Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee Meeting, January 11, 2005

The meeting convened via telephone conference call at 12:30 p.m. Pacific
Standard Time

Present: David Adelson, Beruti Bediako, Casey McFall, Lonnie Hicks, Carole
Spooner, Marni Tattersall, LaVarne Williams

Meeting was called to order by David Adelson. Because David would need to leave
the call for a short period, Marni Tattersall will step in as Chair during his
absence. Casey McFall served as Secretary.

Proposed Agenda:
1. Approval of minutes
2. Review of WBAI Budget
3. Review of Financial Statements
4. Old Business
Agenda approved without objection

1. Approval of Minutes
Motion by Spooner, 2nd by Bediako:
Move to table approval of minutes of December 28, 2004 meeting to next National
Finance Committee meeting.
Passed with no objections

Request was made for training on proper meeting minutes format.

2. Review of WBAI Budget
Lonnie Hicks gave report on status of the WBAI situation:
a. Lonnie participated in a telephone conference call with Don Rojas and
staff. They agreed on an action plan centered around the fund drive with
the following components:
1. Board members will be identified to participate in the fund drive
and in transition issues/activities.
2. A plan for a mail drive to supplement the on-air drive
3. An anti-inauguration special fundraising event.
b. Discussion ensued as to whether $1.1 million fundraising goal was
c. WBAI is currently $50,000 behind of projected revenue amount.
d. The fulfillment rate is still an issue. The National Development Director
is working with them to reach 80% fulfillment.
e. Union issues are still being negotiated.
f. Lonnie summarized the $56,000 variance as currently stable, but needing to
identify finds within the next two months.
g. A layoff plan exists in the event goals are not reached. Funds are being
put aside for this purpose.
h. Expenses for WBAI differ when compared with other stations. Rent is too
high. Dan and Lonnie are negotiating with real estate people about
possibilities of subletting or breaking the lease.
i. A formal budget adjustment will need to be completed and approved by the
committee to address the under-budgeting of the rent.
j. A real estate team will be formed by the end of January to look for
alternative space.

Also reported by Lonnie, but unrelated to WBAI issues;
a. There are several high cost issues that must be addressed such as archive
costs, building rehabilitation, and ADA issues. Expected costs total $10 -
15 million over the next three years. A strategic plan will be developed
to address these costs.
b. The committee needs a breakdown of consultant costs including who
consultants are, services provided, number of contracts, and clear
breakdown of costs. Lonnie committed to providing this to the committee
within one week.
c. LaVarne will provide Lonnie with a contact for real estate issues.
d. A committee needs to be formed to address the issue of ADA compliance.
e. Lonnie will complete a quarterly forecast for submission to the committee
for approval.

Lonnie Hicks left the meeting at 1:35 p.m.

3. Review of Financial Statements
Financial statements were not reviewed or accepted as submitted due to the
absence of Lonnie.

David Adelson rejoined the meeting at 1:40 p.m.

4. Old Business
a. Two WBAI cash flow projections are needed immediately. The first should be
based on the fund drive projection of $1.1 million. The second should show
forecasts with lower fund drive revenues.

Motion by Spooner, 2nd by Tattersall:
A report will be drafted by David Adelson from the Finance Committee to the PNB
that includes the five points addressed during the last Finance Committee
Passed with no objections

Motion by Spooner, 2nd by Tattersall:
David Adelson shall include in the written Finance Committee report to the PNB
that a resolution was passed requiring a report from the National Office that
detailed inter-division transfers, and that the information has not been
provided to date.
Passed with no objections

Next committee meeting was scheduled for January 28, 2005 12:30 p.m. Pacific
Standard Time.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Casey McFall
Secretary ProTem
These minutes were approved on 11/29/07.