Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee Meeting, February 4, 2005

The meeting convened via telephone conference call at 12:30 p.m. Pacific
Standard Time

Present: David Adelson, Beruti Bediako, Dan Coughlin, Patty Heffley, Lonnie
Hicks, Mike Martin, Casey McFall, Marni Tattersall, Sandy Weinmann, LaVarne

Absent: Mark Roberts, Warren Turner

Meeting was called to order by David Adelson. McFall will need to leave the
meeting at 1:30, Williams will take minutes at that time.

Proposed Agenda:
1. Introductions
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Nominations for Officers (chair, secretary)
4. Review of action items
5. Review of PNB finance resolutions and status report on provision of data
6. CFO report and review of November and December financials
7. WBAI budget situation update

The agenda was revised by unanimous consent to move items 5,6, & 7 after the
approval of minutes. Scheduling the next committee meeting was added as agenda
item #8.
1. Review of PNB finance resolutions and status report on provision of data
Dan Coughlin reported that GMs and Business Managers have questions regarding
the implementation of resolutions. Those issues will be addressed in a letter
to the Finance Committee. Extensive discussion ensued regarding the resolutions
and the need for information.

Motion by Bediako, 2nd by Martin:
Finance Committee members shall refrain from requesting information from
Business Managers for two weeks until the letter of concerns regarding
providing requested information is received.
Roll call vote:
Bediako Yes
Heffley No
Hicks Yes
Martin Yes
McFall No
Tattersall Yes
Weinmann Yes
Williams No
Motion carried 5 - 3

2. CFO Report
Lonnie Hicks reported that balance sheets have been posted on the web site and
that he will send the files directly to committee members. Hicks explained that
the Consolodated Income Statement shows forecasts for each station and the
foundation as a whole. Hicks completes a 9- month forecast each month.

Hicks further reported that the foundation is not meeting its goals. There is a
need to develop new revenue strategies, particularly for capitol needs.

Salaries are increasing and the foundation will need to cut expenses. Union
contracts are currently in the negotiation phase.

McFall left the meeting at 1:44 p.m. Minute taking was assumed by Williams.
Those minutes to be added to this document when received.

Respectfully submitted,
Casey McFall
Secretary ProTem
These partial minutes were approved on 11/29/07.