Minutes for the regular National Finance Committee meeting September 6,

Meeting convened at 8:37 PM (ET) a quorum being present, the Chair and
Secretary being present.
Attending: Ken Aaron, Jim Boyd, Bill Crosier, Campbell Johnson, Kim
Kaufman, R. Paul Martin, Tracy Rosenberg, Alex Steinberg, Barbara
Whipperman, Lavarn Williams, Bruce Wolf, also attending were Executive
Director Arlene Englehardt, WPFW General Manager John Hughes, WPFW Business
Manager Robert West and KPFA interim General Manager Andrew Phillips.

1. Approve Draft Agenda
2. Approve August 23 Minutes - Open Session
3. WPFW - Consult re: open/closed session - Do back-up plans in session as
4. Status on KPFK and WBAI
5. KPFA Budget - Approve/Modify

Motion: (Tracy Rosenberg) "To approve the agenda." (Passed without

Approve August 23 Minutes - Open Session 8:40 PM (ET)

A correction was made to the minutes.

Motion: (Tracy Rosenberg) "To approve the minutes of the August 23, 2011,
meeting as corrected." (Passed without objection)

WPFW - Consult re: open/closed session - Do back-up plans in session as
possible 8:44 PM (ET)

The committee discussed with the WPFW General Manager and Business Director
the contingency plan for WPFW's move in case the station can't raise as
much revenue as projected in its draft FY12 budget.

The WPFW General Manager reported that WPFW's lease expires at the end of
July 2012, not November 2012.

Motion: (Bruce Wolf) "That prior to the next NFC meeting on September 13,
WPFW Management send to the committee, in writing, it's contingency plan as
outlined to us tonight, and at that time the NFC will take up the issue of
recommending the WPFW FY12 budget." (Passed without objection)

Status on KPFK and WBAI 9:22 PM (ET)

It was reported that the WBAI LSB has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday,
September 14, 2011, at which it will consider WBAI's draft FY12 budget,
but that a venue for the meeting has not been found yet.

It was reported that the KPFK LSB has voted to approve its draft FY12
budget and that it would be presented and voted on by the NFC at the
September 13, 2011, meeting.

KPFA Budget - Approve/Modify 9:34 PM (ET)

The committee discussed the KPFA draft FY12 budget proposal. As per a
motion passed at the previous meeting the committee considered the version
of the KPFA draft FY12 budget passed by the KPFA LSB on August 20, 2011, as
the definitive version. The committee discussed the details of the budget,
including depreciation, which the CFO said had to be in the budgets from
now on. Changes were made to the budget proposal. The fund raising efficacy
of a proposed Development Director hire was discussed.

Motion: (Ken Aaron) "That KPFA implement a 20% cut from it's FY11 actuals
of $255,724 for CPB funding in its FY12 budget." (Passed 6 for, 3 against,
1 abstention)

The committee discussed adding another meeting. The Chair will ask the
Chair of the PNB Programming Committee if the NFC can meet in that
committee's Friday night time slot on September 9.

Motion: (Bruce Wolf) "To adjourn." (Passed without objection)

Adjourned 11:41 PM (ET)

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary.