Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee Meeting - May 5, 2004


Minutes of Pacifica National Board Finance Committee Meeting (Conference Call)
of Wednesday May 5, 2004

Meeting convened at 12:10 pm Pacific Time, 3:10 PM Eastern Time

Committee members present by phone were: Lonnie Hicks, LaVarn Williams, Alice
Mark Roberts, Dalia Stokes, Carol Spooner, Jan Goodman, Paul Surovell, Vicki

Henry Cooper arrived at 12:30 Pacific Time, 2:30 Central Time.

Also present was Executive Director Dan Coughlin

Absent: Warren Turner, Donna Warren

Mark Roberts took the Chair.

Agenda items were proposed, including:

Review financials
FY04 Budget
FY05 Budget Process
Flow of Information
Coordinating Committee resolution
Treasurers Concerns on variances
FY05 Approval Process

Lonnie said he would add a column to our line-item reports on percentage

Carol will send out invitations to Committee members to join the Yahoo list-
serve. Not all members have joined.

Lonnie will try to meet deadline of the 4th Friday of each month for the report
on line-item actuals and he will try to send out reports to be discussed at
meetings at least one week in advance.

Lonnie is working on a report showing year-by-year comparisons

Mark reads Coordinating Committee resolution on information access.

Discussion of the role of salary information in the process of approving a
budget. Vicki describes how her board addresses salary information. Henry
asks for the possibility that the salaries of all positions of the Pacifica
Foundation be made public.

Alice introduces motion by Paul Surovell on procedure for access to information
by local finance committees.

Mark suggests we need a motion on principles of access to information by
station Treasurers.

Discussion leads to the following motion, moved by Paul Surovell and seconded:

"The National Finance Committee affirms the right of the Treasurers of the
LSBs, acting on behalf of the Finance Committees, to have absolute access to
all finance data, including but not limited to, salaries, head-count and source
documents, which support the budget line items.

"When confidential information is involved, the information will be reviewed in
executive session only by the Treasurers and the LSB members of the Committees"

Motion passes 9-1 as follows:
Lonnie Hicks -- No
LaVarn Williams -- Yes
Alice Shields -- Yes
Mark Roberts -- Yes
Dalia Stokes -- Yes
Carol Spooner -- Yes
Jan Goodman -- Yes
Paul Surovell -- Yes
Vicki Santa -- Yes
Henry Cooper -- Yes

Next Meeting set for Friday May 21, 2004 at 12:30 Pacific Time.

Will discuss FYR04 budget, with emphasis on significant line-item variances, of
at least $3,000 to $5,000.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM Eastern Time.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul Surovell, Secretary
These minutes were approved on May 21, 2004.