PNB Elections Committee
Thursday May 26, 2011


Call to order 8:30 PM ET


Minutes: April 28, 2011
Present: Manijeh Saba, Tracy Rosenberg, Margy Wilkinson, Margie Murray,
Mochael Novick, Anthony Fest, Kevin White, Carolyn Birden

Absent: Susan Moreno, Kimory Orendoff, Wesley Bethune, Bob Lederer

Carolyn Birden, Chair pro tem
Michael Novick, Secretary pro tem

Next meeting: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Report by the Chair to the PNB: draft attached.

[Note: The agenda item for a report from the Elections Committee was not
reached at the May 25, 2011 meeting at which this report was to be given, so
it may be edited and updated for delivery at the next scheduled PNB meeting,
May 9.]

Updates on action items:

1. Set-up of group E-list
2. Access to previously used lists
3. Member lists of (5) problems encountered in prior elections at each station.

4. Update on VoteNet demo
5. Compilation of PNB motions regarding elections
6. Workgroup to locate and assess E-voting management services

New Business:

1. Elections timetable 2011-2012

2. Work groups: purpose, members, deadline

3. New action items