02. PNB Development Taskforce Draft Minutes
I.Meeting called to order at 2PM - ET: Convener- Jessica Apolinar, KPFT

II. Roll call - Introductions and brief explanation of why you are part of
Development Force.
Attended by KPFT- Jessica Apolinar, WBAI- Kathy Davis, WRFG Affiliate- Heather
Gray, KPFT- Teresa Allen, KPFK- Summer Reese, KPFT- Robert Mark

III. Important Upcoming Events at our respective stations:
K Davis states there is a book fair from 4/20 to 4/24 for WBAI.
This book fair included discounted books, big books, CD's, & DVD's. There's
currently no link on the WBAI page to make online purchases. Kathy knows of a
company, Volusion, that offers website purchase solutions to non-profits,
nationally. An application can be made through their webpage. Heather & Teresa
expressed an interest in following up on this as a possibility.
H Gray stated that the 35th Annual Peach Blossom Festival was going
on this day, as well as the upcoming Blues Barbecue (WRFG) and a silent auction
coming up in December. There is also an upcoming Billy Higgins fundraiser
will be done for KPFK in May, 2011.
R Mark reminded folks of the KPFT 11th Annual Gumbo Fest, April 9th,
in Pasadena, Texas.

IV. Discussion of next meeting date/time, chair, and next meeting agenda issues
[Kathy Davis requested to leave the meeting early, due to prior appt.]
A. Next meeting date: Wednesday May 4th, 8:30PM
There were no objections to having future meetings during the week, or Friday
evenings. There was no desire to meet Sat or Sun. The first Wednesday was the
most agreeable day.

B. Discussion: Chairmanship
All members expressed a need for a chair, or co-chair. No objections were heard
to having co-chairs for this task force:
T Allen nominated H Gray for Chair, or co-chair.
H Gray noted her acceptance, and also agreed to co-chairs with J Apolinar, or S
S Reese declined.
J Apolinar agreed to be co-chair.
Heather Gray & Jessica Apolinar will be co-chairs for this task force.

C. Discussion: Secretarial Duties
J Apolinar states she can be secretary if need be.
T Allen suggested that we continue with two secretaries, as the job is
detailed and requires attention to detail.
Hearing no objections: a secretary will be picked at the start of each
future meeting.
D. Agenda items for the next meeting:
We agreed to add the following items to the agenda - May 4th, 2011:
1.) We must designate a secretary at the start of the meeting.
2.) Discussion of the creation of an endowment fund and underwriting
ideas for Pacifica and its affiliates. (H Gray)
3.) Exploratory sub-committee to do analysis of events/fundraisers. To
ensure efficiency and money-saving events, we need to form a group to
do research of artists, poets, the arts, and entertainers, their POV's and
relevant notables. With an emphasis on finding those that would lend
their voice, or talents, to our foundation and our affiliates. (R Mark)
4.) Subcommittee on Celeb Fundraising chaired by Teresa Allen
Subcommittee to help Pacifica/Arlene with fundraising related to
celebrity connected events that could raise funds. This sub-group will
work directly to help shore up connections with celebs/activists.
(H Gray, S Reese, and J Apolinar agreed to be part of this group.)
5.) Universal Pacifica branding logo
S Reese added the idea of discussion of a single, and easily recognizable
logo for the Foundation and its affiliates to use. This should include any
ideas that can help give the foundation its own "branded" look and feel.
(S Reese)

V. NEW IDEAS: Open Discussion for this meeting (4/2/11)
S Reese: National Event Taskforce:
Events and fundraisers are labor intensive and can be costly. We need our most
event-experienced staff to help us form a national initiative to help prevent
costly errors and mistakes. This event group can help all our stations in their
event planning and execution. We must include our events on a national level
with our local Station Boards, as well. Maybe a LSB task force for events.
H Gray: Fundraising
Fundraising/sponsorships: with agriculture groups and cooperatives.
An endowment fund is needed, possibly could be associated with the celebration
of the 65th anniversary of the foundation
R Mark: Go to Personnel: Who is our Pacifica Linchpin Person?
Discuss which person to go to at our own foundation with a history of being
successful in getting a celebrity, or well-known activist to help us with
events and bringing in more donations. Also, we need to sit down and do cost-
analysis assessment prior to events/fundraisers.
T Allen moved to begin a sub-committee group to handle events and fundraisers
with an emphasis on celebrity/major activist involvement. An additional
priority of this task force is to assist Arlene Englehart with national
fundraisers. No decision.
After discussion of these ideas, a motion was made to adjourn our meeting.
VI. Meeting adjourned @ 4:15pm ET
Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
(originally prepared by Jessica Apolinar)