Draft PNB Elections Committee Agenda
Thursday, July 22, 8:30 PM EDT

1. Call to order and roll call

2. Approval of agenda (10 min.)

3. Approval of July 6 meeting minutes (5 min.)
(Please review the draft minutes that Ken sent to all comm. members the evening of July 6, after the meeting.)

4. Report from National Election Supervisor, current status and plans (30 min.)
Please see written report from NES dated July 17 at

5. Report from each station area re: elections (please have specifics on any problems or other items needing attention,
and what needs to be done about them) (30 minutes)

6. New Business (15 min.)

7. Confirm next committee meeting date (Tue. Aug. 10) (5 min)

8. Review Action Items (5 min.)

9. Adjourn (approx. 10:30 PM EST)