reports that an HR director has been hired by Pacifica and guidance for
local station boards is being prepared to assist LSB's in evaluating GM's and
conduction searches for program directors.
Carol moves that we suspend work on the GM evaluation and program director
hiring procedures until we can get input from the newly hired Pacifica HR
director and the PNB.
Seconded by Jane.
Discussion follows. Aycie calls the question. Aycie also asks that Jim share
his concerns with MASC in writing.
14 in favor of ending discussion. 1 abstention.
Discussion closes.
11 in favor. 6 opposed. No abstentions. Motion carries.
Programming Committee report is given by Hakam who provided information on the
programming evaluation process that is being recommended. Discussion follows.
Norberto reports that Committee on Inclusion needs more members and asks for
help. It is confirmed that Carol, Luzette, and Kalonji are also on the
committee. LSB discussion confirms that the committee is open to people outside
the LSB. Norberto will send Ron a PSA to be aired invite members from the
community to participate.
Gloria reports on the Volunteer Appreciation event scheduled for Saturday. 5:30
- 6:30 pm on
6. General Manager's Report
Ron distributes the GM's report. Luzette notes that the LSB has requested that
the report be distributed in advance of the meeting. Questions and answers
7. Old Business
a. Station clean-up: Zarinah outlines plans and passes around a sign-up sheet
for LSB members to commit to dates and times to help.
8. Community Comment
Community comment begins at 9:55 p.m. Community comment closes at 10:00 pm
after all comments are heard.
9. New Business
a. Hurricane: Dan proposes working with a group that is a professional
facilitator of fundraising. Requires further discussion with PNB. Would need to
be carefully defined and executed. Alternative is to recommend other
organizations to donate to.
Jane reminds us that we need action on a governance committee and/or bylaws
review committee.
10. Adjournment
Meeting is adjourned at10:15 p.m.