Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Meeting of August 17, 2011

The regular monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board was held on
August 17, 2011, 7:09 PM at the Los Angles County Federation of Labor, 2130 W.
James M. Wood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90006, the Chair (Dutch Merrick) being in
the chair and the Secretary (John P. Garry III) being present. The minutes of
the last meeting (July 20, 2011) were approved. Ankine Antaram became a member
of the board following the resignation of Martina Steiner.

Twenty-three members were present, constituting a quorum: Ken Aaron, Chuck
Rodrigo Argueta, Fred Blair (7:16), Lydia Brazon, Omar Burdet, John Cromshow
Aryana Gladney, Leonard Isenberg, Kim Kaufman, Fred Klunder, Jim Lafferty, Ali
Lexa (8:42),
Brenda Medina, Sequoia Olivia Mercier (7:22), Dutch Merrick, Margie Murray,
Michael Novick, John Parker, Summer Reese (7:43), Lawrence Reyes, John Wenger
(7:52), Lamont Yeakey (7:57).

One member was absent: Ankine Antaram.

Also present: Bernard Duncan (KPFK General Manager), Kwazi Nkrumah (Community
Advisory Board Chair), Terry Goodman (Audio Recordist, Sound Board).

Authority and Notice: The time and date of the meeting was determined by an LSB
motion approved at its meeting of February 2, 2011. Notice for this meeting was
posted on KPFK.org, KPFXT.org and other websites beginning on June 19, 2011
(see Appendix A).

Audio Recording: The audio of the meeting is available for a limited time at
the following site:



The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 7:09 PM.


The Chair reiterated principles from the "Policy on Board Decorum" and how
members of the public may communicate with board members.


The Chair announced the availability of speakers and literature for Labor
United for Universal Healthcare. Novick announced the Black August
Commemoration, Saturday August 27, 6:00 PM at the Southern California Library
and the Chicano Moratorium, August 27 (march to and rally at Salazar Park) and
August 28 (panel at Salazar park). The Chair thanked the AFL-CIO (owner of the
venue). At the invitation of the Chair, Steve Goldsmith gave a history of James
M. Wood.


After suggestions from Novick and Brazon, the agenda was approved as amended
without objection (see Appendix B).


Following a discussion of the executive session of July 20, 2011, Aaron
suggested holding a five minute executive session to determine what shall be
reported out of the July 20 executive session. The Chair polled the board:
Shall there be a five-minute executive session with just the members who were
present at the last executive session to determine what to report out? The idea
was rejected by a roll call vote: Yes-5, No-12, Abstain-0.

Yes-Aaron, Blair, Isenberg, Kaufman, Murray.
No-Anderson, Argueta, Brazon, Burdet, Gladney, Klunder, Lafferty, Medina,
Mercier, Novick, Parker, Reyes.
Present not voting-Merrick

The minutes of July 20, 2011 minutes were approved without objection.


Special Budget Meeting: Wednesday, August 31, 7:00 PM, location TBD.
Regular LSB meeting: Saturday, September 10, 1:00 PM, location TBD.
Town Hall, Sunday, September 18, 2011, 3:00 PM.

Novick moved to hold a special LSB budget meeting on Wednesday, August 31, 7:00
PM. Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-14, No--0, Ab-3.


The Chair reported on completed action items--Roman numerals in the agenda;
board questions to PNB directors included in the agenda-and commented on board
attendance and cooperation. The Chair also reported on the resignation of
Martina Steiner and seating of Ankine Antaram, which will occur at next


The Secretary reported on a completed action item: a paper copy of draft
meeting minutes are being brought to each meeting.


Gladney reported that the Committee of Inclusion meeting had been rescheduled
on Monday, August 29 at KPFK at 7:30 PM, and shall be open to the public.

Following a comment from Lafferty, the Chair committed to include a board
expense report as part of the Treasurer's Report.


The General Manager distributed a written report to the board and the public
(see Appendix C) and gave an oral report. Questions from the board followed.


Public comment was heard for nine minutes.


Kwazi Nkrumah (CAB Chair) gave an oral report. He identified the planned
composition of the 24 seat/position CAB, to be recruited by the end of October:
3 labor unions; 3 youth organizations; 2-3 peace organizations; 2-3
environmental groups; 3 civil rights organizations; 3 neighborhood community
councils; 3 housing groups; 3 cultural groups.

Kaufman moved to extend time 5 minutes. Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-
18. Board questions to Nkrumah followed. Reese requested that station
management work with Nkrumah to solicit membership for the CAB. Reyes moved to
extend 3 minutes. Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-14. Questions from the
board continued. Mercier offered the World Stage Performance Gallery (4344
Degnan Blvd, Los Angles, CA 90008) as a meeting space (for the CAB).


Kaufman, Reyes, Novick and Burdet reported. The Town Hall is scheduled for
Sunday, September 18, 2011, 3:00 PM at Masonic Lodge, 9635 Venice Blvd, Culver
City, CA 90232, Room 226. Reyes reported translation equipment had been
obtained, pro-bono, for a $150 equipment deposit. Questions and comments from
the board followed.


Public comment was heard for eleven minutes. Aaron requested that members of
the public who commented on station air conditioning and made advertising
suggestions forward a written report to the Secretary.


Brazon and Reese gave oral reports, followed by questions from the board. Reese
addressed an action item--PNB agendas are being sent to the LSB--and noticed a
meeting of the PNB Audit Committee: Monday, August 29, 2011.


Wenger (Governance Committee Chair) gave an oral report.

Wenger moved "Members of the LSB and its subcommittees shall not insult each
other during meetings. The Chair shall ask insulters to leave the meeting for
the first offense. Subsequent offenses shall suspend members for the remainder
of the meeting and the entire next meeting. Quorum for the next meeting shall
be adjusted so as to not penalize the committee body."

Point of order from Novick: The Governance Committee meeting did not have a
quorum so these motions do not come from the Governance Committee. These
motions were discussed but not voted on. Wenger agreed that the motion was from
him and not the committee.

Point of order from Reyes: The motion is out of order because there was no
motion to divide. The Chair ruled that Wenger was merely clarifying his motion.
Wenger stated that he would be offering one motion at a time. Point of order
from Reyes: This motion is out of order because the committee it is coming out
of did not have quorum. The Chair ruled that Wenger is offering this motion as
an individual, not as a representative of the committee.

Point of order from Aaron: The Chair should use a cue and allow equal debate,
not go back and forth between the maker of the motion and a member making a
comment. To go back to the motivator makes it a dialogue, which is not how
motions should be discussed.

Brazon moved to refer Wenger's motion back to the Governance Committee. Motion
passed by a show of hands: Yes-13, No-7.

The Chair directed Wenger to continue with his report. Point of order from
Reyes: This report is out of order. What should be reported is last month's
Governance Committee report, which had quorum. The Chair ruled that Wenger
could give a cumulative report in the interest of timeliness.

Point of order from Cromshow: This report should not be recognized as a
committee report because there was no quorum. The Chair directed Wenger to give
a report on the previous meeting. Point of order from Kaufman: There was no
quorum at the previous meeting, either.

The Chair asked Wenger to report on the last two Governance meetings. Wenger
continued with his report. Point of order from Reyes: The Board voted to report
out of the executive session, and that's what Wenger is doing now-he's implying
what may have happened in the executive session. Wenger denied this--he was
discussing what was reported in the LSB open session.

Point of order from Reese: She was careful to not name LSB members or staff
members when she requested an executive session. It is inappropriate to discuss
what happened in executive session. Reese moved for an executive session to be
included in next month's agenda. Without objection, so ordered. The Chair
committed to include it in the agenda.


Public comment was heard for eight minutes.

Following upon a matter raised in public comment, Parker moved (amended by
Lafferty) to create an ad hoc committee to investigate an occurrence at SEIU
Local 721 ("Report from Libya: Impact of U.S. war in Africa," August 7, 2011)
involving an LSB member, return at the next meeting with recommendations, and
in the meantime apologize for the embarrassment caused to a former
Congresswoman (Cynthia McKinney), and to a respected community leader (Dedon

Point of order from Reese: This falls under executive session-conduct of a
board member which may involve censure. It is inappropriate to form a committee
without first exploring it in executive session. Point of order from Aaron:
According to Roberts Rules (Chapter 20), disciplinary actions are handled in
closed session.

Reese moved that discussion of Parker's motion be moved into executive session
at the next meeting.

Point of order from Cromshow: The chair should not engage in debate. The Chair
proposed to create a fact-finding ad hoc committee with four members to look
into this matter and report back for further discussion in executive session.
Point of order from Cromshow: The Chair should not engage debate or propose a
motion. The Chair disagreed and stated he is proposing an action.

On behalf of the board, Mercier apologized to Dedon Kamathi (present in the
audience) for anything that was said that was offensive or that he, Kamathi,
interpreted to be offensive.

Reese called the question. Point of order from Novick: When the question is
called you go to a vote to close debate.

Isenberg moved to close debate on Reese's motion to refer. Motion passed by a
show of hands: Yes-14, No-0, Abs---1.

Point of order from Cromshow: We need a vote on whether to have a roll call.
The Chair ruled that a member may request a role call vote.

Reese's motion to refer passed by a roll call vote: Yes-11, No-10, Abstain-0.

Yes-Aaron, Blair, Cromshow, Isenberg, Kaufman, Lexa, Mercier, Murray, Reese,
Wenger, Yeakey.
No-Anderson, Brazon, Burdet, Gladney, Klunder, Lafferty, Medina, Novick,
Parker, Reyes.
Present not voting--Merrick


Cromshow (Personnel Committee Chair) made an oral report. The Interim Program
Director survey will be in September. Two interim positions are open at the
station: Interim Business Manager and Interim Development Director.


Lexa (PD Search Co-Chair) gave an oral report. Questions and comments from the
board followed.

Wenger moved to extend 10 minutes. Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-13, No-


A motion from the PrOC:

"Moved that the LSB request the calendaring of regular programming time for
"dialogue with the listeners" to be hosted by the GM, the PD, the LSB, and the
CAB, occurring weekly so that each body is heard on-air on a monthly basis.
These programs are to alternate among various days of the week and time periods
of the day over the course of the month and the year. In addition once per
month one of these programs is to be conducted in Spanish during the Spanish
Language programming bloc."

Motion passed by a show of hands: Yes-18, No-0, Abs-3.

Blair moved to adjourn. The meeting adjourned without objection at 10:11 PM.

Respectfully submitted by John P. Garry III, KPFK LSB Secretary
(these minutes were approved on September 10, 2011)

Appendix A-Public Notices

Posted at KPFTX.org on June 19, 2011:


Emailed by Terry Goodman on Friday, August 5, 2011 1:48:03 PM:

The KPFK Local Station Board will meet on Wednesday, August 17, 2011
from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the LA County Federation of Labor, 2130 W.
James M. Wood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90006. The gate on the parking
lot opens automatically as you pull up to it. If the lot should be
full, which is extremely unlikely, folks can park at the Korean Church
at the corner of Lake and Olympic, just down the street.


Appendix B-Approved Agenda

Revised Proposed Agenda for KPFK LSB Meeting of 8-17-2011 7pm- 10pm
(all times include board questions and discussion)

Call to Order promptly at 7pm, (-Please arrive early to ensure quorum at the
Roll Call, Excused Absences, Procedures for disruptive Public and Board
General Announcements, Agenda approval, July meeting Minutes approval
(20 min)

Scheduling/Notice of upcoming Meetings (including Budget meeting)
(5 min)

Chairperson's Report (10 min)
Action Items:
Chair: Agenda to have Roman numerals and numbers.
Chair: Agenda time for board questions to PNB Directors

LSB Secretary's Report
Action Items:
Secretary: hard copies of draft minutes to be brought to board meetings.
(2 min)
Secretary: Committee of Inclusion membership report

Uncatagorized Action Items (3 min)
Gladney: Committee of Inclusion meeting.

Public Comment I (7.5 min)

Management Report: Bernard Duncan (15 min)

Public Comment II (7.5 min)

Town Hall Task Force Report (5 min)

Public Comment III (7.5 min)

PNB Director Reports (includes discussion) (20
Aaron, Argueta, Brazon, Reese
Action Items:
Reese: Distribute PNB agenda to the LSB.

Governance Committee Report (20 min)
Action Items:
Governance: Spanish language translation
Governance: LSB-Staff etiquette policy.

Personnel Committee Report (5 min)

Programming Oversight Committee Report (5 min)
Programming Motion

Finance Committee Report (20 min)
LSB Budget and expenditures to date
Notes on executive session committee meeting

Outreach Committee Report (10 min)

Public Comment IV (7.5 min)

Unfinished Business (5 min)
New Business (5 min)

total 180 minutes (3 hours)
c/o D.M.

Appendix C-General Manager's Report


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Bernard Duncan, General Manager)

Manager's Overview

. 2012 Budget
o The budget drafting process is proceeding, and the outlook is
challenging. Assuming listener support income will remain static or
fall, we are assessing other funding options, including events and
grants, and focusing on cost-containment and cutting.
o The Finance Committee will consider the draft on 27 August.

. Report to the Listener
o On-air Manager's reports started again on 11 August with a pleasing
response in terms of numbers. The phone board was full for the hour,
and we received a number of useful comments, criticisms and
compliments. The reports will once again become a regular feature.

. Listener Support
o The August drive is underway. Too early to report anything
o The KPFK team, as usual, has thrown everything at this, and this
drive is intended to be as unobtrusive as possible.

. Staff meetings
o Monthly full-staff meetings continue.

. Priorities for the Remainder of the Year
o A list of strategic actions to be attacked during the rest of 2011
has been compiled and distributed to staff and the Board. In brief,
the tasks relate to the evaluation of station programming and staff,
the formalization of policy, the ongoing impact of the KPFK website,
the local news possibilities, and the establishment of processes to
ensure required tasks are recognized, prioritized and dealt with.

. General - KPFK's Public File is up to date.

Outreach and Development

. Member Benefits Card - work on the card has intensified in preparation for
the August Fund Drive, with a view to double our current participating
vendor offerings and solidify renewals of current community partners for
2012. Progress has been pleasing so far. This project is the station's
main Business Outreach outside of food donations and will build affinity
between KPFK, the listeners and the businesses operating in our a
community; and achieve promotion and name recognition of KPFK Radio to a
wider community of people.

. Community Advisory Board - the progress on firming up the CAB is pleasing,
and we expect some finality on how that group will be populated, meet and
operate. There will be more details discussed at this LSB meeting.

. Just past - Saturday, August 13 - Pop & Politics with Jimmy Dore at the
NerdMelt Theatre at Meltdown Comics. All proceeds benefit KPFK Radio from
this new agreement established between the venue and KPFK. A more full
report back will be presented to the September LSB meeting.

. Coming up and underway -
o August Fund Drive (16 - 25 August)
o Wednesday, September 7 - KPFK presents author Frances Moore Lappé
(Diet for a Small Planet) and her new book Ecomind. KPFK hosts this
night of her Southern California book tour at All Saints Episcopal
Church in Pasadena, 132 North Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, California 91101. (The event is free. KPFK will partner
with Vroman's books and receive a percentage of book sales.)
o Saturday, September 10 - KPFK Recycle Day - MacArthur Park. This
outreach and fundraising event is set to go with the confirmation of
participating food trucks and KPFK DJs, specifically a live remote
with DJ Nnamdi and the show Afro-Dicia and Sergio Mielniczenko.

. Report back - KPFK host and author Maria Armoudian launched her new book
Kill the Messenger: The Media's Role in the Fate of the World at the L.A.
Press Club, along with a book signing, on 11 August. Proceeds of book
sales were donated to KPFK. The sale of the book plus donations to the
station netted $1,167.50 and a capacity audience enjoyed a lively
discussion of the decisive role of journalism in places of conflict around
the globe. This event demonstrated the successful integration of cash
management recommendations made by the Finance Committee of the KPFK Local
Station Board. Thanks to Maria's family for donating food and beverages
for the event, and the L.A. Press Club / Steve Allen Theatre for donating
the space


. All of June and July, combined with half of August, represents the longest
stretch without a fund drive in quite a while; which allowed programmers
to get in a groove in a manner that has been difficult to achieve over the
past year. In particular, the station received a great amount of praise
for its serious coverage of the spiraling economic crisis.

. We are currently just into the mini-summer find drive, which we are
confident will last only ten days; representing a relatively brief
interruption of our regular programming - and will allow the station to
hit the ground running entering the fall.

. Special projects on the horizon: Of special note is a day of national
Pacifica programming on September 11, the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01.

Every Pacifica station will be contributing at least one hour. KPFK's
contribution will be focused on 9/11's impact on foreign policy and
geopolitics. The hour will be co-hosted by KPFK's three staff
hosts/producers: Ian Masters, Margaret Prescod, and Sonali Kohaltkar.

The entire national programming special will last nine hours and include
contributions from all five Pacifica stations plus the Archives and
Democracy Now. The final three hours will be hosted by KPFA and include
two hours of debate about the forensic details on 9/11/2001. The final
hour will also be anchored at KPFA will feature phone calls from
listeners. The Executive producer of the nine hours is Pacifica Veteran
Verna Avery-Brown.


. Studios - The studios are generally in good repair and condition. All
known issues are being taken care of.

. Malibu booster - Evaluation of a new site is ongoing as well as
discussions with the site manager. We're hopeful of a resolution to this
issue soon that will help us to better serve that part of the coast and
therefore open up new program and funding options.

. Rancho Bernardo - The translator is still operating OK. Adjustments will
be made to optimize retransmission of our signal this week.

. Santa Barbara - This translator is in good condition. Repairs were made to
the receive antenna last week that have stabilized reception of the KPFK
signal. More work is planned to null the signal coming from Tijuana,
which, you'll recall, was raised as an issue last month. The temporary
repair to the aerial has made a difference here and a planned permanent
repair will cement that.

. Mt Wilson - Work continues to stabilize the operation of our main
transmitters. Plans to purchase and install a new auxiliary transmitter
have been delayed by financial constraints. We still await permission to
proceed with the standby generator.

Business Office

. Financial status as at August 12 (cf. July 20) -
o Total Cash in Bank is $392,800 (563,583)
o Total payables is $22,000 (42,468)
o Central Services owed to National Office is $247,000 (237,530)

. August Fund Drive - our target has been set at $300,000, and we need at
least that to maintain what financial health we have.

. A draft manager's budget will be presented to the Finance Committee on or
before August 27.

. The cash-handling policy approved by the LSB at last month's meeting had
its first official outing at the Maria Armoudian book launch last week,
and proved to be workable. KPFK benefited from that event to the tune of

Bernard Duncan
General Manager
August 16 2011